The following is part 3 of a 4 part series, talking about what I got to be a part of May 19-May 22 at the CrossFit Games Atlantic Regionals in Atlanta, GA. It was my first year competing. I learned A LOT and had a whole lot of fun in the process.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Well, one thing is for certain… I didn’t wake up as early this morning. But I did wake up as excited to compete as I did yesterday. In fact, I was waayyy more excited today. The events today were more in my wheelhouse, AND a lot of my friends and family were coming to watch. I got up, and pulled my clothes out of my bag for Day 2. Unfortunately I put the same socks on that I had yesterday. Remember, I only brought one pair. Maybe Daniel will let me borrow one of his pairs tomorrow. He always has a good ole pair of USA pride socks. 

I snapped a pic of my crop top because…. gold foil. 

I read a little bit, and oh, last night, Lindsey gave me a whole bunch of cards that the sweet CFEC KidFit kids made me. I cried.. equally from laughing and because it was so sweet. I didn’t know my name had so many different spellings. Man, I love those kids.. and those coaches that made them do this for me. My favorite card just simply said, “Go Get Them.” That’s it. It was a great way to start out my morning. Thanks so much, y’all.

We met Lindsey and Colin in the lobby so we could ride to the GWCC together. AND so Lindsey could finally sign my lifters she gave me about 3 years ago. They are purple and they are hideous. But they are vintage Reebok, but they’ve always been my lifters. For almost 2 years, I had my mind made up that I wasn’t going to wear lifters or knee sleeves or a belt, or anything. Well, I still don’t wear a belt, but one day I had an epiphany and realized I need to use everything I can for my advantage, so you better believe I wear the Lift Like Lindsey Lifters, as well as knee sleeves. So, this morning, after 3 years, Lindsey finally autographed my lifters in the Crown Plaza, Atlanta MidTown Lobby. 

Well, good news. I didn’t make it to the GWCC as early today. In fact, I wasn’t the first individual athlete. I was there in just enough time to get taped by the kind Airrosti people – again. I love them so much. I rolled out, and stretched on my own for a good 30 minutes (and tried not to get distracted). And then I had about 45 minutes to warm up. That’s a long time, but it always goes by so fast.

I checked in, and one of the volunteers told me how she loved how I was always smiling. I told her it was because I’m still here. They haven’t kicked me out yet. As I warmed up, I watched other girls do their pretty butterfly pullups, and I was like, “Man, I can’t wait to kip all of my pullups today. It’s going to throw everyone off.” But for real. That was a huge battle leading up to Regionals. I never really tried to learn to butterfly my pullups before. And it just never really clicked for me (I have no rhythm). And for some reason, I was always really sore when I would practice can’t pull myself up sore after I would do them. Kippin’ aint easy, y’all. 

When it was my time to go out to the floor, I was pretty excited. I looked behind my lane, and THERE WERE SO MANY GREEN SHIRTS CHEERING FOR ME! I still can’t believe that many people drove down to Atlanta to cheer for me. I smiled so hard, and one of the head judges also told me that they loved how I was always smiling. I told them the same thing I told the volunteer– “I’m just happy to still be here.” I really am. 

I met my judge, and told her how great she did the night before in the athlete meeting demoing those 275 lb. deadlifts like it was nothing. She informed me that it in fact wasn’t her. I could have sworn it was her. Allllrriiight. Great start. 

The announcer person said, “30 seconds” and all the judges, in unison, kneeled down at one time. I tried not to laugh, but I did. The timer went off for Event 3, and the clock started. 

Look at that face. That’s the face of someone who knows they’re about to crush 104 wallballs in just a few sets. 

Too bad it didn’t turn out that way. Who would have thought doing wallballs at Regionals would be way harder than doing them in my gym when I judged myself? That target was hard to hit. I think I got no repped like 15 times. It’s ok though. I deserved it. And I already made my mind up to just stay composed and keep smiling through it. It took me a WHOLE MINUTE more to do those wallballs than it did in practice. I think I was the second girl to start pullups. That big screen was facing me, and it was so big, I couldn’t help but see it as I was doing my pullups. I looked sooooooooooo slow kipping. But I told y’all…. kippin’ aint easy. I tried not to come off the bar much, but I did. I was still able to get 30 something pullups, but I wish I could have finished all 52. I was discouraged, but I tried to shake it off. 


We then had a minute to get ready and go straight into event 2 – 4 Rounds of 28 pistols and 15 power cleans). That minute went by too fast, and my grip was gone. I prayed for it to come back, and it did somewhat, but it was hard to hold onto that bar. I got no repped a good bit on those pistols, and I knew it every time…not low enough…Or I kept almost falling over… in front of all those people. But I was just thankful to be able to do them. I remember three weeks ago, trying to do them one Tuesday night, and almost crying because I couldn’t figure them out. Also, I got my first, second, third, maybe even fourth and fifth no rep in my life on a power clean. An 80 lb power clean to be exact. Who would have thought? But it was good for me. It made me slow down, stand up with the bar, and open up my hips every single time.

