17.3 was a good one. If you love the heavy barbell, that is. And shoutout to all of you that are good at it. For real. Although it will probably go down as my worst Open workout, it still was a great, creative workout, and a lot of fun. It fo sho got the job done and showed off who can move some weight. But you had to be able to make it there first by getting that heart rate jacked up with all those lighter weight snatches and chest to bar pullups. So many people crushed this and nailed those snatches (y’all are going to get tired of me saying snatches before this is over). 

I loved watching my friends not only survive, but thrive at it. A lot of people were nervous about those squat snatches and overhead squats, but in the end, most people exceeded their expectations and did waaayy more than they thought they could – which always happens in the Open. If you don’t know anything about CrossFit, you’re prob like Wuttttt? Why is she talking about snatches? But just know, they’re a lot of fun to watch. 

Shoutout to my friend, Brooke, for hitting 135 lb FOUR times. That was her PR, and she hadn’t hit that in awhile. 

My friend, Erica has been at CFEC since November. She usually works out at 8:30, and she’s really strong. She played volleyball in college, so she’s picked up on CrossFit pretty easily. I’m bummed because she’s moving home to Colorado this weekend so she can get ready for her wedding. So, she’s leaving us. BUT she was able to snatch 95 lb for the first time ever, and ended up making it happen like 3 times. 

Two other girls at CFEC, Laura and Kara did the scaled version of 17.3. Laura almost finished all of her 95 lb snatches, and Kara almost finished the entire workout. Both of them had never snatched that weight before. 

I’m proud of my friend, Kelly Mullane, because a year ago, she couldn’t do a chest to bar pullup, and she could barely squat – especially with a 65 lb barbel, or any barbell for that matter,l over her head. She did great, and has come so far in the past year. She’s a superstar, for realz.

My friend, Jason had to have surgery around this time last year. He’s really strong, but he’s just now over the past couple of months been able to ease back into CrossFit. He hasn’t really touched a heavy barbell in a looonggg time. He ended up surprising himself and snatching more than he thought he could.

And last, but not least, shoutout to Brandon Cox for always being everyone’s biggest cheerleader AND being one of the top guys in our gym in this workout. 

I wish I could say that I personally had that magic breakthrough moment in 17.3 – like hit a new PR, or even got as far as I envisioned I would. But I can’t say I did…or that I was happy with how I did. I did my best though, and fought through every single one of those snatches, and they say that as long as you do your best, that’s all that matters. I think I said that in my post about 17.2…haha.

But honestly, I’ve had to get over myself. And I guess I still kinda am in the process of that. Just being real. 

I literally told Daniel 30 minutes before the announcement that I would be great with any workout –  except heavy snatches and chest to bar pullups. So, I had an “Ohhhhh %^%%& moment” when it was announced that 17.3 would consist of both of those movements together. LOL at me. 

But truth is, snatches are actually pretty great. I don’t dislike snatches. (You’ve got to be tired of me saying “snatches” over and over again). I’m just not great at them. Think of a baby giraffe – all awkward and helpless – and that is me snatching. Except I’m definitely not as cute.

I got up at 4:10 am Friday to coach our morning classes, and I knew I had to change my attitude and my perspective to set the tone for people in our gym. Because if I was negative Nancy or Nellie or whatever they say, that would set a negative tone for people who got up before  5 or 6 am to come in and have a go at this workout. No one needs a negative coach. It turns out, a lot of other people in our gym weren’t like thrilled about it or anything, so I gave them (and me) a pep talk about how it’s just a workout, and it’s meant to be fun, so just do it, celebrate what you can do, and don’t be too hard on yourself for what you can’t do… yet. 

I had an hour between classes, so I went to Mama Penn’s, sat in a booth by myself, drank a butt load of coffee, had a toasted biscuit, and read over Hebrews 13:21 – the same verse I read over a lot before Regionals last year when I was scared out of my mind about snatches.- “May He equip you with all you need for doing his will. May He produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen.” 

And after that, I wasn’t like “oh ok, cool. I’m going to crush this workout now.” A verse doesn’t change that. But it does change your perspective. So, from reading that, I realized that being anxious isn’t like wrong or anything, BUT once again, I’m not defined by a workout – good or bad. And with that, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get down and out Friday night if things didn’t go my way. Everything would work out like it was supposed to as long as I gave my best effort. 

Also, I had to trust the amount of work I put into this over the past year. Although most of those days ended with me being frustrated, I still got better at snatches over the past year. 

I feel like I did all of the right things leading up to that workout. I rested before going back to the gym after our noon class. I ate a good lunch. I made Colin give me a pep talk (because he tried his hardest to make me even half as good at snatching as he is this past year). I didn’t eat any of the pizza I picked up for the PT guys. I warmed up in the best way for me. I laughed and danced my way through being anxious, and I envisioned myself succeeding. 

However, things didn’t go the way I “envisioned” they would. I was one snatch short of making it to the 155 lb barbell. I made 135 lb 11 times, but I missed it six times. All I really got was a bum right leg/hip out of it, and today was the first day since Friday I’ve been able to walk somewhat normal. 

But it’s all in how you look at things, right? Perspective. If you actually read this blog, you know I talk about that a lot. 2 years ago, I couldn’t even snatch 95 lbs. Or I could, but I remember it being very very painful to watch (flashback to competing with Haley at Beastmode Games…haha). And one year ago, I couldn’t snatch 135 lb. I think the most I had ever done was 125. I went to Regionals and had to snatch 135 lb at least once in order to meet the minimum work requirement and not get kicked out. I doubted myself and wondered how I even made it. And I legitimately had two nightmares leading up to it that I wouldn’t be able to hit that weight. I think I went on to snatching it 6 times or something like that. In 17.3, I snatched 135 lb 11 times. 135 is pretty close to my 1 rep max, so to hit it 11 times shows a lot of fight. BUTTTTTTT, I’m a competitor. I’ve worked on it A LOT this year, and it’s still a weakness. I’m not happy with that. (Just being real with you guys).

The Open always has a way of showing me where I’m weak – both in movement and in my head/attitude/heart whatever.  But there is always something to learn. I understand that failure can be a good thing as long as I get back up, don’t give up, and learn from it. I think it’s called “falling forward” or something like that. People are always watching and observing. They watch how you respond to failure just as much as they see how you respond to success. 

There are still two weeks left in the Open. If you’re not thrilled about where you stand or a particular workout, don’t give up. A lot can happen in two weeks. And at the end of the day, making yourself proud should be #1 anyway, not where you land compared to everyone else. 

But with that, here’s to hoping for all the wallballs, rowing, thrusters, deadlifts, power cleans, more burpees, and even handstand pushups over the next two weeks.