Happy Monday! 

Event + Reaction = Outcome



I totally stole that equation up there ^^^ Truth is, I love all things illustrations, acronyms, acrostics, haikus, equations, etc that help me remember important concepts, facts, and/or opinions. I heard this E+R=O one awhile back, and it popped into my head the other day. So, just to be truthful with you, I had to google who said it, annndddddd I’m still unsure of where it originally came from. I guessed John Wooden, but turns out, I was wrong. BUT word on the street is that Urban Meyer uses it a lot with his players. Don’t tell Daniel that I’m talking about Urban on here. He’s out of town, so he probably won’t read this anyway. He says he’s not a fan. But truth is… he used to love Urban. Back in the Tebow days of Florida, when we were dating (Dating Daniel, not Tim Tebow). I remember how bummed he was when Urban said he was going to retire – the first time. Poor Dan. Urban stayed for one more year, but he left for “a break,” aka Ohio shortly later, and the poor Gators haven’t been the same since. But that’s besides the point. 

We’re all going to face “bumps in the road” at some point…or everyday for that matter. Some of those “bumps” look more like Grand Canyons —>Those usually set us back majorly, or even make us go a totally different route than we had in mind. But some of those “bumps” are thankfully just minor little speed bumps, if you will—-> Those just make us slow down a little bit, but they don’t hinder us too much from getting where we want to go. 

But what they both have in common is that they both have a reaction.

The event happened. It can’t be undone. No matter how much we are used to getting our way, and no matter how much we complain about it, it can’t be undone. 

Our reaction, on the other hand, can be controlled. Our reaction is what affects the outcome, or the end result. 

I’m not only referring to BIG DEALS or CATASTROPHIC EVENTS here. You and I are given hundreds of opportunities to respond each and every week. It can be something as simple as responding to your kid who is sick again. Or, it can be something as catastrophic as getting the worst health news imaginable. <<<You’re the only one who can determine the severity of the circumstance thrown at you FYI>>>We handle some of these “events” like pros. While some, we royally mess up the response. 

Just like anything else, we have to work at it. It takes training and practice. 

For me, it’s all about perspective. I won’t bore you with ALL the details again. But 3 weeks ago, I legitimately thought I would go to this new, awesome orthopedic surgeon, who would recommend some physical therapy for me to do to get my ankle stronger. I really didn’t think he would tell me I needed to get surgery based on just looking at it. 

I could be salty, or even angry, because I’ve already been through this same surgery once before, and from the looks of it, it could have been prevented. But that wouldn’t get me anywhere. I’m not perfect, and I suck at crutches FYI, BUT I can honestly say that I’m seeing it as an opportunity for growth. To me, this “bump” is more like a “speed bump,” and not a mountain. It’s going to slow me down (6 months to be exact), and it’s already redirected me. BUT it’s not stopping me, by any means. My only regret is not getting it checked on sooner. It could be a lot worse. 

But enough about me, and back to smarter people, like Urban Meyer.

So, there’s this guy named Darrin Donnelly, who has this blog about mindet and sports performance. He also happens to be an author. He broke down the six “R Factor” disciplines that Meyer teaches his players regarding the whole E+R=O equation. He also references it in his book, “Above the Line.” I’ve personally never read this book, so I’m only assuming that this Darrin guy knows what he’s talking about. 

Either way, it was pretty helpful to me, so I figured I’d share it with you. Here’s the link. 

Response 1: Press Pause. 

Response 2: Get Your Mind Right. 

Response 3: Step Up. 

Response 4: Adjust and Adapt. 

Response 5: Make a Difference.

Response 6: Build Skill. 

Also, just a side note. Over the past 3 years, I’ve had so many people reach out to me and ask about modified workouts to do with one leg. I regret not tracking my workouts last time I was in this same position. So, this time, I’m going to track them, and keep them on here, so I can reference them, and so other people can too. That way, hopefully you won’t have to do what I did over the weekend and stalk people you know of on instagram who have injured themselves in the past several years.

***But, just a heads up.. if you are ever unsure of what to do while you’re injured, yet you take CrossFit classes, you can’t ever go wrong by just doing the workout that is already programed for class. That’s what makes CrossFit so great! Anyone can do it. Also, I know from personal experience that you’ll eventually get sad if you watch everyone else workout together, yet you’re over in the corner doing your own thing. Ask a coach, because I’m sure they would love to help you 🙂 

For example, today, Nick programed FRAN. (God Bless everyone who did that today) and I did the same rep scheme (21-15-9) with seated strict presses (I used 25 dumbbells in each hand) and I did a difficult variation of a ring row, instead of pullups. There ya go. Fran. It sounds too easy, and while it didn’t leave me on the ground with my lungs on fire, it took me almost twice the amount of time to do it than the normal workout. But still, not bad for 4 days out of surgery and just off pain killers. Whatevs.

Have a great week!!!!