Hiiiya. Hope your Monday is off to a swell start. Does anyone else get a little sad by dreary weather? Like in a weird funk? I’m pretty bad about that. I’m not proud of it. And it’s nothing personal. It’s just that I miss the sun, that’s all. 

Well, I’m on Day 8 of no sugar and no peanut butter. I’m complimenting my own self for that, only because this is the longest I’ve gone without either sugar or PB. I even made it through a wedding with no wine or cake. And today was the first day that I didn’t feel like doo doo and about to pass out working out. I actually felt really great energy wise. I wish I could say that my body is healed and this was the magic answer, but I can’t say that. I’m going to stick with it though, and give it a fair 21 days to see how my body feels. 

But you know who the real MVP’s are? All you people out there crushing Whole30. Not the ones that are doing it some of the time, or making exceptions for some of the foods… but those of you that are following through. I think the hardest thing for me on Whole30 would be the no gum rule. Someone told me the other day that you technically can’t have gum. I would be so confused without gum. And I’ve been chewing all the flavors lately, pretending it’s candy. So, that would be hard.

Let’s face it. Making sacrifices in regards to our health and lifestyle are hard. In fact, these kind of sacrifices can be mentally draining. But are they worth it? ABSOLUTELY. Nothing great in life comes without a price, including your health and fitness. And I promise, it’s worth it. Because once your body feels great and you start to see changes, you don’t want to go back to the way things were. 

So, what do you do when things get hard? When your tempted to eat what you said you wouldn’t? Or when you’re wanting to bail on the gym when you promised yourself you would go 4 days a week? You have to have a WHY. And you have to go back to your WHY over and over again. You’re going to fail if you don’t know why you’re doing something in the first place. For example. Anyone can say they’re going to make an effort to go to the gym 4 days a week. But after a few weeks, something comes up, or you feel discouraged, or you’re sore, or just not feelin’ it. If you don’t know WHY you’re doing something, you’re going to give up because you’ll convince yourself that it doesn’t mean that much to you after all.  BUT if you set a goal to go to the gym 4 days a week because you want to be able to increase your range of motion, and increase your work capacity – so you can play with your kids without getting exhausted. Then that is a good WHY. See, there’s purpose behind it. There’s something meaningful to work for. 

Another example. Say you decide to start doing Whole30 (the right way). You’re in college, and you’re doing it just because your friends are doing it, and it will look cool to instagram when you post all about it. You’re eventually going to fail because there’s no purpose behind it to fall back to. BUT say you decide to do Whole30 because you know you’ve been damaging your body with foods that lead to inflammation, messed up hormones, and not to mention, damaging your overall gut health, and you know that you need to reset your body and mind, take on healthy habits, and overall better your relationship with food (sorry, long sentence). Then, I’d say that’s a good WHY. There’s purpose behind it. You’re emotionally and physically invested. 

So, with that, before you make ANY change to your overall health – whether it be fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, whatevs – make a list of WHY you’re doing it. It can be one main reason, or several reasons. That way, when you want to give up, throw the towel in, or realize that you set a high standard for yourself, you’ll stick with it!

For some, this may mean writing it down where you can see it. For others, you’re good just to remember it in your head. And still for some, you need to tell other like minded people so they can hold you to it. For me, I’m all about writing things down AND telling my friends. That way, if I want to quit, they can call me out on it. I wrote a little about why I wanted to give up sugar and peanut butter here last week. I was feeling like I had a serious addiction to both sugar and peanut butter, so I wanted to back off for awhile to prove to myself that I could live without it. I also have tried everything I know of to battle off the inflammation in my body, even turning to several kinds of supplements. I felt convicted about taking these (healthy) supplements, all while having crap in my diet. So,I figured it was worth a shot at the age of 29 to see for once in my life what my body feels like with no sugar in it. 

AIGHT. Moving on. Last thing I wanted to talk about today are these kids right here in these pictures:

They are studs. I mean, look at them. #SQUADGOALS. Am I right? They competed in a CrossFit competition this past weekend in Charlotte. I can’t say I was there. I coached our morning class, and we had a wedding to go to that night. And I can’t say that I coach any of them personally. I realized last year around this time that I probably wasn’t tough enough for that for the long term. BUT my friend Kelly (the non kid in the top picture) is tough. And she does coach them. She actually spends over an hour with them outside of their normal KidFit classes each week. She really cares about making fitness fun for them. And they’re really good…like as in, they knock out pullups and thrusters, smile while doing it, and make them look effortless kind of good.

Anyway, I’m proud of them, and I love that although they are in elementary school, they still care about fitness. They’ve found a way to make fitness fun, and I know that a lot of what they learn in the gym will carry over into their life at school and hanging with their friends. And last, but not least, probably 80% of these kids parents workout at CFEC too. So, this goes to show that your kids are watching you more than you think they are – which should be way cool, not scary. 

Have a great week! Make good choices. Be nice to people. And don’t say dumb stuff on Facebook.