Monday. Sometimes Mondays come with bad attitudes. I get it. Weekends are fun, and then you have to go back to work. Back to schedules. Back to reality. Unless if you’re like me and you unashamedly love your job, and then you kinda like Mondays…

Yeah, I get it. But here’s something to think about. Your attitude. It affects other people. It affects your spouse, your friends, your family, the people you work with… Our attitudes, and more specifically our words, hold power. The Bible talks about the power of words a lot, so they must be pretty important. Just check out the beginning of James 3. 

Anyway, I’m not trying to get too deep with you, but I’m learning a lot right now about my attitude and how it affects others- and in this case, how important my attitude is in the gym – whether it’s working out, training individual people, or coaching an entire class. If you’re involved in any sort of group fitness (you work out alongside other people, participating in the same workout together), you know that it’s easy to “feed” off of each other. If someone comes in really positive and doesn’t complain, it puts you in a good mood. If someone comes in complaining about evvvvverrrything, it’s draining.

If I’ve learned anything from CrossFit over the past three years, it’s that working out with others fuels me to keep coming back.

As a member of a CrossFit gym, I get to workout with my friends throughout the week. Yeah, everyone works hard and gets their workout in. But there’s also a lot of time to talk, laugh, and sometimes even have long conversations before/after class. I’m not working out by myself, so that means that whatever I say, other people are going to hear it, and it could affect them. If I complain, it could totally throw someone else off. 

As a personal trainer, people pay me to help them set goals and get more fit. However, they also pay me to have a positive relationship with them – which leads to trust, accountability, and them loving what they’re paying for. (This is easy by the way, because everyone I’ve had the opportunity to train so far is really great, so being positive comes easy). But if I showed up and complained, it would be a miserable experience for them. 

As a coach, my attitude leads the way in how the class is going to flow. If I show up and say I don’t want to be there, or if I complain about someone or something, it sends a bad, negative vibe to the entire class, which isn’t cool. Because as a coach, people are looking to me to tell them what to do. 

I’m not saying to be fake. Life isn’t perfect, and if you’re having a terrible day, and someone asks you how you’re doing, don’t lie. That would make you a liar. Be real with people. BUT just keep in mind that what you say, and the attitude you portray affects others.  

A couple days ago, my friend Marlie was in town. She used to workout at CFEC a long time ago. We did this workout that was on the CrossFit Main Site on 6/14. It’s called “1775” – in honor of the birthday of the US Army (6/14/1775). Pretty cool, right? Here’s a video about it.

It actually wasn’t cool while we were doing it. It was like Murph all over again. 60 Min AMRAP – 17 power cleans, 75 air squats, then you have to take your bar apart and run with it, and then run with your plates. I love/hate these kind of workouts. But here’s what I do know. We were able to push each other and encourage each other to finish those 60 minutes. In the 100 degree sun. We would pass each other running back and forth, and we could have easilly been like, “holyyyyy mollyyyyy it’s so flippin’ hot. This is miserable. I’m tired of running with awkward weights, or running with this 45 lb bar on my back.” But no. Instead, we cheered each other on. And it made the whole workout almost fun. 


Anyway, words are important. Try to be positive, everyone. Here are some practical ways to stay positive in the gym (that I’m learning right now). 

  • Don’t be fake and BS your friends, but if you have something nice to say, say it. If you don’t then that’s cool too. 
  • If you’re about to complain about something – especially gym or workout related in that moment-  think twice before saying it. 
  • If you’re able to look up and breathe in the middle of a workout, cheer someone on.
  • If you’re straight up dying in the middle of a workout, don’t take the time to let everyone else know you’re dying. You can let them know when everyone has completed that workout. They probably felt the same way during the workout, but didn’t need you to remind them. But you can bond over it after it’s over, as you lay in a puddle of sweat and tears (jk about the tears part..kinda). 
  • When you finish your workout, cheer for other people, even if it’s while you’re putting your weights, etc up so you can get out of there quicker. 

Anyway, these are all just things that I’m learning. I’m obviously not perfect. You can ask the people that workout with me. But lately I’ve been catching myself being negative in the gym, or with Daniel, or really just about life in general with whoever, and it’s just been convicting me more. Which I love, because that’s how you grow to be a stronger, better person. 

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As far as workouts go, you can see all we did at CFEC last week here.  Good stuff in there. Lunges, RDL’s, straight up cardio flex Wednesday, heavy front squats Thursday, ring dips on muscle up rings Friday… all kinds of stuff.

We did a lot of lunges on Monday. People complained about them. People were sore. I was sore. But I think it’s from doing alllllll the wallballs for that 2nd Granite Games workout. I did that workout twice on Monday for some reason. Smart, right? Nope. That’s why you give 100% the first time, so you don’t have to redo it. So, 200 wallballs + 400 meters of weighted, walking lunges. But that’s my fault. But here’s the think about lunges y’all. They’re so good for your butt. They will make your butt so much better looking. I wanted to refrain from saying bigger, because a lot of girls don’t want a bigger butt. Unless you’re like me, and you don’t have a butt. But (I keep saying that word. Sorry) I know because I did them once a week for probably about two months (weighted and with the bar in a front rack position) before the Open this past February. Except who remembers 16.1 and ALLLL the lunges we did? I quit lunges after that. But I’m welcoming them back into my heart and my life. So, next time you complain about being sore from lunges, just remember that if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. Do your lunges.

Oh, I got a new PR on my clean on Thursday. I hadn’t really tried in a looooong time, and I missed 195 a couple times, but then I got it. That was like a 10 or 15 lb PR. I’m not really sure what my max was before that. But regardless, 200 lb. – I’m coming for ya soon. 

I’m at least way better than I was about a year ago. This was 165# and it was a PR. Be careful, it’s brutal.

This was 195# the other day. 

I know… still not great, but I’m loving the improvement in 30 lbs in less than a year and it a least looks a little better, right?


I’m trying to do the whole ROMWOD thing. I need a lot of help outside of that though. Mobility is way more important than I give it credit for. I also have a hard time with these kinda issues (below in pic) while doing ROMWOD:

I also did this crazy workout Colin told me to do Thursday that I figured I would share with you if you like doing things that make you want to die. But I was really positive about it. 


3 min AMRAP x 3 – with 3 minutes of rest in between each AMRAP

So, 9 minutes of total work, and you rest 3 minutes in between each 3 minute AMRAP (but you just wait)…

3 thrusters (185/135)

6 squat clean and jerks (185/135) – Don’t think you can get away with not squatting. And you have to split up your squat clean and your jerk. No thrusters.

9 handstand pushups

My goal was 2 rounds for each of the 3 minutes. But nope. Didn’t happen. But I was positive. 

Ok, enough about working out. Stay positive y’all. Even on the worst of days, there’s something to be happy about. Don’t be fake happy, and don’t BS people, but if you have something nice to say, say it. But especially in the gym. We all could use it. 

Here’s a workout for you to do at home, with little to no equipment. (hopefully outside, because that would be way more fun). I wanted to incorporate lunges because you now know how I feel about them.

5 rounds for time:

  • 12 lunges (if you have kettlebells, dumbbells, or a bar, add it to the front rack position or back rack position, for added weight).
  • 20 situps (add weight if you have it. Hold weight close to body at chest)
  • 12 hand release pushups
  • 20 skaters