Happy (second) day of Spring! Where did this weather come from, y’all?!?! I’m in love. I’m currently sitting on the back deck, multi tasking by getting sun, typing, and stretching my hip all at the same time. I’m actually stretching my hip because I’m about to go to PT, and Greg always gets on to me when I come in there all jacked up. But after a couple of months of getting to go to Evolve, they are beginning to understand me and put up with me. Anyway, this weather is amazzzzzing.

Ok, CrossFit. 17.4. You called it. I called it. A repeat from 2016. 16.4 to be exact. 

How was it for you? Hopefully you scored better than last year. Ok, but first things, first. If you didn’t score better, that’s cool too. A lot of factors play into a workout, and I wouldn’t consider it the end of the world if you didn’t score better than last year. It doesn’t mean you’re “less fit.” It’s prob because you’re already really good. I know a couple of people who didn’t score better than last year, and they are still 100% better this year than they were last year – because they show that every day in the gym, and in life in general…Just not in this workout.

Ok, now that that is out of the way…

Repeat workouts are still great for seeing how far you’ve come, and I love that CrossFit Games does a repeat workout every year. For me, I love to compare myself to others – oh, you too? K, cool. I mostly do this with girls I don’t even know or that don’t even live close to me. You know, that Leaderboard thing they have on the CrossFit Games website. There’s a line on there now that separates the Top 20 for each region – which for me, was a legit goal this year…to stay above that line. LOL at me. I’m competitive, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And I promise that I’m going to give my best no matter where I stand week to week. BUT, it’s easy to compare myself to girls that I don’t even know – instead of just looking at myself and my effort. When in all reality, I cannot control what other people do, or how they do. 

At the end of the day, you just gotta do you. 

Repeat workouts are great because they take our eyes off of other people, and put the focus on ourselves(as in the only one responsible for you). You are truly competing against yourself. You get to see your progress. 

As much as I love(d) this workout, it was actually my next to worst workout last year…all because of those handstand pushups. Give me deadlifts, wallballs, and rowing, and I’ll get to those handstand pushups well under 7 minutes. In fact, the first time I did 16.4 last year, I think I got off the rower at 6:45 or something, and had a little over 6 minutes to get 55 handstand pushups. You would think I would. Well, I did, but only with 5 seconds to spare, and I managed like 2 deadlifts or something like that. I redid it that Monday, and got like 15 deadlifts or something like that I think. But still…I was frustrated last year that it would take me that long to get 55 handstand pushups. 

So, I worked on handstand pushups this entire past year. I’ve talked about this before on here, but Colin was great enough over the past 12 months to throw workouts at me (almost) daily that I wouldn’t have thought of myself…all to help me get better. 

Well a lot of those workouts involved big sets of handstand pushups and heavy wallballs -to a 10 foot target (when usually it’s 9 foot in the open) Now, I really do have all the love for wallballs. So, I always assumed he was just giving me workouts that involved something I was good at with something I’m not so great at. But in all reality, it was helping me get better.  <—- all that on top of the handstand pushups we do in class at CFEC…which is a lot. Thanks Nick. 

Am I now great at handstand pushups? Nope. (I’ll always love them though). BUT more importantly, I’m noticeably better at handstand pushups than I was a year ago. I couldn’t even do one strict handstand pushup, and I could barely do any sort of deficit. Now, I’ll figure out anything upside down that is thrown my way because I’ve worked on it. Which once again proves that CrossFit works.

And all of this can be applied to outside of the gym as well. If you’re not great at something, don’t give up on it. Keep working at it. Because you’re going to have an opportunity to redeem yourself, and if you work hard at it, you’ll be ready because you’ll be prepared. 

And after a not so great 17.3 (remember, heavy snatches?), I needed a good workout. Not for a Leaderboard, but for myself. 

So, thank you 17.4, for being a repeat of 16.4, so I could redeem myself from last year, and prove to myself that hard work does pay off. 

Keep grinding. Keep focusing on your results, your improvement, your journey, and not anyone else’s, and you’ll be a lot happier. Be thankful for the opportunities you do have in your life, if one opportunity just isn’t working out like you thought it would. It will change your perspective. I promise, because that’s what I’m (slowly) learning. 

Bring on 17.5. One more week. No matter where you stand right now, don’t give up, and finish well.