Good morning! Shoutout to everyone who has taken part in these giveaways! Reading over all the comments from Kathleen’s photo session giveaway was really cool to see. I wish everyone could have won. 

And remember, you still have until 8 pm est tonight (Thursday) to enter for the Jacked Up Fitness giveaway – a $25 gift card for you, and for the friend that you tag. 

Today I bring you another great giveaway! This is from my friend, Noelle! Noelle has a site: where she sells great shirts (baseball tees, tanks, and crop tops) and socks. It all started when she made one shirt for herself because she liked the saying. But she received so much great response, so she decided to sell shirts on her site.

Today’s winner will win a baseball tee, tank, or crop top of their choice from Noelle’s site, and so will the friend they tag!

Noelle is an adaptive athlete, born with cerebral palsy that affects her right side. She loves exercising, the adaptive CrossFit community, and tacos (or does she??:) Cerebral palsy has the potential to affect Noelle’s body’s control, coordination, reflexes, and overall movement.

The money that Noelle makes off of these shirts goes helps her with the expense of CrossFit competitions – which I think is really cool. If you’ve ever been to a competition, one of the best things about it is the people you get to meet there – the laughs, the encouragement, the fist bumps, the cheering…you know. And Noelle is one of those people that can brighten up your day, so in my opinion, she needs to be out on that comp floor. And you need a shirt, so go get one. 

I’m not the most observant human on the planet, but I  would have never known Noelle had CP unless she told me. And with that, she is seriously one of the happiest, most encouraging people I know. She’s labeled the hashtag #leftsidestrongside on her gear because cerebral palsy affects her right side, which limits some of her CrossFit movements, and moving in general. 

You can read more about Noelle, her CrossFit journey, and these shirts in a post I wrote a few months back. 

Noelle is a huge encouragement to me because she doesn’t let what her body “can’t do” stop her from doing what it can do. I hope she continues to sell a lot of shirts because: 1. She is a fun person to be around, and I want her to continue to compete so she cant keep inspiring others. 2. The shirts are great. 

Remember to enter by tomorrow (FRIDAY) on the original instagram post before 8 pm est. Tag as many friends as you’d like, but remember one friend/ comment. 

Don’t miss out! And go follow Noelle on Instagram and TacosNotMacros too. 

I’ve got two more giveaways for ya, so stay tuned!

The purpose of the 12 Days of Christmas is to keep your mind somewhat focused on your health, fitness, and goals in the midst of this fun Christmas season we are in right now! Because you can celebrate Christmas, have a great time with the people around ya, AND keep fitness on your mind too!