Good morning! 

I hope your weekend was fun, and full of great people, fitness, good food, and maybe even a college football conference championship for your team. That would be a good weekend, fo sho. I went to Augusta with Daniel to watch him compete with some guys from the gym. We drove down (or up?.. IDK) Saturday… just in time to watch the Georgia game from the comfort of the Hampton Inn. Later, we went to Carolina Ale House to meet up with some people and watch the ACC and Big 10 Games. It was weird, yet really nice actually to see ALL OF THE RED everywhere. IN GEORGIA. Maybe they were all decked out for Wisconsin or Ohio State, but I’m going to assume and believe it was for UGA. I just haven’t seen that in awhile, just saying.

Have you finished Christmas shopping yet?!? Maybe you’re like me and you’ve barely started. I mean, there’s still time, and I‘m a “wait until the last minute kind of girl anyway.” It’s not fun unless you’re waiting until the very last minute.

Ok, here’s a short post today

It’s now OFFICIALLY Christmas Season <<AKA Adevent>>. And around this time, we tend to talk more than usual about giving – everything from gifts to our friends and family, to ways we can be more generous in the lives of people around us, and even ways we can help out random strangers. For some of us, this is sparked by the Christmas story, and moved by our faith, if you will. For others, it’s just because we are in that “Christmas spirit.” Either way, giving is cool when the opportunity arises. And there’s something extra special about it this time of year. 

Another way to be generous this year is through inspiring others. Inspiring others can be for anyone…not just people with a special platform or status.  You and I BOTH can inspire the people around us.

So, how do we do this?

Well, you’re good at something. I’m sure of it. It may have to do with what you do for a living to earn the big bucks you get in a paycheck, or you may be really good at a hobby.

But whatever it is that you are good at, don’t keep it for yourself. Share it with other people. You don’t have to be perfect or get it right every time to inspire other people.

I mess up a lot. I’m wrong a lot. I can’t talk right sometimes. And I look dumb sometimes. BUT, I know that I don’t want to hide what I’m “gifted” at  for myself. Because there’s no fun in that. 

One way to do this is by just being yourself. Easy enough, right? Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. 

So, today, this week, and over the next few weeks leading into the New Year, be willing to inspire others by how you live your little, imperfect life. Maybe that is just by trying to be the best mom you can be to your two little kids under the age of 3. Or maybe it means being the best boss you can be to the people under your leadership. Or maybe it means taking the time to share with other people what you’re learning right now, or what you’re going through. Or maybe it means being the best student you can be leading into finals week. 

It looks different for everyone. So, never underestimate how you too can impact the people around you by just being the best version of YOU.