Happy Tuesday to all of you. (Or actually Wednesday by the time you read this). Spring is in the air. I can smell the pollen. But I love it. Today has been weirrrdddd. I can’t quit yawning, I keep saying dumb stuff, and my body just isn’t doing what I want it to do. I learned again last night why I can’t have Starbucks coffee anytime after 1 pm. I drank a tall black coffee (so like 8 oz or whatever small amount they give you for over $2)  at around 4:30 pm yesterday, and pretty sure I slept a total of 1 hour last night. Like wide awake, heart racing, and body spasming all night. I don’t know what they put in their coffee, but it happens EVERY TIME. You would think I would learn my lesson. 

Anyway, get some sleep guys. When you get old like me, it makes you weeeeiiirrrdd if you don’t get enough of it. 7 hours minimum. 

How is everyone feeling after 17.2? Hopefully you’re feeling a lot better than how you felt after 17.1.. That’s not the case for me, but based off of what everyone else is saying, 17.2 wasn’t as taxing on the average body as 17.1 was. My biceps are feeling pretty swole after that dumbbell pump. 

17.2 was a lot of fun to watch and coach other people through. We had a good bit of people at CFEC that went RX –  despite not being able to do more than one or two toes to bar, as well as bar muscle ups. I’m also thinking of at least 5 or so people that did the CrossFit Games scaled version (instead of our even more scaled down wellness version) so they could attempt pullups. AND I THINK ALL OF THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME. That’s what it’s all about…challenging yourself to do more than you think you can. Not playing it safe. That’s what makes you better in the long run. 

Some girls were like, “hey, it’s going to be really hard for me to do these lunges with 35 lb dumbbells on my shoulders, but I’m going to find a way, so I can get to those muscle ups, and just try one.” And I think because of that, they already won before they even started the workout. 

Because you only lose when you don’t try. 

While a few people got their first bar muscle up (either first one ever… or just in awhile), their first pull up, or their first legit toes to bar, other people weren’t able to get them…yet.

But what inspired me was that even the people who came up short this time, STILL got better because they tried.  They didn’t say, “Oh, that’s impossible. I’m just going to do the scaled version so I can get a lot of reps and play it safe.” They committed. They attempted. Some were successful this time. Others will be successful soon because they are closer now than they ever have been before. And they’re going to keep working at it. Right, guys?!? Some realized that they can now do chest to bar pullups all because they were trying to get a bar muscle up, so that’s a win. 

The Open is all about taking a chance, throwing all you got out there, and seeing what happens. So, shoutout to all of you out there that surprised yourself by doing waaayyy more than you thought you could – whether that was just being able to do lunges or getting way more bar muscle ups than you thought you could —> looking at you Shawn (Sebastian) (who is currently the fittest Law Enforcement Officer – age 40-44 – in the state of South Carolina). 

Someone else who stood out this week was my friend Tilman. I remember the first time Tilman came to CFEC back in the summer. He did a lot of burpees and almost threw up. Or maybe he did throw up. I forgot. Since then, Tilman has come a long way. But even cooler, he’s been able to help out and coach others at the gym. He’s really thrown himself out there, and it’s been a lot of fun getting to beat him in nutmeg and spikeball on the reg. Well, Til got so many bar muscle ups in this workout. It was a great last official workout for him to do at CFEC before moving to Nashville tomorrow to pursue music. We’ll miss ya, TIl – MAN. 

 Tilman and Shawn (the current fittest law enforcement officer, age 40-44 in SC)

Tilman and Shawn (the current fittest law enforcement officer, age 40-44 in SC)


There is a girl who goes to CFEC named Kelly. She’s a student at TL Hanna, and she’s one of the hardest workers I know. It wouldn’t surprise me if she beat all the boys every Tues and Thurs in Colin’s Strength and Conditioning class. She has never done a pullup before 17.2, and because of the workout, she did not 1, not 2, but 3 pullups. 

And last, but not least, my friend Jess debated on doing 17.2 RX because the 70 lb worth of dumbbells weighs just short of what she probably weighs. She knew she would struggle cleaning them and lunging with them. BUT she’s a fighter and can get bar muscle ups every now and then. Sooo….she pushed herself HARD and had about 30 seconds to get a bar muscle up. She fought through it, and got one. 

I also wanted an excuse to throw up this pic of Daniel, that Josh sent me, because I love it. He’s good at muscle ups – bar and ring. 

 photo by  Josh Wilson Photography

photo by Josh Wilson Photography


For me, 17.2 was fun and all, but I’d be lying if I told you that it didn’t hurt – more mentally than physically. But that’s all part of it, I suppose. 

Because looking at the Leaderboard on Monday nights sucks sometimes…when you don’t see your name where you had hoped to see it.

But here’s what I’m learning…and whether or not you have goals to place at a certain ranking, or make it to the next level, you can hopefully relate…

Sometimes looking at the Leaderboard makes you happy. Sometimes it makes you feel like crap about yourself. And because of that, it’s fleeting. Fleeting is defined as lasting for a very short time. You can’t have it both ways and be happy when you’re towards the top, but sad when you’re lower than you expected. Unless you’re like one of the top crossfitters in the world (or even in the southeast), your position on the leaderboard is going to change from week to week. So because of that, it’s pointless to base your identity by your position on a leaderboard. We are more than that.  

And being dependent on the efforts of other people will always let you down. Our goal should be to just do our best – and leave it at that. 

I’ve worked A LOT on gymnastics skills over the past year. It definitely doesn’t come naturally to me. But some weeks my effort show out, and some weeks it doesn’t (mentally doubting myself, body awareness, and how my body feels all probably play a role in that). Well, this week, the bar muscle ups weren’t there, and I realized (again) that what was a weakness last year is still a weakness this year – being able to perform gymnastics movements fatigued and under pressure. 

But, despite all of that, I did try my hardest. I redid 17.2 Monday morning thinking I was going to do a lot better. I knew I would have had a full night sleep Sunday night, and I knew of several times that I rested too long Friday night. But, Monday morning, as soon as the muscle ups started, I had an “oh crap” moment because they were painful to do, and I’m sure equally painful to judge and watch. After the workout, I didn’t feel like I gave my best, so I did it again Monday night(I did better) – twice in one day. I would totally never recommend that to anyone, and I’ve never done that before in all 4 years of doing the Open. But I did it to prove to myself that I could end that workout on a positive note, instead of allowing it to end the way it did Monday morning – by throwing my dumbbells down and practically falling over after my last set of lunges <—not a good way to go out.

Moral of the story…not every week goes the way you intended it to. Adversity is going to come. And when it does, as hard as it can be sometimes, being grateful will get you through it – in my case, grateful to God for the opportunity to workout in the first place, grateful that my identity is not based on a workout (good or bad), grateful for the lessons learned in the gym and through the Open, grateful for how far I’ve come, and grateful for workouts like 17.2 that show me that I still have a long ways to go… and that’s cool. 


Hope you all have a great week and crush 17.3!

 Shawn made us hats for the open - Nutmeg Queen and Thrusters and Cauliflower Rice. He knows the way to our hearts.

Shawn made us hats for the open – Nutmeg Queen and Thrusters and Cauliflower Rice. He knows the way to our hearts.