HaPpY mOnDaY! I hope you had a great weekend, and that you’re having an even better Monday – despite the downpours we’ve had today. That weather will definitely make you want to sleep in and be lazy if you let it. But you’re better than that, so I know you got your week off to a great start. 

Thank you to everyone for the birthday shoutouts, wishes, good vibez, etc. etc. That means so much to me. I have some pretty great people in my life, so thank you to everyone who played a part in making me feel special – complete with tacos, big 3 – 0 balloons, cupcakes, margaritas, homemade cards, painted pumpkins, gummy bears, sweet potato cake, cookie cake, halo top ice cream, succulents, popcorn, pinatas, nice things said, and lots of other stuff….

I’ve been a little weirded out about turning 30. To me, 30 has always meant getting old. Like, now I can’t get mad at teenage boys for saying “yes ma’am” to me. 30 means probably now being too old to shop at Forever 21 as of now. It means that I should probably care more about my physical appearance, which means no more cat lady bun and chipped nails from barbells. It means babies (not pregnant). And all of those things scare me a little bit. BUT if my 30’s will be anything like the past week, I’d say I’ll be just fine. 

My doctor even cleared me to WALK on my birthday. No gift could compare with that. Even the assault bike Daniel bought me (and him). It was only two weeks of crutches and a cast, which is waayyy shorter than the 8 weeks I had to wait last time I had this surgery. But two weeks still gave me enough of a taste to be thankful for the ability to walk…and the freedom to take showers. Walking isn’t perfect. And this boot I have to wear could probably get me to outer space if I allowed it to. Doc said I get to start physical therapy in 4 weeks, so I’m already counting down to that. And then from there, he said it will be a process to get explosive movements back. So, I have to be patient.

BUT I am thankful to be able to move. I can do SO much. I’m able to ride the bike (even with my legs) and swim. Although swimming the other day turned into just trying to walk in the water, which was pretty cool to be able to do that. I’m able to row with one leg. And he said that I can really do any gymnasty movements I want – like pullups and strict handstand pushups. 

But the main thing I’m struggling with (and this is just me being real) is I want to do MORE. I’m such a whiner. Here I am…on Wednesday…I was the happiest girl in the world because he took off my cast, gave me the OK to walk, and told me all I am able to do. BUT after the high of that wore off, I’ve found myself wanting to do more. The workout today had 100 thrusters in it. I would love to do a thruster. I like thrusters. I used the same prescribed 65 lb weight as a lot of people, but my thrusters were more like push presses on my knees, which just…ya know…

BUT at the same time, I was able to ride the bike this morning – with my arms AND legs…which I couldn’t do a week ago. 

So, the problem I’m getting at with all of this is that I am focusing on what I can’t do, instead of what I can do. 

I probably sound really silly to some people reading this, but I think everyone can relate to this to some degree. 

Maybe you have your own injury right now that is preventing you from doing what you want to be doing. BUT, as long as it’s safe and your doc is cool with you doing something just to move, do it! Or maybe you are pregnant, or just had a baby, and you have NO energy to do any sort of workout besides go for a 15 minute walk. Do it. That’s better than nothing. And being able to move is a game changer. Or maybe you keep traveling for work and you’re away from your gym. You can still get up and get a workout in at the hotel. It may not be what you want to do, but it’s something. 

Or let’s talk about comparison… maybe you’re thrilled with what you have or what you can do, but then you look around and you see your friends with something you want, or something you would like to be able to do. You take your eyes off of YOU and put the focus on someone else. And then, you go from being proud of what you can do to feeling down because you don’t match up. 

Three things to keep in mind, and then I’ll let ya go. 

Be patient. <<Good things take time>>. 

Be thankful. <<Focus on what you have, not on what you have not>>.

Do something. <<Your “something” will look different than others’, based on where you’re at right now. One way to work for what you don’t have is to start somewhere, and that means doing something instead of feeling sorry for yourself doing nothing>>.


That’s it! 🙂 Have a good week!

Here are some workouts I did over the past week. Thankfully, I was able to do some variation of the class workout Monday – Friday 🙂 As always, if you have questions, let me have ’em



Monday, October 16, 2017

A) For Time:

21 seated strict press DB (30#/hand)

21 ring rows (feet propped on block – parallel to ground)

42 wallball situps

Rest 2 min

15 seated strict press DB (35#/hand)

15 ring rows

30 wallball situps

Rest 1 min

9 seated strict press DB (40#/hand)

9 ring rows

18 wallball situps

B) 12 x 150 m on row (rest 15 sec between rounds)

C) core/accessory: 4 rounds 10 hollow rocks + 10 v ups


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A) Emom x 16 (every minute on the minute, for 16 minutes…)

Odd: 7 cal row + 10 v ups

Even: 10 KB single leg RDL’s  + 7-10 HSPU off box (45 lb plate deficit)

B) EMOM x 16: 1 rope climb (approx 6 feet – control on way up AND down and try to keep legs straight in L sit)

C) core/acceseory: 20 reps of legs over dumbbells(lift legs from L to R over dumbbell) + 24 reps of windshield wipers w/ dumbbell locked out over face + ME hollow hold + 20 sec prone (superman) hold on ground


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A) Bench Press: 4xME at 95 lb 23, 23, 23, 21

B) EMOMx 16 – 1 strict MU from low rings –  L sit

C) 4 rounds –

Bike tabata arms only (8 rounds of 20 sec on/10 sec off)

15 sec hollow hold + 10 hollow rocks

10 dynamic pushups with 25 lb plate

5 hoglines from seated position

15 ab rollers

Thursday, October 19 **First day with boot and walking

A) Every 90 sec for 8 sets – 2 dumbbell clean and jerks from kneeling position (hips involved) – feet hanging off stacked up mat 

B) For time:

BIKE: 30 cal bike, 24 cal bike, 18 cal bike, 12 cal bike, 6 cal bike

Clean and Jerks with dumbbells: 15 C&J, 12, 9, 6, 3 (40 lb/each hand for every set)

C) 5 rounds

12 squats to 16 inch box (only to work on hips not favoring one side in my squat AND because doc said I could do body weight squats to a box

10 burpees to 16 inch box (basically do a pushup on box and walk feet to box)

8 toes to rings (strict)

Friday, October 20

A) Bike between classes – started an aerobic capacity piece but then decided to talk to Jackie instead.

B) Triple Shot:

0- 10:00 every 2 min: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 bench press (climb in weight)

12:00 – 18:00: 6 min AMRAP

10 alt DB snatch 35 lb

6 burpees to low mat (pushup to mat and walk feet out and back up)

22:00 – 30:00

3 rounds of:

2 min AMRAP

12 power snatch ( I did hang snatch at 35 lb from kneeling position on mat)

6 KBS (35 lb)

3 ring dips

Rest 1 min


Saturday, October 21



25 wallballs

15 cal row

8 Strict HSPU

2 legless rope climbs to rig (6 feet – start on ground in L sit and control way up & down)

Rest 1 min between rounds. 

B) EMOM x 8

Odd: 8 strict hspu

Even: 1 legless rope climb