Happy P DAY! (President’s Day, that is). A day to celebrate all you Presidents out there – past, current and future, I suppose. Also, it’s a great way to take a day off work or school. So, if that is you, I hope you make the most of it. Maybe do something outside since it’s another freaking beautiful day today in South Carolina. I was going to drive to Greenville yesterday afternoon for some $5 hot yoga, but then I remembered it wasn’t cold outside, and I could do some ROMWOD in my back yard, and save my $5 – and my time in the car driving. So, besides some weird bug bites I got from doing yoga outside in my back yard, it was pretty nice. 

Well, today I’ve got 2 things for you. I can’t help but talk about the Open since it starts THIS WEEK. But I’ve got some other things to throw in here too.. here we go!

First of all, today is Ella’s birthday! She is two. When I asked Marlie (Ella’s mom) what I should talk about today on here, she said Ella’s birthday. So, cool. Shoutout to you Ella! You’re incredibly cute and sassy, and smart. Marlie and I took Ella out for her birthday Saturday night. We started at Summa Joe’s. I think everyone there thought we were a family and Ella was both of our daughter. I would claim her, but she’s not mine. And Marley’s husband, Harry is in Afghanistan right now, so she has a dad. And one mom. But then we took Ella to get ice cream, and she totally didn’t eat the ice cream. Instead she wanted an orange, so she ate that instead. Everyone should be more like Ella. 

Next, yesterday I had a play date with my friend Cat. She’s 4. I promise I have friends over the age of little kid age. I’m friends with Cat’s parents – Shawn and Alison. Well Cat brought her gymnastics LEO with her because she wanted to go to the gym so bad and get a workout in the middle of our lunch and Starbucks date. But I was like “no way, Cat. It’s my rest day. Let’s just go to the park.” She was cool with that, and we had a great time at the park. But it’s so cool to me that a 4 year old WANTED to workout with me.

I have other friends too that have really cool kids that love to workout. There are like 10 that are coming to mind right now. At CFEC, we have a KidFit program, and there are like 30 kids in it these days. One of my best friends, Kelly runs it, and she’s a saint. She’s so good at it. I helped her out with it for awhile, so I know it’s crazy fun, but you have to have mad patience. A lot of these kids in KidFit watch their parents at the gym, and they want to workout just like their mom and dad, which is so cool to me. 

I could go on and on about these kids in the gym and all they are capable of doing.. But the point of me telling you this is to prove that your kids are watching you! Daniel and I don’t have any kids of our own, but I DO KNOW that when we do, I want them to be proud of who we are, what we stand for, how we take care of our God given bodies, and how hard we work in the gym. And my friends are doing a really good job of that. So, shoutout to y’all – for being cool parents and for allowing your kids to grow up in the gym and see how you take care of yourself. 

Ok, moving on. If you’ve been doing CrossFit for awhile (or at least a day) you know that the Open starts this week. I asked Colin today what I should talk about on here, and he said I should lay out how I’m approaching the Open this week and upcoming weeks (like schedule, training, mindset, rest, etc). And I was like, “Colin, no one cares what I’m doing.” But then I remembered that Colin is smarter than me, and I’m really just doing what him and Nick say. It’s basically what our entire gym is doing. So maybe this will help you going into this week (and over the next 5 weeks for that matter!)

Below is a short little lineup of this week, but every week will look similar to it as far as workouts go. But the biggest things I’m focusing on during the Open is: 

1. To have fun and remember why I do CrossFit in the first place

2. Mobility > Extra training right now – because I’m confident that if my body feels good and isn’t jacked up, I can do anything. 

3. Trust the process. 

4. And I can’t help but be thankful for the opportunity to compete in the Open and to hopefully do well in the Open. And my mind ends up being a lot better off when I remember that this is only because of God’s grace that I even get to workout with my friends in the first place. Anything I can do is only because of how good He is to me – not because of anything I’ve done. 

