Happy Monday! 

What a beauty of a day this turned out to be in good ole S.C. Everyone keeps talking about their kids and the struggle that is Daylight Savings Time. And I get that. I always have to get used to the whole darkness at 6 pm thing. I’m a lover of sunshine and long days and warm weather. And this whole getting dark early thing always take a little getting used to. I guess it does happen every year though, so truth is, I should be used to it by now.

Yesterday, our kind, talented, generous neighbor, Josh took our pictures. It had been awhile since we had pics of us done by a PRO – fessional. And Josh, in the midst of his busy schedule, fit us in yesterday morning and snapped some shots at a really cool place. But I say all this because I just wanted to throw out there that I wore not one, but two shoes. So, basically, I’m proud. Proud of myself. I didn’t want da Boot to be in the pics, so I took it off, walked around on some rocks, and then took both shoes off, and walked in the water, and I felt really good about it. 

I go back to the doctor next Wednesday, and I’m hoping to start some physical therapy, and maybe even get the go ahead to walk more without da Boot. Who knows? We’ll see. I miss SQUATS and lifting, and GHD situps. Those really are the 3 main things. I tried to do this modification of a GHD situp with a band tied around a post the other day. The band is supposed to add resistance as you sit up, so it somewhat feels like a GHD. I saw it on Chris Spealler’s instagram. In my head, I looked just as cool as him doing these situps. 

Last thing about the achilles. I posted a video last Friday or me doing burpee box jump overs from 17.1. The video was from FEBRUARY.. just wanted to clarify that, if anyone cared. Some people did care obviously though because people asked about it- all concerned and all. I guess I wasn’t clear about that in the post, or people don’t like reading a lot of words on social media. Just wanted to throw that out there. 

Ok, I’m procrastinating. Let’s talk a little about confidence (again) – but this time in the form of self love and contentment. There’s a blogger out there named Kathleen…or Kat. She runs a fashion blog: CarrieBradshawLied.com, (you’ve probably heard of it). She’s hilarious. I should probably take her fashion advice because I know nothing about clothes, what’s cool to wear, what is looked down upon, and really just anything (Is it bad that I don’t care?) – unless it involves clothes you wear to the gym. Then I’m on it.

 Anyway, she doesn’t just blog about fashion. I heard about her awhile back from Juli from PaleOMG.com, aannnnnndddd she was actually featured on Juli’s podcast this past weekend – PaleOMG Uncensored – which is just too cool.

Anyway, Kat talked a little about self-esteem at the end of the episode, and referenced a post she wrote a couple months ago about self doubt, self worth, and being content.

It’s definitely worth a read. And here’s the thing. At the end of the day, we control how we think. Feelings are tricky. They sneak up on ya. I’m pretty bad about controlling them sometimes (such a girl). But overall, we control what we do with those feelings – feelings about the way we look, what we don’t have, where we fall short, who doesn’t like us, and the weight we gain. All of these are examples of how sometimes allow our feelings to sell ourselves short. 

Most of us love giving value to other people. We do this with our families, at work, at the gym, and with the friends we spend most of our time with. But we don’t value ourselves for who we are (Notice I didn’t say for what we look like, or what we can do, or who approves of us, or doesn’t approve of us).  

In the post, she says, “Learning to be content, to love myself, to stop reaching for unrealistic goals thinking that a new handbag, losing 5 pounds or getting 50,000 more followers will make me feel more confident. That is absurd! Learning to be happy with myself, to think of all of the reasons I am so fortunate rather to count all of the ways I could improve… this can sometimes be a day-by-day challenge.”

For me, I don’t get so wrapped up in what I look like, or what I have, or how many people I can impact or reach (I mean, I definitely do care about those things, but I’ve come a long way in getting wrapped up in it). I’m usually more wrapped up in the whole “who likes me vs who doesn’t like me” saga. In a nutshell, instead of focusing on the great people in my life – my friends, the great people I get to interact with daily, and the people in front of me that I can influence and inspire. I instead get wrapped up in focusing on the exact opposite, spending too much time chasing what I don’t have, instead of appreciating what I do have. 

