Happy Friday <<and 4th day of Christmas>> I’m sending this from the BIG APPLE that is NYC. And my man, Dan and I have places to go, donuts to eat, and Christmas lights to see! So, I’ll make this short and sweet. 

Who all is traveling over the holidays??? Maybe you’re going to see some family, and you’ll have access to a little home gym/hotel gym/or even just some dumbbells. If you know you’ll be traveling for a few days, and you’re wanting to get a workout in, make a plan before you even leave for your destination! When I’m traveling, or on vaca, it takes me like 10 minutes to just figure out what I want to do in the gym in the first place. BUT, if you make a plan before you leave, write your workout down, and commit to it, you’ll be more likely to follow through with getting it done AND you’ll be more likely to get in and out of the gym quicker (which means more time to wrap presents, hang with family, and eat good food). 

Here is a workout for you to try out while on the road. I actually did it this morning in our lovely little NYC Manhattan hotel gym. And it was a nice gym at that…complete with 360 degree view mirrors everywhere and personal trainers yelling at their clients- telling them they are “about to rock their world!”

It took me 10 minutes (YUP, that’s right) Because I had to get IN and OUT fast so we can take in all the sights NYC has to offer at Christmas time.

Hopefully this shows you that even a 10 minute workout is effective. And it only takes 10 minutes <<so no excuses while you’re traveling!>>All you need is a pair of dumbbells. Give it your all for 10 minutes, and I promise, you’ll be glad it was only 10 minutes 🙂


10 minute AMRAP (As many rounds/reps as possible – this means that you continue to move through the below exercises for 10 minutes. If you finish one round, start back over until your 10 Minute timer tells you to stop:)

10 dumbbell burpees (I used 25 lb dumbbells because that was the heaviest I could find…but I’m not mad about it). Keep same weight of dumbbells for all movements)

10 1 arm dumbbell snatch – right arm only

10 weighted situps (only use 1 dumbbell for this. Hold dumbbell at chest as you sit up. Use an abmat if you’ve got one) 

10 1 arm dumbbell snatch – left arm only

10 dumbbell thrusters


That’s it for today! Over the remaining 12 days, I want to give you a few giveaways, recipes, workouts, and other little tidbits. The purpose is to keep your mind somewhat focused on your health, fitness, and goals in the midst of this fun Christmas season we are in right now! Because you can celebrate Christmas, have a great time with the people around ya, AND keep fitness on your mind too!

Have a great day!


Felt right to get a gym mirror pic.