Have you taken advantage of alllllll the great deals out there? I love that now a days, “Cyber Monday” is practically all weekend. We don’t even have to leave our living rooms on Black Friday to go shopping. Sales are all over the internet. Pretty cool. I’m talking to y’all like I bought a good bit of stuff this weekend. Truth is, I didn’t. Not because I was trying to practice self control, but because I’m just never prepared to buy gifts this soon. But I did buy a few things – and even a couple of things for myself. I’m a sucker for bright workout clothes – especially sports bras. And when they are 50% off, you just have to go for it. Ya feel?

I still have a few things to buy – like our Christmas cards on Shutterfly. Because today they have a 50% off sale + an extra 20% off. Can’t beat that. I believe the 50% off is already taken off for you, and then you put the code CYBERSAVINGS in at checkout, and you get an extra 20% off. BAM. 

Also, for you last minute CYBER MONDAY savers, you are unfortunately a little late for the Born Primitive 30% off everything sale, but if you head to their site, they’ve got some great deals on clearance. OR you could always use code ASTALL10 for not 10, but 15% off ANYTIME. But let’s see though… Reebok is still having their sale (I think it’s 40% off now). Lulu says they are having a sale, but it’s just their “We Made Too Much” page, which you can always access for overstock and discounts, not just today. Athleta still has 20% off. The Chestee (I love their sports bras) still have some items for sale. Head to their instagram page for more info on the discounted items. Qalo has their entire site on sale for 20% off right now. Rings are buy 2, get 1 free. And apparel and accessories are all 50% off. If you’ve been looking for a wedding ring (or just any ring for that matter) to wear in the gym, they are your people. 

I also tried to buy Daniel a few things from some Australian CrossFit/Fitness Gear company. But my little local Anderson bank didn’t like that. So, I’ve been on the phone with them trying to convince them to let me make this $44 purchase to Australia for the last 30 minutes. I mean, my friend Lindsey bought some stuff from them yesterday, and she didn’t have problems, so it has to be legit. Oh, the holidays!

Maybe next year I’ll be more prepared and have a whole list of discounts for all things fitness related. But for now, that’s all I’ve got. 

How are you feeling today? I know Monday after Thanksgiving weekend is tough for a lot of people. We had our good food on Thursday, and maybe Friday, and then Saturday we sat around and watched football and ate even more good food. And maybe you’re like me, and you finally gave in and bought some of that Trader Joe’s JINGLE JANGLE yesterday, and you had a little too much of it. Whoops. 

And to make matters worse, we did Fran at the gym today. Barf. I mean, I did it with dumbbells and to a box, so no Fran lung for me. But for everyone else…

But hey, today is the day we decide to get back on track. It’s so easy for our bodies to get used to eating crap. It only takes a couple of days to reignite our brains to want more and more sugar. BUT NOW we have the power to just as easily say, NOPE. I’m not going to eat any more pumpkin pie. Or TJ’s Jingle Jangle. Or eggnog. I had my weekend, and I’m going to stick to my plan so I can crush my goals. 

HOWEVER, this post today isn’t supposed to be about that. Today is all about MOVING. Maybe you’ve been sick, or tired, or you had too much to eat, or you’re injured, or you’re busy, or you’ve had friends or family in town, or….you’ve just said no to the gym or moving in general. I’m not judging. Things happen. 

But I want to challenge you to find a way to MOVE. Do something. Anything. Even if it’s for 5 minutes in your living room while your 6 month old takes a nap. I promise, you will feel better. Moving – aka using your body the way it was intended –  has the potential to make you feel both mentally and physically stronger. 

Here is what moving has meant for me over the past almost 8 weeks: Praise the LORD I was able to move around a little bit and get out of my house 3 days after I had surgery. Now, I had a cast on, and I was on crutches, and I couldn’t do much. BUT, I was able to do something. I did ALL the tabatas with just my arms on that bike. I did all the v ups, and strict pullups, and pushups, and I can’t even remember what else. Then, 2 weeks later, doc was like, “Cool, everything looks great. You’re going to walk out of here today.” And I was like, “Nah, doc. There’s no way I can do that.” But they gave me the biggest air cast/space boot combo you’ve ever seen, and I was able to start MOVING that ankle some…. even do a little bit of slllooooowwwww squats to a box that wouldn’t let met get below parallel. But I could do something. He also said I could ride a bike. SO, I’ve been riding that bike with both legs and both arms. Pretty cool. Well, two Wednesdays ago, just 6 weeks after surgery, I went to see the doc again. He said he was very impressed with how my ankle looked and how I could almost knock his hand down down with my injured foot. So, he was like “Ok, cool. It’s time to start Physical Therapy. You can go to PT 2-3 times a week, AND you can do PT on your own 2-3 times a day.” He also said I could start doing movements like squatting (low weight to a box at first), deadlifting, and pressing (basically anything that doesn’t involve me jumping or having to drive off my heel to generate power). So, I’ve been moving. And because I’ve been MOVING, the range of motion in my ankle is getting better and better. I can feel it, and the more I move it, the better it feels. <<All of this has been a 180 difference from last time I had this surgery 3 years ago, when I wasn’t allowed to even walk for almost 3 months and my leg shrunk and forgot how to even work at all >>.

I’m not sure if you’re even still listening (reading) but if you are, cool. Thanks for that. 

Here’s what this means for you and me. 

Wherever you’re at in life, you can do something. If you’re going through a funk right now, or if you’re injured, or if you have some limitation, or if you’re short on time, I challenge you to find something to do to stay active. Stay moving. And if you don’t feel better after it, please message me and let me know. If you’re reading this, you were created with some capacity to do something. Maybe you can’t walk, but you can still use your arms. Maybe you just had shoulder surgery. You can still walk. I was able to watch my friend, Stephanie(just had shoulder surgery a little over a month ago) ride a bike with no arms and squat using a safety bar this past weekend. She did what she could, and because she was moving (aka doing what her body was made to do despite her limitation) I bet she felt better. 

Moving helps. Moving shouldn’t be taken for granted. And moving will get you to where you want to be – physically and mentally – if you do it to the best of your current abilities. 

If you need any further convincing, read this article about a lady named Theresa, who has mitochondrial disease, suffered a bad stroke, and who has used CrossFit to start moving and change her perspective from what she couldn’t do —-> to what her body could do.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Listen to all the Christmas music. Make your house smell like Christmas trees, eat some good food, workout with some friends, andddddddd just keep moving!