What’s up people? Hope your Thursday is going spectacular. Man, people have been kicking butt in the gym all day today, and I love it so much. Raise your hand if you love the assualt bike? So many hands are (not) flying right now. I happen to not mind it – as in it doesn’t scare me, I can somewhat hang, and it’s a great feeling when you’re done.. but during the workout, it’s always pain cave – KYS for real. 

Well, here is week 2 of proving to all of you that I actually do happen to know some cool people. Today I wanted to talk about my friend Kelly Rowland. You’re probably like, “hey I know that name.” Yah. Beyoncé’s cousin. From Destiny’s Child. Well Kelly isn’t Yoncé’s cuz, but she’s still cool. A little background info in my own words: Kelly is somewhere in her 30’s. She’s from Belton (so, right outside of Anderson). She is married and has two daughters – Kaelyn (who also does CrossFit) and Harleigh. Kelly works at a nursing home, where her coworkers just recently gave her an award for “Most Likely to Sell CrossFit.” <—-if you don’t do CrossFit, but work with people that do, you’re probably thinking of people right now that are JUST like Kelly. Haha.

Anyway, She came to CFEC back at the very beginning of January. We were offering our yearly Free Trial Week or “Bring a Friend Week” where anyone could come try out CrossFit at CFEC for free for the entire week. Kelly knew how CrossFit had changed her daughter Kaelyn’s life, so she wanted to try it out, despite Kaelyn being out of the state on her winter break and not able to come with Kelly to CFEC. Sidenote: Kaelyn started coming to CFEC a couple of years ago, when she was dating Tanner (Mike and Terri’s son). Terri was the one that encouraged Kaelyn to come to Colin’s strength and conditioning class for middle and high school peeps, and she kept with it after she graduated high school by coming to classes regularly. Kaelyn was engaged to Tanner shortly after Tanner left for basic training for the Army. They were formally married soon after that, however, they are having their legit wedding celebration in June. 

Ok, back to Kelly. First off, Kelly is going to look smokin’ hott for Kaelyn and Tanner’s wedding. She has not only lost weight, inches, and can’t keep up with buying new pants that fit, but she also has had a total shift in her confidence. She shows up pretty consistently to the gym, even dragging Kaelyn there to workout with her every now and then. She’s definitely improved in her strength, but more importantly, her range of motion has increased a lot as well. 

I very very rarely coach the 5:30 pm class, but I’m usually somewhere in the gym, and I see her working her butt off and trying new things every single day. I believe that has helped mold and shape her into the person she is now.

I remember back in January during that free trail week. Kelly walked in alone – and scared. to. death. She lacked confidence, hadn’t worked out in awhile, and didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She said she originally wanted to try CrossFit to get more active, as well as to lose weight. Well, Kelly made it through that week, and she kept showing up…even though Kaelyn was now married, and staying in Georgia with Tanner until winter break was over.

During that first week, and into the weeks after, Kelly learned how to deadlift, squat to a box, do basic barbell presses, as well as work with kettlebells, rings, and even try jumping pullups. She started with just the 12 lb training bar, and has since then worked her way up in weight. She had to do all of her squats to a box when she started, and now she is moving and grooving way better – after only 6 months. 

Kelly said her greatest obstacle is her endurance. Even after 6 months of CrossFit, she still struggles with it. Which I can totally relate to because I’ve been doing it for 4 years, and I still struggle with it – ha. CrossFit never gets easier when it comes to endurance and pushing yourself through tough situations, because the better, faster, and stronger you get, you start to push yourself harder and harder. If you’re one of those people that falls on the floor and acts all dramatic from Day 1, you’re going to be one of those people that do that even 4 years into CrossFit because you’ll be moving more weight and/or going faster than you were when you started. I would know because that’s me. 

Kelly said her favorite thing about CFEC, and CrossFit in general, is the people. This is because her friends in her 5:30 class are always pushing her and cheering her on – especially when she is struggling and wanting to give up. 

I asked Kelly how CrossFit has helped her in life outside of the gym. She said that it has made her more confident and showed her that she can do things she never thought she could.

Her goals are to run 400 meters without stopping, and to make CrossFit a lifestyle change, along with her diet. She said she wants to be in better shape when she turns 40 than she was when she turned 30.

Kelly added: “To the person thinking they can’t do CrossFit, yes you can! I’m doing things that I never thought I could do! Just give it a try and you will see results!”

Kelly is a great example of someone who has allowed CrossFit to totally change her lifestyle – from the way she looks, how she carries herself (confidence), her strength, and the way she moves. She has put the work in – both in consistency in the gym, as well as in how and what she is eating, and her overall lifestyle. I know this is only the beginning for Kelly, and I can’t wait to see how she looks at Kaelyn and Tanner’s wedding ceremony next month. 

Like I said last week, the purpose of this isn’t to pitch CrossFit or to sell CFEC to anyone (even though it’s hard not to sound like that). While I am bias toward CrossFit because of how it has changed Daniel’s and my lifestlye, perspective, and bodies, I do think that if you find what works for you, keep showing up, keep finding joy in it, and keep surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and are like minded, you can see results too.