How’s your Monday going? Today I forgot how to snatch. You may or may not know what that is. But if you know me, you know that snatches = struggssssss for me. Like, I’d even venture to say that THE snatch is what kept me out of regionals this year, or at least made it clear that my chances were very very slim[17.3… RIP me]. I feel like I take 1 step forward, and then 2 steps back. Today we had a workout that involved a snatch weight that is my nemesis. I was so excited about said workout because I just knew that even if I finished after everyone else, if I could hit that weight all 30 times, it wouldn’t be scary for me anymore. Well, it started out all great and all, and then it feel to pieces after let’s see, round 6 of 30 (ha) when I couldn’t snatch any weight at all (you think I’m kidding). The point of me telling you this is that sometimes things don’t work out the way we envisioned or saw them go down in our pretty little head. But that’s life. You have to adapt, and get over yourself, and move on. Because it’s only Monday. And how would the rest of your day and week go if you were to dwell on something so not important?

That’s all I gotta say BOUT DAT. 

Let’s talk about confidence. I know if you go back a long time ago, I talked a little about this on my blog. But I figured now that its hot enough (Praise) to enjoy a nice little vacation at the beach, or go to the pool, wear a bathing suit, and wear tank tops and shorts in the gym, it’s worth discussing this little thing called confidence. Because let’s face it, if you want to enjoy life, there’s nowhere to hide. 

First of all, I’m not going to pretend like I have it all together. I’m as insecure as they come when it comes to certain things, BUT I can say that I have come a lonnnnggggg way in this over the past several years. The other day, I told Daniel that I was going to talk about this, and he was like, “ummm…all I’m going to say is tread lightly.” So, just know my goal isn’t to offend anyone through these posts. 

Four (4) things come to mind when I think about this good ole topic of confidence. I think if we can change up our perspective when it comes to confidence in these 4 areas, we’ll be at least a little better off. Word? Word. So, over the next four weeks, I’ll be talking about one of the below four focuses. 

  1. Focus on the power of doing whatever you can to be the best version of yourself, and knowing that’s good enough.

  2. Focus on what your body can do, instead of what it can’t do.

  3. Focus on not comparing yourself to others. 

  4. Focus on your words – both what actually comes out of your mouth AND what you say on social media. 

Aight, you heard it. Today we’re going to talk about doing whatever we can to be the BEST version of ourselves, and leaving it there. 

This is the foundation for the other focuses. What are you doing today to make the best YOU?

Here are some questions to ask yourself. What did you eat for breakfast? What did you eat for lunch? What are you going to eat for dinner? What positive influences and accountability do you have in your life? Are you going to make it to the gym today (or do something active that you enjoy? What are 3 short term goals in regards to your health or lifestlye? What are 3 long term goals in regards to your health or lifestyle?

I’m not asking the above questions to be all about rules, or to scold you, or to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s just that sometimes we almost like wallowing in our own pity when we aren’t taking the steps to make good decisions. And you know what? It can be done. 

Sometimes things happen that we can’t control. Cancer? – I can’t even imagine. Getting pregnant, birthing a baby, and then trying to get back in shape? – That’s tough. Getting injured? – That will set you back. Going through a loss or huge devastation that really shakes you up? -That’s pretty hard. But making good choices in what you eat, staying active, and surrounding yourself with positive people? That is not hard. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you really want something (like, think goal), write it down. 
  • Don’t settle for what’s in front of you now (the temporary) and miss out on the good that’s coming. As in, don’t eat that piece of nasty cake from the grocery store and give up what you can have. Now, if it’s cake from Brick Street, that’s another story. No, I’m just kidding. Even though, I’m a believer in treating yourself every now and then, for sure. Life is too short. BUT you have to ask yourself if what you’re about to eat or drink is worth it. 
  • Bring in people to hold you accountable. If you do CrossFit, tell your coach, or the people in your class. Don’t try to make changes alone, because you’ll be way more likely to come up short, or fail completely.
  • Make sure that any lifestyle change you make isn’t just for a “quick fix,” and instead, is something you can maintain. If you’re focused on the “quick fix,” you’ll eventually give up because you’ll realize you can’t maintain it. Lifestyle changes should be for the long term. 
  • Remember your WHY. Why are you making this change? Remembering why you are making a lifestyle change will keep you in the battle when things get hard. 

So, what does all this have to do with confidence and viewing yourself in a better, more positive way? EVERYTHING. 

Like I’ve said before, and you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m not a doctor. As much as psych classes entertained/ intrigued me in college, I’m not a psychologist. BUT I can speak from experience (both personal and what my friends have been through). And if I can encourage you to do one thing this week, it is to take small, practical steps to make your life the best it can be. Follow through….even when it gets hard. Give it a little time. And the way you view yourself will change. You will feel better – on the outside and on the inside. 

Because once you’ve taken steps to make your life better, and once you’ve done everything you can do, that is enough 🙂 So, if your best you has cellulite, then rock it. If your best you has stretch marks from where you had a baby and your belly had to grow in order to birth that baby, own them. If you completely ruptured your achilles tendon and had to have a dead person’s tendon put in your ankle/calf area, and your leg never really grew back, own it. If you have a big butt and you got it from your mama (aka genetics) then rock it. If you have had health issues outside of your control, and your body has completely changed yet, you’re doing everything you can to make it the best it can be, then you should be proud of what you’ve been able to do despite hard circumstances. 

I know it’s not easy to rock or own what we may not love about ourselves, but if those things are a part of our best selves, then hopefully we can learn to love those them. 

Ok, I’m going to end this simple, practical post with a little story time for all of you. Just to give you a real life example of this (although I’ve got handfuls and handfuls of real life examples). 

I’ve had the honor of getting to train a great group of girls/ladies twice a week since February. They are straight up killin’ it in the gym and in life. The youngest is 14, and the oldest is old enough to be a mom of 6 (although you would never know it!) I’m so proud of them for how well they are moving in the gym, how strong they are, and how they’ve been able to pick up on skills. However, what I’m most proud of is that a few of them have talked about their mindset, and how working out has changed the way they view themselves and their bodies. I won’t go into too much detail, but it makes me get a little emotional, because THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. COME ON. They’ve put the work in, and they are seeing results, which is making them more confident. This is also an appropriate time to give a shoutout to Sophie for taking beautiful pictures that made me feel pretty and that I’m able to use on my blog.

Ok, that’s all I got. We’ll talk more about those other focuses next week, and the next, and the nexxxttttttttttttt. K, have a great week! Bye!