Monday: Today I went into the gym about 45 minutes before coaching 8:30 class so I could get some mobility in. They say that leading up to the Open, you should be “working those weaknesses,” and while I have a lot of them, my numba 1 is mobility, so I’ve been working on that instead of “working out” early Monday mornings. Today, as a class, we did Open workout 13.3… the one with the 150 wallballs, 90 double unders, and 30 muscle ups. So, the win for that is that I FREAKING LOVE WALLBALLS TO A 9′ TARGET after practicing them to a 10′ target almost all year. Bad news is, still have a lot of work to do on muscle ups when I’m tired. But what’s new? Like, I had a lot of time to get those 30 muscle ups, and just couldn’t get them all. Anyway, in about an hour, I’m headed back to the gym to do some row sprints, and then I’m actually headed to get a massage (more like body work). I’m very excited about this because it’s my first one since October. Don’t judge. If you want to do well in the Open, I recommend getting one before it starts if you can find someone to squeeze you in. I know it’s expensive. Thankfully Daniel’s parent’s gave me some Christmas money, and I’m using some of that towards this Make it happen if you want to do well. I for one, want to be able to lock out a barbell (or dumbbell) overhead on my right arm, so hoping a massage will help. 

On Mondays during the Open we’ll definitely have a workout programed, but a lot of people will choose to redo their Open workout sometime Monday (since we have until Monday evening to submit scores). So, if I redo the workout, I’ll probably just redo it after coaching 8:30 class. 

Tuesday: We will still train like normal Tuesday. As in 2 parts of a workout – nothing incredibly heavy – but something to get our heart rate up. Nick does a good job programing for CFEC during the Open. I’m sure that’s hard because you don’t want to hurt your people before their Open workout, but you want them to still maintain their fitness. 

Wednesday: We will back off this day just to make sure that we’re all good and recovered. So, I’m thinking some sort of active recovery. Also, instead of working out Wednesday night, I will probably just make myself do mobility – because remember….#1 weakness. 

Thursday: Since most people in our gym will do the Open Friday, this is a rest day (or very very very active recovery). I remember last year, every Thursday during the Open was all about a 10 minute bike or row with stretches that Nick put up on the board. Doing this will help you feel great going into your workout Friday! I also have PT Thursday afternoon. I’ve been going to PT at Evolve in Anderson since the middle of December, and thanks to their elbows, they’ve helped me with my range of motion in my hips (which I honestly wanted to improve so I can demo movements better as a coach). 

Friday: Game Day for most people at CFEC: Fridays are going to be exciting – like allllll day exciting! We have over 100 people signed up, so we’ll be judging during all classes. I coach the 5 am and 6 am classes Friday morning. I also most likely will be training a sweet family at 7:15 Friday morning, and then I will coach the 8:30 am class right after that. So, basically 4 hours of that, which is great. And I’m smart…sometimes.. so I will NOT be doing my Open workout after coaching 8:30 class (even though that’s when I usually workout). We will judge people all morning, which will lead into our noon class. We will probably be done judging around 2 pm, and then I will go home and EATTTTTTT and take a nap (weird for me, but I’m going to make myself). And then we’ll go back to the gym at 5 pm for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and I will do my Open workout somewhere in there. We usually have heats set up on the board, and people write their name down to claim their spot when they’re going to compete. We use that signup sheet to know who is judging who as well. It’s pretty complex, but not really. It’s fun. We’ll then hang out at the gym for as long as it takes! There’s usually pizza (to keep the kids happy), beer (not for the kids), and other stuff going on. Word on the street is that this year we’ll have fun stuff planned every week.

Saturday:  I’ll coach the 9:30 class at our gym (which is the best class all week in my opinion) and then we will continue judging people afterwards. Saturdays are really laid back anyway – usually we don’t even touch a barbell and there are a lot of different movement options for people to chose based on how they are feeling. Oh, and it’s always FREE. So, we’ll continue with that during the Open – A LOT of parter workouts with running, rowing, sleds, kettlebells, burpees, etc. When that’s over,  I’ll probably treat this as a skills day and work on things I suck at, all while still moving, but nothing too crazy. 

Sunday: The gym is closed, and we’ll probably only open it if there are people that need to get their workout in. I’ll probably just enjoy this day with a casual walk to Earle Street to get some brunch. NO, just kidding. That went terrible for me last year before redoing 16.5. Only because I went HAM at the Easter Brunch Buffet. Bad idea. 

I don’t know if any of the above makes sense to you, or if you care. But if you get anything out of it, just remember that this time only comes once a year, so make it FUN. Ask anyone who has done the Open before – no matter what they wanted to get out of the open, or if they went Rx or Scaled, they will tell you that is was so much fun! But, at the same time, remember to get your body and mind right by laying off over the next 5 weeks. I’m only saying this because this is the hardest part about the Open for me. I still want to workout as hard and as much as I’m used to in let’s say November. Listen to your body, and make sure that when Friday gets here (or whatever day you’re doing the workout) your body feels amazing and ready to kick butt. 

Have a great week!