What up? Hope your Monday is going just spectacular. Even after long, fun, eventful weekends, Mondays can be great when you train your mind to think they are great.

Monday = new week = new opportunities = a chance to set the tone for the rest of your week. So, train your mind to be positive and grateful, and Mondays will feel a little better. Promise. Personally, I’m really thankful for what I get to do on the daily, so I don’t have any problem with Mondays. We celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. 6 whole years. Time flies. We celebrated hard. And by that, I mean we ate some good food, sold the old Wrangler, bought a new -ish Jeep Cherokee (with automatic windows and locks), and hung out with Eric Church for his 4 hour show Saturday night. I love concerts. And for those (handful) of you who watch my instagram stories every now and then know, I love singing horribly at concerts, or in the car, or wherever. 

Well, I had a good bit to talk about today. But my MacBook almost just blew up, and this page wasn’t saved or updated (story of my life), so it just deleted everything I typed out. 100% my fault though. It’s a pretty day, and I thought how nice it would be to type this outside on the back deck with the hot sun pounding it. That’s probably not the smartest decision for a 5 year old computer. Or any computer for that matter. 

But yesterday I finished up with that whole 21 days of no sugar and no peanut butter. It was a great decision. I feel amazing. It was great for my body and my mind to give that crap up. Even if only for 21 days. I know that’s nothing special. But it was a step in the right direction for me. And the best news is…after having a small amount of ice cream last night, I didn’t go back for any seconds (mostly because there was none to get seconds from), it didn’t make me want even more sugar, and today I haven’t craved any sugar or peanut butter. If you know me, you’re probably impressed. 

I originally quit eating sugar for two reasons:

  1. Because I’ve been desperate to get rid of this inflammation I’ve had going on that could be preventing my body from healing itself. 
  2. Because I had been loving sugar WAY too much lately, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could live without it.

I feel great – definitely like I have more energy. It also feels great to finally be able to do small things like bend my knee without any pain, or big things like squat or do lunges with no pain. Overall, my hips feel great. Who knows if getting rid of excess sugar is the reason why? I’m sure it wasn’t like the main solution or anything like that. I’ve been working hard over the past several months, doing everything I know of to try and feel better. BUT eliminating sugar definitely didn’t hurt, so I’m cool with that. I’ve been squatting a lot more the past couple of weeks with no pain, and I did lunges last Friday for the first time since my hip really got demolished in 17.2 (end of February).

Here’s what I realized by eliminating sugar (even for just a short 21 days): 

  • Sugar addiction is a real thing. How many times have you heard that one? It’s difficult to see how destructive something is when you’re in the middle of it, BUT when you pull yourself away from what’s holding you back from your gainz and goalz, you are able to see a little more clearly. 
  • Sugar is in everything. I mean, I’ve always cared about labels and ingredients and all that good stuff. But I’ve been paying extra special attention to sugar content lately, and it’s been eye opening. I still ate things like veggies (even sweet potatoes every single day), and as far as fruit goes, I like an apple every now and then when or after a workout. I also ate some blueberries here and there. But when I say no sugar, it means anything not natural that has added sugar in it, which includes anything processed. Duh.
  • Too much of anything can hold you back from achieving your goals. I know how to eat, and for the most part, I follow through with it. However, I was starting to like sugar a little too much, and it was preventing me from reaching my goals. 
  • Eliminating that which has the potential to be harmful to you not only leads to a healthy body. It can lead to a better, and more sound mind. And my mind gets whack from time to time. Sometimes we just need to give something up to prove to ourselves that we aren’t in bondage to it…that we can rise above it. I challenge you to try giving up something that you feel like has a hold on you. Do it for 21 days and see what happens. 

I know 21 days isn’t an eternity. But it is long enough to form a new habit. And I can tell you that even though I can have sugar again, I haven’t had any today. This is big for me because usually after lunch, I would grab a handful of dark chocolate chips and down it with some peanut butter. Whoops. Today I just didn’t care about it. Well, now I’m thinking about it, soo…..

But you better believe that if I’m with a friend this weekend, and they want ice cream, I will definitely have a little bit of ice cream. Or, the next wedding I go to, I will definitely have a piece of cake if it’s sweet potato cake. Or vanilla. Or chocolate. I’m not above that, and I don’t want to give off that impression. I just want you to see that if I can change some not so great habits, then so can you. And I’m ok with a treat every now and then too. 

See, we make nutrition way more complicated than it needs to be. I’m not a nutritionist or anything, and all I can give you is mostly just personal experience, but I do know that we complicate food and eating healthy by chasing the new fad in diet world, or by coming up with a plan that we’ll never be able to follow through with when it gets hard. And it does get hard. We forget that just simply eating real food is highly effective. Yeah, quantity matters, and we’ll get to that later. But just start with eating real food.

Here are some good words to live by when it comes to food. I know, I know. This is so CrossFit – ish, BUT it’s true. And simple. 

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. 
Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” 
(CrossFit Journal, September 2002, “The Garage Gym”)

I know this is basic. It’s not magic. And that may disappoint you if you were looking for an easy way out. But start there. Eat the foods that were intended to fuel your body. Stay away from the foods that aren’t good for you. Quantity matters too. But the more good you put into your body, the better you’ll be at listening to it. The better you’ll be at deciphering between foods that help fuel your body vs foods that maybe aren’t so great for you personally (I’m talking about allergies, body makeup, etc).

Try it.  Find someone who can hold you to it. One day of establishing new, good habits AND following through will set you up for Day 2, which will set you up for Day 3. One day at a time. 

Ok, that’s all. Have a great week!