Happy Monday! If you’re feeing sluggish, like me, that’s lame. Snap out of it. I’ve felt dizzy all morning, so I think I need to reevaluate what I’m eating. For me, it’s a process to figure out how to fuel my body in the best possible way. I go through phases where I probably work out harder consistently, which makes me want all the food. Even when I’m eating great, some days I feel like I’m probably not eating enough. Some days I may overeat. Who knows? It reminds me that I don’t have this whole thing figured out. It’s a process. I’m mostly just trying to always make sure I’m eating enough — and all the right things… But I’m getting better about listening to my body and knowing when to feed it vs. when I’m just being dumb and wanting food just because.

Anyway, if you feel sluggish, make sure you’re hydrated. Check your sleep – obviously (unless you’re watching the Olympics…then I understand). Also, try to get a quick workout in – even if it’s not in a gym. Go for a walk, run, or try to get some pushups in. And as always, you’re going to feel like crap if you’re eating crap. So cut that ish out.

Let’s talk about the CFEC Countdown to Kickoff Week #1. Friday Night Lights is back…or at least for the next 4 weeks. We have over 100 people doing the competition. It’s the second time we’ve done this, and it’s a great way for our gym to come together, compete, and cheer each other on. It’s a lot like the Open…all over again!

Here was the workout:


I think a lot of people were initially bummed when they saw that this was the first workout. No scaled options for this one. Girls and guys all doing the same number of calories and burpees. And truth is, if I hadn’t done it 3 months ago when Colin made me, I probably secretly would have been a little scared too. Although I don’t mind the assault bike or burpees. In fact, I kinda like them.  


When you first glance at it, it’s easy to think “ahh, hell nah. I can’t even get out of the first round( 10 calories on the assault bike + 8 burpees in a minute) much less, be able to get multiple rounds of that, and keep increasing the number of burpees – all the way up to 18 burpees.”

It looks scary.. because it is 🙂

I thought this workout was perfect because everyone needs to have that feeling at least once- or every now and then. You know, the one where you’re pushing yourself so hard to be the best you can be – that you may pass out (in a good way). It’s mentally challenging.. I don’t care if you got stuck in that first minute in the first round, or if you made it all the way to the last round with 10 cal + 18 burpees (which no one did). It still got ya. I didn’t see a single person not die for a little while afterwards. And sometimes that’s a good thing. Not everyday or anything. But every now and then, you just need to push yourself to show:

  1. That your body can do more than you think it can. 
  2. That you’re stronger mentally than you think you are. 
  3. That pushing yourself to be the best you can overtime will make you a better person.
  4. That even if you feel like death for a minute, you’ll eventually get back up.
  5. And when you feel like death, you’ll have people standing around you to cheer you on and help pick you back up. 

And the good news is, everyone for the most part did better than they thought they would. And more good news…everyone got up eventually – some sooner than others. 

In my opinion, (and Colin and Nick may say something totally different)— the goal of this workout wasn’t to put anyone down or set anyone up for failure. The goal was to show that you’re capable of doing more than you think when you get your mind right and push yourself to be the best you can be. Also, like I said before – everyone needs to have that feeling of death in the middle of a workout at some point. 

Everyone on Team CFEC All Star’s did great – or those who were in town this weekend at least…

For me, I struggled a little bit. But the goal was accomplished…feeling like I may die.

Barbudo Beep Test: 2

Alison: 0

And that’s ok. Usually I hit my goal for workouts like this one. I didn’t on this one. I was able to get all 3 rounds at 10 cal + 8 burpees, and all 3 rounds at 10 cal + 10 burpees, and 1 round at 10 cal + 12 burpees, but I got shut down in that second round of 10 cal + 12 burpees. In fact, after the first round of 12, I just laid on the floor and had a hard time getting up. I could have done burpees all night, but the assault bike killed my legs. Once I did get up, I couldn’t see straight…at all. Nate was judging me, and he told me to just close my eyes and he would count my calories for me. Cool. Thanks Nate. I heard him say 5 calories, and that’s all I remember because it took awhile to get to 6. That’s when my body shut down. I finished the calories on the bike., and had probably 20 seconds to get 12 burpees, and I only got 7, so I was out. 

I was bummed. My goal was to get to the 14’s. I did last time, but I also started at 10 cal + 10 burpees, instead of 8 burpees.

Good news is, last time I got a total of 148 reps.

This time I got a total of 153 reps (I think). 

It took awhile to be able to see straight again. That’s only happened to me one other time, and it was after the workout was over – Independence Games last year in that row/ partner sled push workout when I had to push Colin on the sled. So, it sucked this time around to feel that way before the workout was done, but it was good for me. 

And it was good for everyone at CFEC. I’m proud to be a part of our gym. And I’m proud to be a CFEC ALL STAR. 

You can see everything else we did last week here. It was a deload week, so we did a lot of EMOM’s, which was great because you could chose how hard/heavy you wanted to go. I love EMOM’s <3 

Progress is progress.

And you’re not going to see progress unless you put your head down every now and then, close your eyes, and go as hard as you can. 


Here’s an at home workout to try. Have a great week!


At Home Workout:

for time:

60 air squats
50 lying leg lifts (just focus on lifting those legs a little off the ground – straight legs)
40 push ups
30 jumping lunges
20 bench dips (Do these off of a bench, or use a chair or coffee table, if needed)
10 v- ups (scale by touching shins, w/ straight legs)

1 minute rest, then reverse reps/order and go back up the pyramid:

10 air squats (weight on heels, knees and toes sightly pointed out, torso upright)
20 lying leg lifts (just focus on lifting those legs a little off the ground – straight legs)
30 hand release push ups (make sure those elbows are facing back, not flaring out)
40 jumping lunges
50 bench dips (use a chair or coffee table, if needed)
60 v- ups (scale by touching shins, w/ straight legs)