What is up? Hopefully your Monday is off to a great start. And hopefully you are nice and recovered from your weekend. Saturday was a pretty exciting day for some football, so we did a lot of that, mixed with some tacos. Unfortunately it was a rough day to be a Dawg, but that’s ok. There are other things to be happy about. 

I finally won an online giveaway this past week, and it was a good one to win! Juli, from PaleOMG collaborated with Four Athletics and designed a pair of leggings. They’re really cute. So, when Girls Gone WOD did a giveaway last week, I tagged so many people! Sooooo if I tagged you then thanks for letting me do that because I WON!

I also fell on my head trying to do 50 lb alternating dumbbell snatches from a bench. Thanks to some encouragement from my friends, I posted the video, and it went viral. I feel so famous. Friday was an exciting day, for sure! Some people may question WTH I was doing those DB snatches from a bench. And that’s ok. It wasn’t my smartest move. But you try going from lifting all the weight to having a boot on your foot. You have do do something to feel like you can generate some sort of power. And that did the trick, so I feel great about it. 

So…How’s your motivation been lately? Because I know for me, it’s easy for it to go hiding, or even MIA during this time of year. Just being real. I mean, I fight through it. But it’s a little bit more difficult to stay all unicorns and rainbows if I can be honest with you. And this IS “Monday Motivation” so let’s talk about it. 

First of all, I get it. It’s cold. And for many people, the sun has checked out by the time you leave work, which makes you just want to go home, get under your blanket, eat some mac n cheese, drink a glass of wine, watch an episode of The Office, and tap out for the night. 

Did you know that there is a legit thing called “seasonal affective disorder?” – or SAD for short. In fact, I read the other day that it affects 20% of Americans annually. GUYS, that’s a lot. And it’s a real thing, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For most people, it occurs during the winter months – right after Daylight Savings Time happens, and the days get shorter, and the sun goes down way before we are ready. Therefore, it’s sometimes referred to as “The Winter Blues.” 

Many of us are currently battling some sort of mental illness, or we have at least been affected by it at some point in our lives, so I want to be sensitive to that. 

For many of us, including myself, the weather plays a part in how we are feeing emotionally, how motivated we are, and the amount of energy we feel. These feelings still need to be taken seriously as well. 

For me, I dread the cold. I am 100% a summer girl. The hotter, the better. The more I can sweat, the better I feel. I prefer wearing birks, shorts, tanks, crop tops, dresses, and no sleeves over boots, leggings, and sweaters. I prefer smoothies (and ice cream YOLO) over pumpkin spice lattes – or any warm drink for that matter. There’s a running joke that I don’t wear shirts with sleeves. AND that is 100% accurate. But Winter months make this a challenge for sure. 

In case you can’t tell, All things SUNSHINE and BEING OUTSIDE make me happy. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have a lot to be happy about, and feelings of happiness or sadness shouldn’t be dictated by the weather and sunshine, or lack there of. And here’s the deal. I don’t want to bring unwanted attention to this topic, or have a big sulk party. That’s not my style.

But I do want to acknowledge that it is something that I struggle with – along with many other people out there. And it does have the potential to steal our motivation to do anything productive —but only if we let it. 

SO….let’s talk about some ways to battle through that feeling we get this time of year. For all purposes of this blog – I’m going to talk about it in regards to fitness and health. But most of these can be applied to your job, hanging out with your family, and even just taking care of everyday tasks.

How we can take action to fight these so called “Winter Blues?”:

  • Have a plan. Let’s say you leave your office at 5:15 pm. That gives you exactly 15 minutes to get to the gym, if you plan on being there at 5:30 pm (maybe to take a class or meet some friends on the elliptical). But it’s almost dark outside. Your body is like “nahh, your bed will feel better.” It’s easy to listen to that voice. BUT, if you PLAN AHEAD NOW, and PREPARE yourself for this, you’ll be more successful in fighting those feelings. 
  • Set some goals. If you have something to chase, it will help you to stay motivated, and not skip out on the gym. If you don’t have any fitness or health goals, you’ll be more wiling to ditch the gym, because what’s the point? Write those goals down. 
  • Change up your routine. Maybe you’re a runner, and it’s too cold and dark to run. I don’t blame you. Maybe it’s time for you to get a gym membership. Be willing to invest in something new. This could also look like changing up the time you workout at. Say you are used to going to the gym when you get off work, but now it’s too cold, dark, and you’re too tired from work. Also, you know holiday PAR-TAYS are coming up which will also detour you from hitting up the gym. Maybe it’s time for you to wake up an extra hour earlier, head to the gym, and sweat before work. This may help your day get started off stronger, and it leaves margin for what is to come in the afternoon. 
  • Community! I love this one because there is power in the relationships around you. This 100% goes for the gym too. Do you have people to workout and sweat with? I’ve experienced both sides of this (as in working out solo and with other people) and I know that when I’m not motivated, working out with people around me keeps me in it. These people don’t have to be your BFFL either (although that does help:) BUT, just knowing that there are people around you pushing through the same workout as you helps you to stay committed. 
  • Talk to someone! This kinda spins off of the whole community thing…Maybe you need to voice your feelings to someone you trust, so they can check on you, love you through your feelings, hold you accountable.
  • Make sure your diet is still in check. This gets overlooked during this time of the year. We exchange shorts, crop tops, and tank tops for sweat pants, hoodies, and baggy clothes. And tis the season for treats, and I’m not downing that. You have to live a little every now and then. BUT just know that what you are eating plays a huge part in how you are feeling. Eat crappy —> Feel crappy (both physically and in mindset). 
  • JUST MOVE 🙂 Do something! Even if it’s at your house before work while your kids eat breakfast. Moving and/or sweating —>Release of endorphins in your brain (which is always a good thing) 
  • Vitamin D supplementation: You can go to Target, or Walgreens, or CVS, or wherever, and buy a Vitamin D supplement. It’s a pill you can take daily. I take one every night with my fish oil. I first started taking it early last Spring when my doc told me it could help with joint and bone health. But since then, I’ve learned that it can also help to enhance your mood. 

