So, today is the day. Daniel’s jeep is fixed, so it’s time to give the 1980 something Land Cruiser back to Kelly and Jason. They were nice enough to let me drive it around town this past week. And I loved it so much. Besides forgetting to turn the lights off one night, causing the battery to die, we got along just fine. What I love most about the Land Cruiser is how slow it goes. Like you can’t really be in a hurry to go anywhere. And there’s really no AC in it, so you just ride around all slow with the windows down. I’ve been cranking 80’s (and some 70’s) music all week, wearing my aviators, driving slow, and just feeling so…cool. But it’s taught me to just slow down, roll the windows down, listen to good music, look around, and enjoy life.

But there are other times in life that require a little bit of hustle. Whatever it is you do, you’re not going to get very far if you don’t hustle. The same goes with fitness and working out. Hustle can look like a lot of things..but today I’m going to talk about intensity.  

If you didn’t know it already, one of the reasons CrossFit is so great is because intensity is a big part of it. I didn’t really think too much about this until I went and got my L1, and they talked about it SO much. And I loved it. Intensity (average power) = Force x Distance/ Time. Or, in my kind of words – how much work can you get in, in the least amount of time. If you love CrossFit like I do, being able to get A LOT of work done in a little bit of time may be one of the reasons why.

I’ve been convicted about this lately. I love volume. I’m the girl that gets excited when a 30 minute AMRAP is programed. I just want to move for 30 minutes. However, the workouts that make me fall on my face are those 5-10 minute ones that make me forget about pacing and try to race against the clock to get as many reps as possible in that time, while almost killing myself in the process. The more I’ve been trying to get uncomfortable in workouts, the more of an increase I’ve seen in intensity.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 3 years now, and now, more than ever, I’m on the ground in a pool of sweat more now than I ever have been before at the end of my workouts. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself and think “this shouldn’t be this hard for me.” But then I go back and look at how I did on that particular workout last time, and my time this go around is  better, or I got more reps. And then I remember, the reason I’m feeling this way is because overall, my workouts are way more intense – more work/reps, less time

Today we had a de-load day ( I guess you could call it that) since we had a big test out week last week. You can see all we did here. In a nutshell, it was 8 sets of 3 different movements, with a minute of rest in there too. One of the movements was a 100 meter sprint. Now, this could easily be someone’s favorite part of the workout, and I’m no sprinter by any means, but this was the hardest part for me. And it was because for every sprint, I knew I was going to give my all. I told myself that going into it. After every 100 meter sprint, I had my hands on my knees, dying on the inside (and also being reminded that I am indeed not a talented sprinter). I gave all I had for each of those 100 meter sprints, and I had the same result every time- wanting to fall on the floor and die. It also didn’t help that for the first 3 of them, Colin was in front of me (of course) and the bottom of his shirt said “Chasing Stall” which is really ironic since I was chasing him. So, that was humbling. He probably planned that.

But, I wanted to die because of the power I put into it, in the short amount of time. Not because I’m overweight and out of shape. But because I gave everything I had for each round.

So, here’s how to apply this: When you go into that workout, make sure that you’re giving it all you got. When the actual workout is a 5 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible in 5 minutes) don’t slack. You should give so much effort that you either: 1) fall on the floor when it’s over or 2) you want to fall on the floor when it’s over. If you don’t give all you have, then you just wasted 5 minutes. And that could be why you don’t see the results you want to see. Or that could be why you think CrossFit and their 5 minute workouts are dumb.

The amount of work you put in to it is really up to you. The same goes for your job. Intensity is a good thing. Get as much work done in as little time as possible. That’s what makes CrossFit so successful. It took me a long time (almost 3 years) to actually believe it. But it works. If you want to see results in your workouts, do yourself a favor, think “work harder AND smarter.” Think about intensity. Not only will it make you fitter (overtime) but it will also make you mentally stronger, which I believe can be carried over to whatever it is you do in life, and help you to be a better individual. 

Here’s a good, recent article on intensity by people who are way smarter than me. I read it last week: No Intensity, No Results.

Also, here’s another great article, just for fun, but a little about mental transformation.

 My friend, Will - after 16.5. He gave all he had. Don't hate me Will.

My friend, Will – after 16.5. He gave all he had. Don’t hate me Will.

 Me - after 16.5 - face down in a pool of my own sweat and what could have easily ben vomit. But I did almost 4 minutes better than 2 years ago!

Me – after 16.5 – face down in a pool of my own sweat and what could have easily ben vomit. But I did almost 4 minutes better than 2 years ago!

 Training for Regionals - always had me on my back.

Training for Regionals – always had me on my back.

 I died. 

I died. 

 I died. 

I died. 


In other news, I love CFEC We’re about to start our second annual, In House -CountDown to Kickoff Competition. This year, we’re doing it just like the Open with Friday Night Lights and everything. I think it starts this week. I forgot. I should probably know that, being a coach and all. But I’m almost positive it starts this week. Whenever it is, I’m ready, and my team is too! I’m on Team #1 (obviously no colors or Team Names assigned this year, so we’ll come up with our own) But I LOVE my team. It’s pretty stacked if you ask me. Although this competition is about way more than that. But for real, my team has never lost in the Open or in an In House competition, so we better win. Really, I’m kidding again. I’m really glad Nate Thomason is on my team though. He always comes through with the T Shirts and the hilarious Instagram posts, so I don’t expect anything less from him this time. Also, he is incredibly creative – and in this case – too much for his own good. So, I’m already boycotting our name. So, there’s that. But here is “Team #1”

Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry I’ve been slacking on those At Home Workouts. Honestly, I just kinda forgot about them 🙂

Here’s a workout you can do at home, with no equipment inspired by our workout we did in class today. (We did bench, weighted overhead lunges, 100 m sprint, and a min of rest)

EMOM – every minute, on the minute x32 minutes (this means that every minute, you have an exercise to do. When you’re done with all the reps for that movement, in that minute, you get to rest for the remainder of the minute 🙂 So, the goal is to get those reps done as fast as possible (intensity, duh), and then you’ll rest for the remainder of that minute. This is why I love EMOM’s with my whole heart. Just remember, don’t go so fast that your form breaks down.

Minute 1: 8 pushups

Minute 2: 12 lunges (6 left, 6 right) 

Minute 3: 100 meter sprint – all out effort

Minute 4: 12 situps

You’ll repeat this sequence for 32 minutes, so do the math, and that is 8 sets total.