Good morning 🙂 How ya feelin’? During the Open, I wont be doing that whole Monday Motivation thing I usually do. Instead, we will take a look back at the previous weekend and talk about all things good, bad, and most definitely ugly about the Open from the week before. 

Whether you do CrossFit or don’t do it, you DEFINITELY know what the Open is by now… because errrrbody is talking about it. So, get ready, because we’re just getting started 🙂

Well guys, week 1 of 5 is done…How’s your back, butt, and hams holding up? If you really pushed this one, it hurt. I don’t care if it took you 10 minutes, or if you were time capped at 20 minutes, it sucked. But in a good way, I guess. I don’t want y’all to think I’m being negative or anything like that. For me, most workouts suck when I have to go in that pain cave, but then for some reason, I show up later wanting more. The worst thing about 17.1 was that it started out pretty great….not too bad, ya, know? But then you get to those 40 snatches, and you lose a small part of your soul. But you push through, keep going, and go to that dark place. If you know, you know.

At CFEC, we had over 100 people do the workout over the weekend, and everyone showed out. I don’t have any pictures, and if there are any out there, I haven’t seen them. But Friday Night Lights was so much fun. Thankfully the workout didn’t take too much room to set up, so we were able to have 10 people going per heat, which made the whole thing exciting to watch. Everyone got cool T SHIRTS… WHAT?!? This Friday, the Cryo girls are coming from Greenville, and word is, they’re bringing those Normatec spaceman boots I like, so I’m excited about that. And my neighbor, himself – JOSH WILSON is coming to take pictures. If you’ve never had a picture taken of you with pain face, I hope he gets a good one of ya because those are always fun to look back on and reminisce. 

But back to this workout…

What I loved the most about this past weekend was so many people in the gym doing the Open for the first time…and they fell in love with it.

There’s an older gentleman that goes to our gym, and comes to my 8:30 class. His name is Dick. I’ve alrady talked about him on here, so I won’t waste your time, but he threw down and even made it to the round of 40 snatches in the 60+ scaled division. 60+, y’all. That’s pretty great. He looked like he was going to fall over any minute, just like everyone else did, but when he got done, he said it was one of the most fun things he’s ever done. His sweet little wife watched and cheered, and took pictures, and I could tell she was so proud of him. Go Dick. 

There’s a girl that goes to CFEC. Her name is AP. She cooks good looking food and takes pictures of it. She’s really nice. Anyway, she’s doing the Open for the first time, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone have so much fun doing  workout like that. 

On Monday, a good bit of people figured they would redo 17.1 because it seemed like a good idea to go through that much pain again, I suppose. And it was a good idea, because most people did way better. 

My friend, Brooke did it at 6 am Monday morning. She did way better and didn’t even throw up. I wanted to cheer so loud for her, but I was training someone, so I was trying to stay focused and play it cool. Brooke usually gives it all she has in Open workouts, which usually causes her to throw up after said workout. 

My friends, Marlie and Jackie – ya Jam – went right after I did Monday morning, and they both did better. Oh, I did have one picture… but it’s not like us working out or anything.. but this was our post 17.2 pic – really only because we have to take pics to prove that Jackie really does workout at CFEC, and is therefore on our team. Marlie and I bought those matching sports bras from lulu on Sunday – not because we wanted to match, but because we both loved it and weren’t backing down, and we had gift cards. 

My man, Dan, redid the workout Monday night, and he did better – probably because he didn’t drop the 50 lb. dumbbell after almost every snatch. I’m proud of how hard he’s worked leading up to the Open. 

My friend Laura did the workout Rx Monday – even though she did scaled on Friday. She just wanted to prove to herself she could do it. So, that was really cool. 

Anyway, there are way more stories. We all love dumbbells. And snatches. And burpees. And jumping over boxes. 

For me, 17.1 was one of the most painful workouts I’ve done in a long time. It was so bad that I decided to do it a second time around. Because I’m crazy. And because I knew I could do better. While I was happy with 38 seconds better the second time around, the pain was a lot worse.  The second time around, I thought my body was on fire at the very end, which almost caused me to throw up the sweet potatoes I devoured a couple hours earlier. This time was weird too because my right calf/ankle went out with 5 burpee box jumps left. I have some dead person’s achilles tendon in my right leg because I ruptured mine 2 and 1/2 years ago, which makes my right leg a good bit smaller than my left, which I dunno if that’s weird or not. Everyone has their thing, I guess. Other girls that tore their’s seem to be doing just fine with proportional legs, but mine struggles. Marlie named it Tiny Tina, so it’s had a name for awhile. BUT when I do a lot of box jumps, Tiny Tina decides that she’s going to quit working. Well, I was pretty caught off guard when she didn’t cooperate with 5 LEFT. So, those last 5 or so box jumps were tricky. And I already can’t jump too great anyway, so it was somethin’ to see. 

So far, I’m learning that it’s actually going to take a lot of focus on my end to not compare myself to other people over the next 5 weeks. I like winning, and I take myself too seriously sometimes, so during the Open the past 2 years, I’ve turned into a little bit of a basket case. So, I’m learning to be happy with myself because I gave my all – not because of where I stand on a Leaderboard with thousands of other girls from all over the world. 

And I did give my all on this one. Is 12:18 like elite level status? I don’t think so. I dunno. It’s like 2 and a half minutes slower than Sam Briggs. And a good bit slower than a lot of girls in my region. But what matters is this — I am 100% confident that I’m better than last year (despite putting on 7-8 lbs of muscle (and thin mints…no jk) since the Open last year). I can move and perform better this year, which means that no matter where I end up on a leaderboard, I know that I’ve put the effort in to get better, and I gave my all – which is all that matters at the end of the day. 

So, if you get anything out of this, if you’re really competitive like me, remember to not be so hard on yourself during the Open. Have fun, cheer other people on, judge your friends (in a good way), and remember how far you’ve come. Chances are, if you really thought about it, last year’s version of you would LOVE to be where you’re at now.