He’s going to hate me for doing this. Everyone else I’ve written about on here got a heads up, but I knew that if I told Colin I was going to write about him, make an example of him, and say somewhat nice things about him, he probably would have told me no and made fun of my blog. I didn’t even put the whole “Inspiring People” thing before his name because I knew he would hate it. 

But I’ve loved doing these posts so far. It’s way easier to talk about someone (for the whole internet to read) than it is to try and figure out a way to make my own thoughts sound intelligent and inspiring on Mondays…(or just make sense for that matter). And this is way easier because there are some really great people in this little world we live in, and I’ve loved telling you about them. And I love proving to you that I have friends- aka know some cool people. So let’s keep this going, ok? Ok!

I’ve talked a good bit about Colin on here from time to time – mostly because I see him during more daylight hours than not. But more importantly, because he’s helped me grow as a coach, and as a person who sometimes likes to take CrossFit a little more seriously than the average person. 

Colin is a person of very little words. But when he does talk, people listen. He’s tall and has a big beard. You can’t miss him. Kinda like Lucas Parker, the Canadian CrossFitter, if you know who that is. He’s just a lot taller, which makes him unsuccesful at high reps of handstand pushups sometimes. Dang long arms. He’s married to Lindsey, who happens to be a great friend of mine, is THE BOSS of everything she is involved in, is a pro at getting “ish” done, would do anything for you, and isn’t afraid to tell you that your shorts are probably too small. Everyone needs a Lindsey in their life, and if you know her, you would agree. Colin is a DAD to Emerson – toddler wild child, future CrossFit Games athlete, not afraid to be dunked under water, loves rocks, and loves being little BOSS lady. So, Colin has his hands full, but he just rolls with it, pretty much. I look up to Colin, and like to think that he would have been a cool big brother growing up.

The point of this is coming later (the best for last) but first, here is how Colin has helped me get better at working out, (which has helped me in life in general). Last spring, after the Open, I “accidentally” qualified for Regionals. I mean, I earned it, for sure. But I only got to go because several (as in like 9) girls decided to go on a team. And I was like, “Cool. This is a freakin’ dream come true but WUT AM I DOING?!?” I just knew I was good at wallballs, and burpees, and running and anything with a light barbell – which was everything Regionals was not. Well, Colin took me in and helped me (the best he could, God bless him). And over the next year, I tried to get better at everything I sucked at in CrossFit – and I would have had no idea where to begin if Colin didn’t help me. He programed workouts for me to do on top of CFEC’s programing. He read my goals when I emailed them to him, and he didn’t give up on me even on the days he probably just knew I didn’t really match up to be some great “athlete.”

Over the past month or so, my hip hasn’t felt terrible, so he’s helped me a lot with my olympic lifting – and while some days it still looks like a baby giraffe, it is slowly getting better, and I know that wouldn’t be the case if I were in a gym working out by myself. 

Some days he probably wants to strangle me. But instead, he just tells me to go do a 1 mile sled pull down the neighborhood with a 225+ lb sled. Or he just acts like he is ignoring me (I would probably do the same to myself). 

Some days I want to strangle him – mostly because he’s not a person of affirmation, and he doesn’t say much in general, or he looks at me like I’ve lost my marbles (I think that’s the saying?)  I really just want to make him proud since he has helped me, but he’s probably too busy PRing whatever it is class is doing that day.

But the point of this isn’t about Colin helping me get better at CrossFit, or about having someone to try and beat in workouts, or about pink shoes, or crop tops, or synchro deadlifts gone wrong.

More importantly than all of that, I’ve been able to learn what it means to be a good coach from Colin. He’s pretty smart about working out, but more importantly, he cares about the people that go to CFEC – which in my opinion is the foundation of being a great trainer or coach. He knows how to help people get better at kipping pullups, or wallballs, or muscle ups. He knows how to fix small hitches in the way people move with a barbell, which ends up making a big difference. People get better in the gym because he knows how to break whatever movement we’re doing down for them, relate it to them, give them one thing to focus on, and be patient with them. And he genuinely cares. 

He gets a minimum of 1 text message from me per week asking how I should coach something, or how I should warm people up for what we are doing the next day. I’m usually creeping when he goes over the workouts at the board, so I can make sure I didn’t forget anything from coaching earlier, or just so I can coach or explain something better next time. I listen to what cues he gives to people, as well as his approach, and I ask allllll the questions.

I’m so thankful that I get to train others at CFEC, and help make people’s lives better through CrossFit classes, the community that comes with that, and just overall fitness and moving. I care about the people there, and getting to learn from Colin helps me to be a better coach for all of them.

So, last thing, before you go about your day/evening/night/or even Friday morning…Just remember that you never know who is watching you and learning from you. If you’re in some sort of leadership role (or even if you aren’t) people are watching. They’re watching how you approach situations, what you say, and most importantly, how you love other people. So, never take that for granted.


 photo by Josh Wilson Photography And I really just like this picture because Haley and Seth are in it, and because David Hinnant looks so engaged. 

photo by Josh Wilson Photography And I really just like this picture because Haley and Seth are in it, and because David Hinnant looks so engaged.