 Photo by  BuckHead.Media

Photo by BuckHead.Media


I finished the workout in I dunno what time. But you know what I did LOVE? Running to that finish mat. Event 4 was the first time I was able to do that. And it felt good. 

Well, I couldn’t feel my legs after those events 3&4. I cooled down, ate what food I could eat (more than yesterday!), and most importantly, I went and saw my friends and family. There were SO MANY of them. My mom, my brother, his girlfriend, Alex, my aunt, and my cousin even came. Oh, and I got Jenna to do my hair, which was also pretty important.


I got ready for Event 5, which was the one I was originally most excited about! I just felt a little blah..and like I thought I was going to throw up. I’m sure a lot of other people felt this way because we were about to go run on TrueForm Runners… But I actually LIKE those things. I mean, I don’t mind them, I guess. I was excited about this workout, but I dunno.. maybe it was nerves, or the extra progenex force I took…I just felt bad. I promise I’ve never thrown up or passed out while working out, but I legitimately thought today was going to be that day… in front of all those people. 

But I just tried to keep smiling as I walked out there. Probably mostly because I love that Born Primitive sports bra. 

The sound went off, time started, and as I was running out there, I thought how dumb it was that I was running to get on a treadmill, and run some more. I tried to find the pace that I stayed at while I was warming up with Colin. I thought I was going at a pretty good pace. They told us to not get off that runner until it said .4 on the monitor. I got off, did my 40 GHD situps, and then walked to the bar for those 7 heeaaavvvvyyy (for me) deadlifts at 275 lb. I could have siked myself out, but I didn’t. I did them, and I was the first person to finish Round 1. I turned around, and all I could see was green shirts (my people!!!!) as I walked back to the TrueForm. That was what kept me going back to the TrueForm for each round. I promise. I love CrossFit Electric City so much. Not that I could really hear a whole lot out there in the midst of all that running, GHD’s, and heavy deadlifts, but I did hear the announcers say numerous times about how many people were there with green shirts on cheering me on. I’d be willing to bet there were more people from CFEC there than any other gym. So, thanks y’all. That meant so much to me. People were on the side bleachers yelling too, and I could hear Brandon Cox yelling at me to pick up that bar over everyone. Usually I don’t hear these kinds of things, but I did today. 

I finished that last set of deadlifts and ran as fast as I could to the finish line… except it wasn’t fast. Or graceful. I could barely move my legs. I looked like I prob looked like I was running for the first time. But I finished the event under the timecap, and FIRST in my heat. That was such a great feeling. So great that I just laid on the floor like this…

And then, after about a minute, I could finally stand up again and cheer other people to finish. 

High Fives for everyone. 

And then I felt better. I cooled down. Stretched. Took an ice bath (because Colin made me…and I needed one). Good thing I prepared for that before Regionals. I had my own little tub to sit in, and who knows who all was in there before me. But it wasn’t so bad. The water wasn’t nearly as cold as it was at my house. My favorite part of the day was going to see my friends. I love them so much. This isn’t even everyone, but it’s just a snap shot of how incredible my family and friends are. And I think it’s a testament to how great of a place CrossFit Electric City is. So, thank y’all!

After the event, I was so hungry. Here I am probably telling everyone. 

Thankfully the Progenex people gave me more Recovery. I forgot to bring extra. Over the next couple of hours, I also had a Progenex bar. I had an RX bar that I bought the day before, and the guy threw in some extra ones for free (they’re so good!) I usually don’t just eat bars and drink protein shakes, but I was so hungry. Like haven’t been this hungry in so long. Oh yeah. I saw trail mix upstairs in athlete village earlier today. It was the kind with the m&m’s in it. And I said, after I’m done today, I’m going to get me some of this. AND IT WAS GONE 🙁 Only peanuts. I ate those too. 

We left the GWCC after the athlete briefing, and I wanted to go with my friends to Antico to get the best pizza in Atlanta. But I couldn’t. Once again, I was over the caul rice though, so we went to Zoe’s. I got chicken kabobs. I ate them so fast. Daniel made me get another chicken kabob meal TO GO. I legitimately ate 2 meals. And we went with Linds and Colin to get some gourmet popcorn. I ate a little bit of that too, because why not? And Daniel still got his Antico pizza, thanks to Nick. 

Tonight I just hung in the lobby with Daniel and Cindy. The Crown Plaza people had to switch our room – or they made us move our stuff ourselves – (as in Daniel moved our stuff)- because there was a bad leak in our room, and all the water had been sitting there all day. So our room was moldy. Didn’t want to breathe that in. So, they gave us a handicap accessible room – with a walk in shower and everything. So, there’s that. 

Today was such an amazing day. Thank you to everyone for loving me enough to cheer me on in person, or online, and send me messages. I promise I’ll never forget this experience. God and people are way too good to me. 

Bring on Day 3 and handstand walks tomorrow. 

More to come…

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