Wassup? Happy Monday to ya. I’m going to keep this short as I stuff my face with a quick lunch. I have to head to Clemson for a little bit of PT action. If you think about it, send up some prayers/positive vibes/thoughts that Elisa (my PT girl who is awesome, by the way) doesn’t get frustrated with how big my ankle is right now. I went a little too hard on the dance floor Friday night at the CFEC Christmas Partay, and was a little over ambitious. So, my ankle has been more on the cankle side the past couple of days. Bummer. And irresponsible at that. But it was fun. 

I’m thankful for PT though. It’s been cool to see a little bit of progress over the past couple of weeks. I deadlifted 155 lb today 45 times in the workout “Diane.” I haven’t deadlifted that weight since before I had surgery. I posted about this on instagram last week, but I’ve been trying to do a better job staying focused on what I can do, instead of what I can’t do right now. Every week gets just a little bit better, and the range of motion in my ankle is increasing like .657% each week. Which seems like nothing, but I guess all that eventually adds up. 

And on a positive note, my shoulders are getting a lot stronger, and I believe 100% that all the accessory work I’m doing right now will pay off at some point.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Not my most motivating post, but ya know….

Be on the lookout over the next 12 days. I’m doing 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Unfortunately, my version isn’t as cool as Ellen’s. She’s way more generous than me. But I’ll have a couple of giveaways, as well as some workouts, recipes, and a couple of other random things to throw out there as well for ya. 

The purpose of this whole 12 Days of Christmas thing is to keep your mind somewhat focused on you, your health, and your goals in the midst of this fun Christmas season we are in right now! Because you can celebrate Christmas, have a great time with the people around ya, AND keep fitness on your mind too 🙂 So, stay tuned playazzzzzzzz