What’s is up? Hello, again from NYC! I thought I loved New York City, buttttt New York City at Christmas is so beautiful, and you really just have to see it to believe it. I’ll be honest though…I was originally pretty pumped about the snow. But a few hours later of walking in it, I was like nahhh, I’m over this. Today we have a whole list of things to do, places to see, and more doughnuts to eat (I don’t even like doughnuts that much, but when in NYC….)

 OK, So…I am so excited about this giveaway today. 

These giveaways are way more fun than I thought they would be because I love sharing about all my favorite things in the fitness world with you. And Kill Cliff is def at the top of that list. 

Today I am giving away TWO 12 pack cases of Kill Cliff Endure – one for YOU and one for a FRIEND 🙂 This is all thanks to my incredibly cool, generous friends over at Kill Cliff HQ – especially to our rep, and my friend, Lauren, for going out of her way to send these over to me. 

You’ve probably heard of Kill Cliff. They are known for their recovery drinks, good looking tanks and other apparel that everyone would love to get their hands on. And most importantly, they are just all around great, cool people that empower athletes and everyday individuals to do fun things. 

A couple of months ago, KC upped their game and came out with a new endurance drink called ENDURE. It’s everything you would want in a “workout drink.” And when I say “workout drink” I mean that you can drink it before, or throughout your workout if you want – not just after your workout is finished. 

Endure comes in 2 flavors: Berry Punch or Blood Orange.

Each bottle of Endure contains:

  • electrolytes (This is crucial. I’ve learned the hard way that you have to replenish what you lose during a workout).
  • sustained endurance
  • slow release carb fuel (this is my FAV thing about Endure. 
  • low glycemic (aka good carbs/slow releasing. It doesn’t cause a huge spike in blood sugar – This is important in a workout)
  • good source of potassium
  • supports fat oxidation

Sometimes people get scared to take in carbs before, during, or after a workout, and I get that because they don’t want to consume what they just expended. BUT it’s all about what kind of carbs you’re taking in. Your body is a machine. It needs carbs to go! If you feel tired and/or low in energy in the middle of your workouts, you may need more GOOD, slow releasing carbohydrates! Endure is a great option for that. 

I first tried Endure at the Granite Games back in September. I don’t think I would have survived without it (you think I’m kidding….:) And the cheering from Lauren and Kaitlin didn’t hurt either. 

OK, SO..GO check it out… especially if your CrossFit affiliate is already selling Kill Cliff. If you go to CFEC, we’ve been selling it. It’s the same price as the OG Kill Cliff recovery drinks (which are also worth your time, money, and resources to drink every day.

Remember to go follow Kill Cliff, enter the giveaway on my page, or go buy a case of Endure (or come to CFEC and buy some!) And remember… for this giveaway, you have until Sunday evening (December 17) at 8 pm to enter. Each friend you tag is an entry, so tag away 🙂


Have a great weekend! And remember….over the remaining 12 days, I’ll keep throwing those giveaways out there – along with some recipes, workouts, and other little tidbits. The purpose is to keep your mind somewhat focused on your health, fitness, and goals in the midst of this fun Christmas season we are in right now! Because you can celebrate Christmas, have a great time with the people around ya, AND keep fitness on your mind too!