Anyway, sorry I went off on a tangent (as always). 

I can SO relate to a lot of what Kathleen is saying in the post, and I thought that maybe you could too 🙂

So, here is the link, in case you missed it above. 

Have a great week!!


Below are some of the workouts I did this past week. I sometimes second guess putting these on here, because I’m like “dude, these people DON’T care.” BUT I have for real received messages almost daily (if not daily) asking more about workouts and staying active after surgery. This really means a lot to me, and it’s really cool to be in a fitness community that can help each other – even through setbacks. So, as always, keep letting me know if you have questions!:)

Monday, October 30th

A) For Time: 50 chest to bar pullups + 50 pullups (If kipping/butterfly puts too much stress on injury, go ring rows or cut reps down and do strict pullups)

Every minute, on the minute, complete 5 thrusters at 115/75 lb. ( I did my thrusters from a mat, with my feet hanging off… so essentially these were push presses). 

B) I also did some seated sled pulls with my friend, Ro. So, that was fun. 

Tuesday, October 31st

A) Tabata L Sit – 8 rounds of 20 sec on/10 sec off…hold L Sit position. If you cannot complete a round, take one round off. (Unfortunately, I had to take my 6th round off. 

B) Every 3 min for 12 min: Row 15/12 cal SPRINT  (I am able to row with one leg).

C) EMOM x 21 (every minute on the minute for 21 minutes) – although class workout was a 20 min AMRAP, I turned it into an EMOM with 3 movements. 

Min 1: 50 sec of controlled romanian deadlifts with a kettlebell ( I have to be careful with these)

Min 2: 10 handstand pushups (alternate between strict on wall and off a box)

Min 3: 16 knees to elbows (don’t feel great AT ALL about toes to bar with my ankle, but knees to elbows are fine. 

Wednesday, November 1st

A) Took time to work on strict muscle ups and rope pulls

I combined those movements with some burpees to a mat and some slow and controlled squats to a 16 inch box. 

4 rounds of: 12 slamballs (from a mat) + 21’s with 20 lb dumbells + ME presses with dumbbells + hollow holds/rocks + DBALL cleans to shoulder (on knees…from a mat) <——-I LOVE these right now

Thursday, November 2nd

A) For Time:

20 burpees to a mat ( I did this instead of 50 double unders)

then 3 RFT

20 pullups – unbroken ( I did this instead of 7 muscle ups)

5 hang clean + 3 shoulders to overhead with dumbbells— go heavy.

B) Every 30 sec for 20 min

1 bar muscle up (sometimes I added a chest to bar pullup before… I really did it to just work on my kip because I’m struggs with that right now and don’t want to lose that feeling completely. 

Friday, November 3rd

A) “17.1” was the class workout, so instead, I did

50-40-30-20-10 dumbbell snatches (35 #)- ground to overhead from seated a bench

15 burpees to a mat + 16 (8R+8L) split squats with no weight (these didn’t hurt my ankle) in between rounds

B) stability and presses with the landmine

C) 7×15 v ups

D) every 30 sec for as long as possible: 1 curl with 35 lb barbell. Add 1 rep every minute

So… at 0, do 1 curl. At 30 sec, do 1 curl. At one minute mark, do 2 curls. At 1:30 mark, do 2 curls. Go up 1 rep every minute. 

Saturday, November 4th

A) At home, before class: bike 10 K on assault bike ( I am able to use both my legs on bike…but at about 90%)

B) 28 min EMOM (every minute on the minute)

min 1: Row 15 cal (one leg)

min 2: 1 legless rope climb – control on way up and down

min 3: 15 hang snatch from mat (feet hang off mat)

min 4: 12 slamballs

min 5:  12 Kettlebell hang clean and jerks from mat

min 6:  5 strict pullups with 1 sec hold at top and 3 sec count back to bottom. 

min 7: rest