***And last, but certainly not least… don’t be scared to seek professional help. For real. That could be what you need, and only you can decide that. I’m not a doctor. I’m just here to form a conversation about some ways in which we can battle the Winter blues together, stay on track, crush some goals, and love the life we get to live, despite the weather or season. 

I hope all of this helps! I’m sure the topic of staying motivated – especially during the Holiday season –  will continue to get brought up in the coming weeks 🙂 Have a great week, and remember that no matter what, you can still make the choice to move and stay active. It may not look the same as other people, but if you give your best (no matter what your current circumstances may be) you’ll see results. 


Here are some workouts I did over the past week – mostly with one leg (if anyone is interested)

Most of these are modifications of class workouts we did at CFEC. I’m so thankful that I’m able to do somewhat of the same workout as everyone else – even if it looks a little different. Since Saturday was Veteran’s Day, we did variations of Hero WODS all week.

Monday, November 6, 2017


10 Rounds For Time

(150m Row) – did that instead of the 100 meter run. 

7 Chest to Bar Pull ups

7 Thrusters 95/65 (push press from knees on mat)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


10 RFT

3 Handstand Push ups (strict)

6 Deadlifts (controlled and slow RDL with 53 lb KB)

12 Calorie Row (one leg)

8 burpees to mat – I did this instead of the 24 double unders

C) Accessory: deadbugs + superman reverse reaches

Wednesday, November 8, 2017



8 Muscle ups

22 Yard Farmer Carry 50/35  – subbed with 10 double hand Turkish Getup Situps with 26 lb KB/hand

Thursday, November 9, 2017

EMOM x 6 (every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes)

3 Strict Press – climbing

EMOM x 6

3 HSPU from box – big deficit – climbing

B) “Jorge-ish”

For Time

30 (knees to elbows)

15 (dumbbell cleans 40 lb/each)

15 burpees

24 (knees to elbows)

12 (dumbbell cleans 40 lb/each)

12 burpees

18 (knees to elbows)

9 (dumbbell cleans 40 lb/each)

9 burpees

12 (knees to elbows)

6 (dumbbell cleans 40 lb/each)

6 burpees

6 (knees to elbows)

3 (dumbbell cleans 40 lb/each)

3 burpees

C) Every 90 sec for 12 min: 1 legless rope climb – No kick, and control on way up and down


D) 4 rounds: assault bike (I’m able to use both legs on a bike— just no sprinting)

90 sec at 57+

45 @ 63+

30 @ 73+

work/rest 1:1

Friday, November 10, 2017

A) 100 dB snatch for time – 50 lb dumbbell – maybe you saw my video?

B) Every 2 min for 10 min – 5 sets

5 bench press at 75% (145 lb)

C) “Hansen-ish”


30 Alternating KB Snatch 53/35 – 15 each arm (from one leg on bench)

30 Burpees ( to a mat)

30 GHDSU (I miss GHDSU, but I did these banded situps, and they are pretty spicy)

D) Accessory work: leg press on reverse hyper 3×25/leg + 4×10 light dumbbell upright row into press

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Accessory work:

Crossover symmetry then… 5 rounds

Barbell rollouts x 12

Banded squat walk

Lunge with press x 10/side

Deadbugs x 8

Superman w/ alt reach x 10

B) EMOM As Long As Possible

1 strict pullup + 1 bench press (95 lb)

*add a rep of both every minute

*finished set of 10’s, but failed in set of 9.

C) Emom x 30 (6 rounds)

1: 1-3 C2b + 1-3 Bar Muscle Up (trying to figure out how to kip….should prob just wait until I get my boot off)

2: 20 UB wallballs from kneeling on mat

3: 6 DBALL cleans from kneeling on mat

4: 10 push press from knees on mat (85 lb)

5: rest