Happy Monday! Spring is in the air in South Carolina! The sun is out – which means we are all in a GOOD MOOD, we’re outside more, and no matter what our circumstances are right now, we’re just so thankful to have a new week – am I right? Except I need a tan. Bad. 

Did you watch the Grammy’s last night? Apparently I quit watching before it got good. But good news is, I can go back and watch Katy Perry and Chance the Rapper later since I DVR’d it. 

So let’s talk about fitness. And more specifically for this post – CrossFit. 

I came across this post yesterday on the CFGames instagram. It was a repost from some girl named Luce, and wow. I don’t even know this girl, but it got me. I can’t relate to EVERYTHING she’s going through or been through, and maybe you can’t either, but if you’ve been doing CrossFit for awhile, like me, you can find something to get out of this. 

In case you can’t see the caption from my screen shot (remember, I’m not good at technology) here it is:

“I’m 32-year-old single mother. I have a masters degree in kinesiology. After battling with an eating disorder, a pregnancy, and a divorce, I let myself down and I was weighing in at 272 lb.–I’m 5’01’’! I decided to take action back in 2010. As I learned in kinesiology, I started to do the elliptical, leg extension/leg curl kinds of workouts, and also started following a low-fat diet. I did so for 5 years. Struggling, but persistent, I finally lost 40 lb. by the end of the 5 years. But I was weak, lacked in energy, and I was always sick. My motivation wasn’t there anymore.

”So in January 2016, I started reading up on CrossFit. I read about it, and I started to eat according to The Zone … I was amazed by the results! My energy level went up and so did my health! My weight went down without effort! In June, I decided to go into a CrossFit box because I was struggling with some techniques that I wasn’t used to (i.e., kipping). I fell in love! I was going there for training, but I found a community. I started once a week, then twice, and it kept growing. Now, I’m at CrossFit Ahuntsic six times a week.

”Losing weight isn’t the ultimate goal anymore. My goal is to increase my strength, my mobility, and my work capacity. The feeling of mastering the double-under is so much more rewarding than losing 5 lb.! That being said, I did lose another 30 lb. within only 1 year of CrossFit!

”CrossFit is not just training, it’s my passion, my way of life. I don’t mind if they don’t want to hear it, but I tell everybody in my industry that this is a revolution. I’m very excited to do the Open, to test myself and have a bench mark for the coming years.

”My 9-year-old daughter is doing a team WOD with me every Sunday. I’m proud to see her being a part of this community at such a young age. She is growing healthy, and she is surrounded by good values. And we like to say that we will go to the Games in 2024 together, her in the 16-year-olds category and me in the Masters 40-44.

”You guys changed my life. And for that I sincerely thank you.”

— Luce Boulianne, CrossFit Ahunsic #InTheOpen — with CrossFit.


This is everything. See, it’s all about getting better. And while outside changes are very nice, the changes that take place inside of us (if we allow them to) are what matters most. That is my WHY. 

And sometimes you just have to go back to your WHY – (no matter if it’s in the gym, your job, your family, or anything else in life for that matter).

But in this case, whatever it is you do to stay fit and feeling good, why do you do it?

So, here’s what I’m learning… The Open is just a little over a week away, and I’d be lying to your face if I told you I wasn’t anxious about it. I’ve put a lot of work in over the past year. I’ve had a coach that is a lot smarter than I am help me work on things I’m not good at, in addition to the regular programing at CFEC. And with all of that, the thought does cross my mind of “what if I don’t make it back to Regionals? Last year it was unexpected, but this year I actually DID try? So, how does that even happen?” Or “What if I let the people around me on our team down?”

But then I see posts like the one above from Luce, and I find myself relating to it. And then I remember why I do CrossFit in the first place — not to make it to some higher level of competition. But instead, I do CrossFit to have a healthy life and to increase my confidence in WHO I am, and WHAT my body can do (which is pretty badass). And last but not least, I do it because so much of what goes down in the gym and how I handle success and setback there, can be applied to my life outside of the gym. 

And because of everything I just said, I’m incredibly grateful to get to coach, train, and inspire others to hopefully feel the same way.

So, if you’re super competitive like I am. If you have doubt/fear/anxiety about the Open, remember why you do CrossFit in the first place, as well as why you RAVE about the Open and tell other people they just HAVE to do the Open too. 

See, it’s all about getting better, and the Open helps you test that. For example, we retested an Open workout from 2015 (2 years ago) this past Saturday, and my shoulders were by no means “fresh and rested” like they would have been 2 years ago for that Open workout. It was the one with the handstand pushups and power cleans. I remember not making it very far in that workout in 2015. BUT this time, I got way more reps. I thought I almost doubled my score, but I checked last night, and I actually WAY more than doubled it. In fact, I got 70 reps better (and I videoed myself to make sure I met those standards and my heels got over that line-  in case you were wondering 🙂 That’s a win because I can do more now than I could 2 years ago. That’s just one example, and I won’t bore you with others. But hopefully you have similar experiences of getting better. 

And at the end of the day, that is what matters most. Getting better. Figuring it out. Getting back up. Pushing through. Having fun with your friends. All the while getting fitter. And if you fall off, that’s ok because you can get right back on track. 

If you don’t really feel great about what you’re doing right now to stay fit, healthy, and build your confidence, I recommend trying out something new. Because it’s out there, I promise. 

With all that said, I think we have like 75 PEOPLE (so far) doing the Open at CFEC through our In House competition, and with that, there are like 40 people signed up online (so far) through the CrossFit Games. I think that’s a record for us…or at least since I’ve been there. One of those people is Dick. He comes to my 8:30 class, and he’s been doing CrossFit for about 6 months. I dunno if he’s cool with me telling you how old he is, but let’s just say that he would be WAY into the Masters 60+ category. Well, he signed up for the Open, and he said it’s so he can do the Open again next year and see how much he has improved in a year. Sidenote: Dick also did the assault bike intervals today (1 minute of max effort work for calories, 2 minutes of rest. 4 rounds). And I didn’t necessarily want to do the assault bike intervals, BUT, I told myself that if Dick could do it, then I could too. I could talk all day about Dick, but I’ll save that for another day. He’s pretty incredible though.

Anyway, Friday nights during the Open are going to be so much fun at CFEC. Yeah, it’s about showing up, showing out, and doing your best, BUT there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s pretty LIT actually (if you’re into saying things like that). Word on the street is that there’s a lot of cool stuff planned besides working out, AND we may even get an MC (somewhat of a play by play/announcer if you don’t know what that is) thanks to my mental coach and good friend, Shawn (sebastian girthopolis). I hope the rumors are true. 

Hope you all have a great week! Whatever it is you do to stay fit, in shape, and looking and feeling great, remember WHY you do it. Remember how your life was before you started doing it. That way, when certain days don’t go as you would like for them to, or you’re “just not feelin’ it,” you can remember how far you’ve come, and you can be thankful. If you’ve fallen off track, remember Luce’s instagram post (above). You can do it. Baby steps —-> big goals and big dreams becoming a reality.