What’s up? Week 2 of college football has come and gone, and what a disappointing Saturday of games we had. Daniel was happy because his team (UF) won pretty big. But they played Kentucky…sooo……But I can’t say anything. Georgia almost lost to a team I’ve never heard of. Clemson had a close one. Carolina lost (poor Muschamp. I still love him). Georgia Southern won. But they always win, so nothing new there. When I went to GSU, they were terrible all 4 years I was there. Thanks, VanGorder for taking away the triple option. And then as soon as I left, they got good again. (I originally put “double option” here, and Daniel had to remind me it’s called the “triple option.” Just when I think I know a little bit…) 

Ok, no more football talk. WE HAD TOO MUCH FUN IN MEXICO! But more coming on that tomorrow. But for now, here’s a pretty pic of a Mexican beach (playa) sunrise from the morning we left. It was a little cloudy, but you can still see how pretty it was. 

Also, here is a small pic of what the food looked like. This was good and all, but the Mexican food was the best. But I don’t think I took a pic of that, and it prob wouldn’t have looked as pretty.

And we got to drink legit coconut water- straight out of a coconut every day. There were a lot of other ingredients in there – like gin, vodka, rum, and tequila all in one drink – but thankfully, the size of the coconut wasn’t that big, and we usually shared it. Except this day. 

But we had a lot of fun…laughed a lot..relaxed a lot….

Sriracha Teriyaki Crispy Chicken Wings

Disclaimer: This was made entirely by Daniel yesterday(Saturday). I didn’t even help. I was at the gym, trying to get motivated to workout while this all went down. So, I only have two pictures. He’s not a picture kind of guy. But he still did good. And I’m not a sriracha kind of girl, so I didn’t even try them. But he said they’re the best wings he’s ever made, so they’re worth your interest.


Makes 10 wings

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time 25 minutes


  • Chicken wings from your local market or grocery store. (These were nothin’ fancy). 10 wings total.

  • 1/2 cup coconut aminos sauce – This is where you get your teriyaki taste from. 

  •  1 tbsp sriracha sauce

  • 1 tsp. sesame seeds

  • 1 tsp pepper 

  • 1 tsp garlic salt


  • Preheat grill – low temp works.

  • Mix salt and pepper. Put to the side. 

  • Mix coconut aminos sauce with sriracha sauce and sesame seeds. Set to the side. 

  • Slap those wings on the grill. Rotate wings when halfway done cooking to make sure both sides get equal love. 

  • Once wings are done cooking, mix in coconut aminos/sriracha/sesamee seed sauce. Put wings back on grill. (Make sure wings are fully cooked before doing this…you don’t want any raw chicken in perfectly good sauce).

  • Put wings back on the grill – 1 minute each side. 

  • Remove wings from grill and repeat the covering in sauce process.

  • Turn ya grill up to HIGH, and put wings back on grill (last time, I promise) for 3 minutes. This will make your wings extra crispy. 

Notes: I’m just taking Dan’s word for it. I don’t like sriracha, or wings for that matter, and I was craving cauliflower yesterday from not having it for a week, so I didn’t even try them.