First of all, the title is a little dramatic, I know. I’m not in any pain. FYI. But reality is a little different now that I can’t fully do what I want to do pertaining to coaching, training, and really all things fitness. But this is temporary, and ultimately, it’s not that bad. And I have to remind myself that I chose to have this surgery now. My doc said I needed it because the issue with my right side was just going to get worse, as I had already seen, BUT ultimately, I could have put it off to another time. 

But for some, the pain you are going through is so real and not ideal at all, and it’s hard to want to get back up. For some people, this can be a temporary injury. For others, it can be a sickness that feels crippling, or a disability that most likely isn’t going to leave. For others, it can be something not even related to fitness at all. 

And that sucks. <——I know you’re not supposed to say that a situation “sucks”, but let’s just be real humans. 

However, I really do believe that good can come from anything you or I are facing right now. And when I say this, I don’t mean that you’ll just survive. But I really believe that you’ll thrive (cliche, I know) –  but only if you allow that to happen. I say this despite the little bit of complaining I’ve found myself doing over the past couple of weeks. 

So, keep your head up, and take advantage of whatever point of time, and/or circumstance you are facing right now. Try not to feel sorry for yourself. And when you do feel sorry for yourself, fight that by doing what you can do. That’s where the GAINZ come from. And I’m not just talking about gainz in the gym. 

For me, this looked like spending a few hours in Greenville yesterday with Daniel. By Friday afternoon, I felt drained and a little down, just being real with you. The workouts Nick programed last week were my fav, and I hated not being able to do them. Coaching was harder than I thought it would be. It’s hard to get hype when you’re on crutches. Duh. 

So, Saturday afternoon, all I wanted to do was sit on my couch and watch some football, and have ONE gin and gingerale (which actually turned into a gin and lacroix, and the natural mango flava flav was horrible FYI). BUT, by Sunday, I wanted to get out and do something. I probably walked a little far with the crutches, and my armpits hate me today. BUT, the weather was beautiful, we ate some good food, and I didn’t feel bitter or feel bad for myself at all. 

And here’s the thing: Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that. And because of my faith, I believe that God can redeem anything that is/was lost (even something small like ankle surgery). I believe that there is a God who will make it right, and it may not look the way we envisioned, but ultimately, everything has to work out for good. And the last time I went through this, I can confidently say that He did give back (immeasurably more) for what I couldn’t do for a short amount of time. I’ve had some AMAZING, KICK BUTT experiences that I will never, ever take for granted – including getting to coach people now AND getting to compete at a high level every now and then. 

I know not everyone that reads this believes what I believe, but even if you don’t, I hope you’ll believe that GOOD can still come from whatever you’re going through right now. 

So, don’t let your circumstances hold you back from doing what you can do right now. Because everyone can do something. 


And with that, here are some things I did to workout over the past week. I’d be lying if I said that I was happy with it. I feel like I’d give anything to have that feeling after a workout where you just lay there because you feel like a little bit of your soul just left your body. BUT, something is better than nothing, right. AND soon I’ll be able to ditch the crutches, get a little bit of dorsiflexion, and put some weight on my right foot, and actually feel like I’m training again, as opposed to just moving. 

I’m mostly posting these to show that in CrossFit, you can always do some variation of the class workout that is programed for you – no matter what your limitation is. I did a variation of the class workout at CFEC every day this past week, with the exception of Saturday, which was a partner workout.

As always, plleeeeeeeaasssee (<—- me begging) let me know if you have any questions. I just copied this from where I keep track of my workouts on my phone, and I tried to change the wording to what most people could hopefully understand. But, I’m sure that some of it doesn’t make sense. So, ask away!)


Monday, October 9, 2017

A) Bench Press (“Benchtober” for me, as opposed to “Squatober” – however, the volume is so low, that it leaves a lot in the tank for the next day, and the next, and the next, etc. Man, I miss squatting. 

B) 4×10 chin ups -unweighted

C) “Fran” 21-15-9

Seated on floor dumbbell (25#/arm) strict press + Ring Rows

D) Bike 10 min – seated & arms only – RPM at 40-42. Apparently it’s harder to get the RPM’s up seated and arms only, as opposed to standing and arms only. 

E) Core: 3 rounds (25 abmat situps + 30 russian twists (20#medball) + 1 min pillar

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A) Bench Press

B) EMOM x 10 : 6 muscle snatches from seated position (35lb bar) + 35# DB hold overhead (alternate between L and R arms…so no rest at all)

C) 13 min AMRAP

55 Deadlifts (more like RDL – single leg, injured leg propped on bench with 53 lb KB)

55 HSPU off box – no deficit

55 cal row with left leg (right leg held on it’s own, so basically an L sit)

55 hanging knee raises (strict) –

—> I think I had like 3 reps of HKR left at 13 min mark, so I went ahead and just finished. PS rowing is waaaaay harder with one leg, and nothing to prop your injured leg up on. But it’s even harder after single leg deadlifts

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A) Bench Press – death by 5 reps (add 5 reps every minute) 55 lb.

I got to 18/35 reps in min 7. 

B) Every 2 min for 20 min

Ski 200 m (sitting down) + 5 ring to chest pullups (I originally thought 8 was a good number, but these are so hard strict, that I could barely get 5 and get 15 sec of rest time 🙂

C) 5 rounds not for time (aka VITAMIN D time)

Bike 12 cal (arms only) + 10 side plank and reaches Left + Right + 15 V ups + 5 seated hoglines


40 sec on, 20 sec off Bike x 10 (arms only) RPM at 42

Thursday, October 10, 2017

A) Bench Press

B) Find a heavy DB clean and jerk from seated on bench 

C) EMOM x 18 (6 rounds)

Min 1: Bike 5 cal (arms)

Min 2: 8 KB clean and jerks from seated on bench (35 lb each) – try to go Unbroken/under 30 sec

Min 3: Rest

Friday, October 13, 2017

A) Bench Press

B) Accessory work: 21’s with 20 lb DB in each hand +Russian twists

C) Triple Shot: (30 min clock….but today was 28 min)

7 min AMRAP: Row 10 cal+ 10 DB snatch from seated position on bench (35 lb)

Rest 5 min

7 min AMRAP

10 DB snatch from seated position on bench (35 lb) + 5 strict pullups. Add 1 rep of pullups every round. So, round 2 is 10 snatches + 6 strict pullups.

Rest 5 minutes

Ring Dip Tabata (4 min/8 rounds of 20 sec on/10 sec rest)


Saturday, October 14, 2017

A) Bench press day 11

B) 5 rounds – just keep moving

4 Rope climbs from laying on ground to standing position. (Inspired by my friend, Jason Rutland from Wodapalooza Seated Adaptive Athlete qualifiers… those are hard. Try to keep hips elevated entire time)  

8 Rope pulls

12 Dynamic push ups

16 Single Leg Squats to bench (slow and steady 🙂

30 sec L sit

C) 4×15 Wallball Situps (just while I waited for people to finish their workouts during open gym

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Rest But crutching around Greenville should be noted as active recovery 🙂