I watched the Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials last night. I was never a gymnast, but gymnastics is usually my favorite olympic event – even over soccer. Sorry mom. Truth is, I wish now more than ever that I would have been a gymnast. It’s cool though. If I ever have a daughter, she’s going to be in gymnastics. Even if it’s only when she’s 3. She won’t have a choice. And I’ll get to go with her to those little mommy and me classes, which will make me feel like a real gymnast. 

Moving on to business…Let’s state the obvious: no one is perfectly happy with the way they look. Even those who exude self confidence can find something about their body that they hate. Poor self image and negative self talk comes up over and over again. I’ve been in conversations with girls(and guys sometimes too), and we just railed ourselves over the way we look – throwing out flaws, wishing we looked different, making excuses, and tearing down ourselves in the process. And I hate to admit it, but out of each group of friends I’ve had since like, I dunno, middle school until now, I’ve led the way in this negativity. 

But I’m learning a lot. I’m getting better at not doing the above. I’m not perfect. I’m a girl. I whine about my body a lot. Ask Daniel. But as I’m learning what I’m passionate about — helping other people meet their fitness and nutrition goals — I’m learning to be more confident in my body at the same time. 

There are days that I wake up feeling “fat,” feeling insecure, and as of late, some days wondering where all these muscles are even coming from. I don’t have to even look in the mirror because people tell me what they see. Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the craziest things said to me by complete strangers (mostly positive, but some that left me feeling not so great).

But here’s what I do know, and the purpose of this post today(besides telling you about a few workouts that I loved/hated at the same time this past week): The days that I feel confident are the days that I did everything I could to make my body the healthiest it could be– not obsessing over it – but instead, by just simply making good choices in what I ate and how I stayed active. Those are the days that I feel confident. Because I know that I’ve done everything in my control to be healthy.

See, when it comes to body makeups, hormones, genetics, etc, we’re all different. And on top of that, some of us have been through unexpected life events, faced uncontrollable diseases, or popped out one or multiple babies. It’s very easy to compare ourselves to others and say “Life’s not fair.” Or “I wish I had her genetics.” Or “Maybe I would look like that too if I didn’t have to work a full time job and take care of my kids after work).

While there may be some truth behind the above statements. My question to you (and a check for myself as well) is this: Are you doing everything within your control to be healthy? Are the choices you’re making today helping you to meet your fitness and nutrition goals?

 Being healthy can be hard work at first. Drinking margaritas and eating mellow mushroom pizza (although I would love a mighty meaty or funky q right now) on the reg is easy. Eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s several nights a week is easy. But the results suck. The way you’ll feel in the gym sucks. Your attitude will suck. Your self confidence will suck. However, if you make a lifestyle out of staying active, paired up with good nutrition choices, you’ll start to find out that it really isn’t that hard to be healthy. You’ll love the way you feel. And last, but definitely not least, (and what I’m focusing on here) is you’ll be more confident. 

For example, there’s a sweet lady that I have had the opportunity to train twice a week for the past 2 months at CFEC. When she comes in for training, she’s one of the oldest ones in the gym, but she’s doing CrossFit, y’all! She’s lost fat, gotten stronger, changed some eating habits, and seen HUGE results that others have noticed in her as well! So, all of this has led to a shift in confidence in her.  She shared this with me through tears the other night. While she’s not perfect, she’s put the work in, and the results are doing something pretty great in her. She told me that for the first time in 10 years, she feels confident. (Not because of anything I’ve done, but because of the choices she has made and the discipline and willpower to reach her goals). 

So, this week I’m going to throw out there a couple of posts about my personal journey with fitness, nutrition, and most importantly, the way I’ve viewed myself over the past, I dunno, 20 years of my life. So, stay tuned…

But moving on to workouts from this past week…You can see everything we did at CFEC here. 

“Heavy DT” is a great way to stay humbled. Especially when you go online and see that Sara Sigmundsdottir, who won that event in the games last year, did it in almost half the time it took me to do it. But the good news is, I couldn’t even do Heavy DT last August when we had the option to do it at CFEC. This year I could. Just trying to stay positive. I redeemed myself, though and did regular DT (105 lb) later at 4:40 I think, which I was happy with. 

Thursday, I started practicing handstand walking again… and… there’s that. 

I’m competing in the Independence Games this Sunday in Flo Town. Colin and I are back for year 2 of #NotMyBaby’sCropTop. We practiced a little this past Saturday. Tore our hands. His worse than mine because of all those pullups 🙂 I’m just trying to keep up with him on everything. So, there’s that. If I can keep up with Colin, that’s a win. But I do love to win, so actually winning would be great too. Word on the street is that they’re going to have free FitAid’s for athletes too, so I’m mostly pumped about that. I’m also hoping for a chance to dunk Em, age 23-ish months, in the hotel indoor pool again. 

I’m still trying to get that ROMWOD in every weekday night. Thanks Bradford. Most nights this happens, so I’m probably not getting the full benefits:

I also fell in love with crossover symmetry. So, I should have been doing this a long time ago, but I didn’t start using it until a couple of months ago when my shoulder got a little tweaked. So, I now swear by using crossover symmetry in my warmup. It’s a game changer. HOWEVER, I’m now adding it in for accessory work as well. Anyway, I have a lot more to learn about it, but I’m so thankful our gym has it. If you’re a part of CFEC, and you’re not taking advantage of it, you need to get on that. 


As always, thanks for reading my blog. Here’s an at home wod for you to do:

Core Burner from CF Gymnastics (maybe, I think) But I did it last Friday, and it got me good. 

I min hollow hold

1 min max effort hollow rocks

100 situps (abmat situps if you have an abmat)

1 min max effort hollow rocks

1 min hollow hold

So have fun with that…