Hope you punched Monday in the face today. If not, there’s always Tuesday. That’s pretty great, if you take time to think about it. If today didn’t go your way, you can try again tomorrow. I’m not sure what you prefer to call that, but I call it grace. Anyway, just throwing that out there.

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Ok, moving on to fitness and/or motivation. Do you ever feel like you just aren’t good enough at whatever it is you’re doing? Last week I had one of those weeks. Like big time. Just all around failure. Not just at working out. But as a wife. As a coach. As a friend. As a daughter. Really just an all around sucky human. And it was like I couldn’t get out of that funk…almost like I enjoyed that feeling.

Good news is, I’m out of that funk, and I’m learning more about what it means to embrace failure. <—–I really am always learning about this.

Here’s the thing: you could easily just make yourself do what you’re good at. Same routine. Same job. Same everything. Smooth sailing. No problems.

When it comes to working out, last year at this time (and pretty much all the time before that, leading up to the past 6 months), that’s what I was doing. If I couldn’t snatch a certain amount…eh, no problem. I never thought I’d be able to get a kipping ring muscle up, and I was starting to be ok with that. Butterfly pullups…I just figured I would kip my whole life. I’ve got a lot more examples, but I won’t bore you with that. I’m not saying anything is necessarily wrong with being content. Sometimes, if something is just workin’ for ya, keep on keepin’ on. It just depends on what your goals are.

The point of me telling you this, is just to say that I used to always take the easy way out. Yeah, I tried to give it my all. But I didn’t set goals, and I mostly only worked on what I was good at. And 9 times out of 10, I’d walk out of the gym feeling pretty good about myself.

But things are different now. I set goals. And I’m watching myself even meet some of those goals, which is awesome! But I have this weird thing where I see other people on instagram or snapchat or facebook, or whatever, and they’re better than me. I feel like I’m just trying to keep up, but I can’t because I’m just not there yet.

Many time, I feel defeated after a workout. It’s not pretty. I’m really hard on myself. I expect more, and I know I’m capable of more.

But here’s where I’m having to give myself some grace: I get back up. Every dang time. I keep showing up. I make myself vulnerable by doing what I’m not good at.

And in the process…it’s making me better(little by little), it’s building my character, and last but not least, hopefully it’s inspiring other people.

Because the thing is, the cool things I’ve been able to be a part of…I kinda snuck my way into them… Like I barely qualified or made it. For example: Regionals- I got an invite not in the first round, and nope, not in the second round either, but in the THIRD round. Crush Games: I dunno how many PRO girls they accepted, but I was 15th or 16th on their leaderboard, which means I probably barely made my way in there. But the cool thing is, when you put yourself in situations that make you vulnerable, and if you keep getting up, despite failing over and over, and despite not matching up or feeling good enough, it changes you and it inspires others.

My friend(and mental coach- only because he’s a bully and knows how to get in my head) Shawn reminded me of all of this Saturday. I did 2 separate workouts that I know I should have done better at. I finished them, but I felt like a failure. One of them, I loved it…except for the 30 ring muscle ups at the end. I was beating myself up over it. Shawn basically told me to get it together. He said that I can inspire more people by getting back up after failure than to just walk in the gym and get it right the first time. Thanks Shawn. If you don’t have a friend like Shawn in your life, you’re missing out. He’s mean. And he gets in bad moods, but Daniel and I have always agreed, that every team needs a Shawn Hanna on it.

Inspiration comes from the fight – not in the perfection.

So, keep getting back up. Keep showing up. I’m not just talking about in the gym…but in whatever it is you do. If you’re comfortable, you’ve probably been there too long. Challenge yourself. Set goals. Fight for them, and then eventually crush them. That’s how you get better – in life.

So, that’s all I got for today. Shoutout to Colin for always giving me workouts that magnify my weaknesses and challenge me to get better. And thanks to CFEC for always helping me to get better. You can see all we do right here.