The Olympics are here!!! We’re watching gymnastics – aka my heroes – as I type this. I want one of those USA leotards (actually, they’re called Leo’s these days). Gymnastics is so flippin’ cool. So much pressure.

So, over the past 10 days, we’ve had issues with Daniel’s jeep, our air conditioning went out, we had a water/plumbing issue with our tub, and as of last night, our fridge/freezer just stopped working. All of these probs aren’t the end of the world. Honestly when little things break, it shows me how much I take them for granted. We had a car to drive, our upstairs still has air conditioning – so we’ve just been sleeping up there, the tub was an easy fix and only inconvenient for about 12 hours because we didn’t have water. But the FRIDGE AND FREEZER! -Nobody messes with our food. So, we’re trying to figure that out now. But good news is, we didn’t really have any food in there, and it would be pointless to go to the store right now and put our food in a pretend fridge/freezer. So, that means I temporarily don’t have to go grocery shopping, and I don’t have to cook. 

So, sorry- no recipes.

But people have been asking me lately what I do for snacks. Good snacking is so important. Sometimes people get it all wrong though. Snacking has a lot of benefits – when done right. 

  • It’s a good way to get nutrients in that you maybe would have missed during your meals.
  • It helps prevent overeating during your meals.
  • It helps you to not get hangry.
  • It helps keep energy levels up – which is necessary if you’re an athlete or you want to have a productive workout.

You’ve heard me talk about The Zone Diet. We don’t follow it perfectly. But, it’s a great lifestyle to base portions and counting macros off of, without being obsessive. We started measuring our food in January, and after a few weeks, we were more comfortable with estimating portion sizes accurately. We still base our portion sizes off of Zone, making sure that we’re eating our macros in that 30% protein, 30% fat, 40% carb window. It really is a game changer in how it’s made me feel, and I love it when I actually stick with it, which is more days than not. 

Zone has helped me to not overeat between meals. I listed out my favorite snacks below, and all of these are either 1 or 2 block snacks. Technically, when I follow Zone exactly, I get two 1 block snacks every day. But I really just listen to my body, and some days it just wants a little bit more than that, so my snacks sometimes look more like 2 blocks. Sometimes I only eat one snack a day. It just depends on what my body needs. Some days I mess it all up and just eat way too much peanut butter. Just being real.

My #1 snack right now: If you’re like me, and you’re constantly on the go, or you feel like you live out of a gym bag, you want to make sure you have easy food available. Bars are great for this. I first found out about Rx Bars on Andrea Ager’s snapchat back in May. I thought it was cool that they listed out all their ingredients in big bold letters on the front of the bar. It shows they have nothing to hide. They also had a vendor selling them at Regionals. The guy was nice enough to give me a few bars, and I ate all of them that weekend(whoops), so Daniel and I bought a 12 bar sample pack. We ate them within 3 days I think. So, we’ve bought a couple other boxes since then. They’re gluten, soy, and dairy free. The protein fills me up, and the small amount of dates gives me quick energy. So, these are a great option to eat before a workout.  And the best news is…..You can now get them from Trader Joe’s!! In Greenville, they only have blueberry and coconut chocolate – but good thing those are 2 of my favorites. And because TJ’s is just incredible, you can buy them there for $1.99/bar, which is actually cheaper than buying them off the Rx Bars website. Hmmm…I dunno. Just another reason why I love ole’ Trader Joe. 

Some of my other favorite go to snacks are below. 

  • deli turkey – anywhere from 1-2 oz
  • fruit: 1/2 c. grapes or 1/2 – 1 medium apple
  • 1/4 cup cottage cheese + 1/2 c. frozen strawberries or blueberries
  • protein pancakes that I talked about in the bottom of this post here.  Usually I’ll make a batch, and eat 2 in one serving, with about 1/2 c frozen strawberries or blueberries + 2 tsp peanut butter. These are great to have on hand in your fridge. 
  • 1 cup cauli rice (served warm) with 1/4 cottage cheese + 1 tbsp avocado mixed in. 
  • 1/3 – 1/4 c. oatmeal with 2 tsp peanut butter + cinnamon. Sometimes I even throw in some Nestle or Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips. Just bein’ real. If I’m ever hangry, eating a little bit of oatmeal helps make me not crazy. Chocolate also helps. 

Hope that helps. Remember to listen to your body, and get those snacks in when you need them. Life is too short to be hangry.