Happy Turkey Day Week! 

Hope your week is off to a fab-u-lous start. Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK, so that gives you something to look forward to! Ya know, good food, good people, good times. With Thanksgiving comes a lot of things, and one could mean a shorter work week for you, so hopefully you have all kinds of fun things planned. Are you going Black Friday shopping? I can’t get out there with all the crazies. BUT I’m all about a good deal for some Christmas presents. PTL for online shopping. 

Hopefully in the midst of all the fun things you have planned, you’ll get some fitness in. No excuses. Shoutout to my friend, Blake, for coming back to the gym today at noon class. Blake took the workout slow, like me, and did his thrusters with dumbbells, and to a box. Blake is trying to watch his back, and I unfortunately cannot squat for awhile without any assistance….. but ya know what? We still got a workout in – the same workout as everyone else. Bam. There ya go. 

I know I already said this, but I GOT DA BOOT OFF. The doc said he’s really happy with how everything is healing so far…especially only being six weeks out of surgery. I’m just really happy about it because last time I went through this, it took forever to walk. Now I can walk and start squatting (with assistance), pressing, deadlifting, and all the gymnasty stuff I want, as long as it doesn’t hurt. He said that if everything keeps going to plan, I’ll be able to start jumping in 6 more weeks. This means lifting too, which will be so much fun. I start PT tomorrow, so I’m really looking forward to that. Ok, well there’s that. 

Before we hop into Thanksgiving, let’s talk a little about being thankful. Seems appropriate. Even for those people who don’t like to get all into their feelings and express how thankful they are on the regular, this time of year has the potential to bring out a posture of gratitude, if you will. And I don’t want you or I to miss out in that. Some of us have even grown up with traditions with friends and family where you go around and tell everyone what you’re thankful for. It’s cool to talk about. 

I’m all about this because no matter where we are at in life, there is always something to be thankful for.. .Some times may be easier than other times to find and/or express gratitude. Some days life throws us curveballs, some weeks are long and draining, and sometimes even an entire year can feel sucky. 

BUT there is always something (small or big) to be thankful for. And when we express it (out loud, in writing, or even just in our head) it can change our perspective and our attitude. 

I know this has nothing to do with fitness, but I challenge you this week to write down three different things or people you are thankful for. Each day has to be 3 NEW things. So, you can’t say the same things over and over again. You can do this at the end of the day, or first thing, and I encourage you to write it down, and share it with other people if the opportunity comes up. 

I’ll be doing it first thing because it gets my mind right in the morning, and it’s a good way to start the day. 

For example, yesterday I said I was thankful for (1) intentional time with Daniel (over biscuits and Trader Joe’s shopping) before he left for Mississippi for a few days (2) The ability and the cash money to buy groceries (3) A productive Sunday. 

See, ya know.. nothing too crazy. Pretty simple. But it helps me focus on the good things in life, despite what I don’t have and where I’m not in life. 

You should try it this week, and if you feel good about it, and you’re feelin’ a little crazy, do it for the rest of the year too. 

Now, let’s talk about Thanksgiving. To me, Thanksgiving is all about FEASTING – not just on good food, but also in relationships, and in the good things in life – aka acknowledging all the good things around us. 

For some of us, even thinking about Thanksgiving brings on so much anxiety and fear. And this isn’t just because we know that the awkward family conversations are coming. Some of us stress over food. We worry leading up to the day about ALLLLLL we could potentially eat. And then while we are supposed to be enjoying time with the people around us, we stress over what we are eating. And then we do the same thing on Friday, because let’s be real, turkey, mac n cheese, stuffing, and mashed taters leftovers are one of the best things about Thanksgiving.

Maybe you’re doing a really great job eating good foods on the daily. You have goals. You’ve made a lot of progress, BUT you JUST KNOW this Thanksgiving day is going to ruin all of it. <<OMG>>> Well, for starters, one day isn’t going to ruin everything. Life isn’t coming to an end. And second, you can have a PLAN now (based around your goals) so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving AND not deprive yourself all at the same time. 

Basically, you can have your cake AND eat it too…. literally.

Food should never hold control over our lives, so why treat the holidays any different?

I want all of us to enjoy Thanksgiving for what it is, so here are some quick little tips to keep in mind this week. 

  • Remember what Thanksgiving is all about: Pilgrims and Indians unite. Yeah, it’s about harvesting and feasting, but it’s also about way more than that. It’s about slowing down, reflecting, being thankful, showing that gratitude, and uniting with people we love, despite our differences. 
  • Make it about the people you’re with: Instead of making it about you vs food, make it about the people around you. That could be your family of 20, or a few friends, or anything in between.  Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE SOME GOOD FOOD! I love to eat. A lot. But having a mindset focused on other people and not just on “HOW MUCH FOOD CAN I EAT OMG” will help you to not feel defeated by food. So, stay focused on the JOY that comes from conversing with the people you love, instead of focusing on the joy that comes from the pumpkin pie. 
  • Have a game plan: Don’t stress out or anything, but if you’re trying to be good and not overdo it on the eating or drinking, have a game plan on the front end. Go ahead and promise yourself that after one plate, if you’re full, you’ll peace out. If you plan on going all in, that’s cool too. 
  • Give yourself some grace: If you’re like me, you thrive off of veggies, lean meat, and everything that makes your body feel great. BUT, if you’re also like me, you know how to treat yourself too. I mean, Thanksgiving only comes one time a year. Have a plan. Stick with it. But give yourself some grace too. And know that if you did eat more than you wanted to, it’s not the end of the world. Be nice to yourself. 
  • Stay active: Before you start cooking, go move! Several years I’ve done a 5K. Other times, I’ve just gone for a run on my own. I wont be doing that this year, but if there’s time, I’ll probably talk Daniel into riding the assault bike with me or something for fun. If your gym happens to be open, take advantage of that. Start a new tradition. My family was never like this, but I’ve always wanted to play football on thanksgiving. Tackle and everything. That would be a great workout. Go for a walk. Moving helps!
  • Drink a lot of water: Water is the best thing for your body. Don’t get too consumed with food and festive drinks hat you forget to drink water. Water also helps you to feel more full, which will help you to not eat more than your body can take. 

Hopefully these tips help. They help me. Life is too short to deprive yourself. But life is also too short to feel anxious and or miserable thinking about food leading up to Thanksgiving. 

Heres to enjoying time with your friends and family this weekend!