The following is part 2 of a 4 part series, talking about what I got to be a part of May 19-May 22 at the CrossFit Games Atlantic Regionals in Atlanta, GA. It was my first year competing. I learned A LOT and had a whole lot of fun in the process.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Today I woke up excited to compete. I slept pretty great. I felt fully rested for the first time in awhile. And I went ahead and prepared myself to expect the unexpected. Prepare to be thrown off. But don’t let that mental game get thrown off. 

I pulled my clothes for Day 1 out of my bag and immediately realized that my lucky USA socks were mismatched with another pair of flag socks. I was actually really bummed about this. I had a pair of USA socks that I wore for every single open workout. Of all times to mismatch your socks…I couldn’t show up to Regionals with two different socks on. Good thing I wasn’t going to let it get me down. I wore my CFEC crop top with *gold foil* my friend Nicole made for me, and some lulu shorts. I snapped a pic of the #OOTD to my friends in front of the hotel mirror that made me look smaller than I really am because I was pretty excited about this gold foil. 


By 7:30 am, I had everything all ready to go. My 1st event didn’t start until noon. I’m so prepared. Obviously. 

I laid down on the hotel floor (on my yoga mat, of course- hotel rooms are gross- unless if you’re at the Excellence), opened my Bible, and just prayed that I would read something that would stick in my brain all weekend. I found Hebrews 13:21: 

“May He equip you with all you need for doing His will. May He produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to Him. All glory to Him forever and ever! Amen”

I needed that.


Daniel and I left the hotel at 8:15. I had in my mind I needed to be there by 8:30 at the latest (remember, my first event was at noon. I needed almost 4 hours to get ready). Dan dropped me off somewhere that was not the building I was supposed to be in, which was totally my fault. I had my gym bag and one of those rolling coolers…because you know, I had to bring all my food to regionals. And after 20 minutes of walking, I got to the athlete warm up area…at a whoppin’ 8:45. I walked in, and no kidding, my cooler toppled over, and ice went everywhere. I could have been embarrassed, but these kinds of things happen frequently to me in public, so, I shrugged it off and told the security guard not to worry…I would clean it up so she wouldn’t have to. 

It was also around this time that I realized that I was in fact the only individual athlete who had arrived at the GWCC. Everyone else in the warmup area was a part of a team. So, I played it off and walked back out into the GWCC lobby, and ate my breakfast by myself, looked at instagram, and waited on Lindsey and Colin to get there. Good thing I did, because I was able to see this pic CFEC posted of some of the 8:30 class people that morning. Totally made my day.  

When Linds, Colin, and Daniel rescued me from being by myself, I gave Colin a tour of the athlete warmup area. I mean, I was pretty familiar with it by now. I got the Airrosti people to tape me up. It was my first time ever being taped. I love the Airrosti people. They’re so nice, and they put tape all over my shoulders, which I think makes me look way more intimidating. But for real, it really did help my shoulders today. 

So, 10:30 rolls around, and more individual athletes are slowly, casually walking in. I was in the first heat (of course) and I remember them saying I needed to check in an hour before my heat. So, I tried to check in, and they told me I was “so cute” for being so excited to check in, but I was too early. Legitimately, they said I was cute. Haha. Who wants to be cute at a time like this? My bad. So, a little after 11, I started warming up. After some moving and stretching, I finally jumped on a barbell and slowly built up weight. I was so nervous about THIS. FIRST. EVENT. I didn’t want to talk about it too much, but I was. But overall, my mental game was feelin’ strong. I read this past week something really smart- it was probably from some gymnast or something, because they are smart, and their mental game is strong. So is their flexibility. And body awareness. All of which I lack. Anyway, it said to visualize yourself succeeding. So, I’ve been doing that this past week. I knew that my mental game during warm up would either lead me to thrive and do great out there, or it would make me crumble before I even started. Before each rep, I confidently told myself I could hit each weight. I made sure I was set before that first pull. At one point, I noticed blood on the bar. And I was like, “Oh. Weird.” And then I found out it was my blood. And then a medic volunteer had to come clean my blood off the bar. But all in all, it was a good warmup. 

So, I’m out on the floor and all my friends – or at least the ones that came to watch today – are in the stands. I can see them pretty clearly because I’m on the outside lane (of course) and they had green shirts on. The buzzer goes off, time begins, and I run to my 135 lb bar. I take a deep breath, get set, and hit it! I was so happy thatI totally forgot where I was for the next rep, and it didn’t count because I stepped over the line. But I didn’t even care because I got the one rep. Everything was all downhill after that. I got 6 reps that actually counted in 2 minutes, which knocked me out of the first round, but I was just thankful for one rep, and a chance to get to compete this weekend since I’ve been working really hard for it. I didn’t think I was dancing or anything, but apparently I was, because this man that was sitting behind Daniel said “Maybe if that blonde girl would quit dancing so much out there, she would actually finish the first round.” 


After the first event, something else great happened. I found out there was something called Athlete Village, and there were cool chairs up there that I could sleep in if I got tired for some reason.

I could put my stuff up there – even my cooler with no ice since all the ice fell out in the warmup area earlier. So, I finished my breakfast up there, but didn’t touch my lunch – a.k.a I probably should have put more food in my body before 3 pm. Anyway, I got retaped (which I’m so thankful for), I checked back in (not early this time) met Colin, and started warming up again. Good thing I wasn’t too tired from my 6 snatches I completed earlier. Whoa.

Event #2 was “Regionals Nate.” Nate is a hero WOD in honor of Chief Petty Officer, Nate Hardy, who was killed during combat operations in Iraq. But there was a little twist to it. It would be a 20 min AMRAP of 4 strict muscle ups, 7 strict HSPU, and 12 one arm KB snatches at 53 lb. My strict movements were getting better and better leading up to Regionals. I know this is lame, but I couldn’t even do one strict HSPU even 3 weeks ago. I literally did my first one the day this event was announced. So, I knew I wouldn’t finish it or anything, but my goal was 5 rounds. During warm ups, I was hitting the muscle ups and the HSPU. It felt kinda easy actually. I walked out there with no pressure. I knocked out 3 single strict muscle ups, and then got no repped on my 4th one. My nice judge told me why, but my muscle ups I’m sure were ugly, and I couldn’t figure out how to not make my legs come up “slightly” like he said they were doing. Man, I got a lot further in that workout when I judged myself.


So, I smiled on the outside, but I panicked a little on the inside. I dunno what happened, but I started getting realllly dizzy – maybe because I was about to have a panic attack, or maybe because I barely ate, or maybe both. I finished the round, came back to the rings and started getting no repped again – by one of the head judges. I somehow was able to get 2 more reps, but overall, I couldn’t adapt. I couldn’t figure out how to make my body not do what they were telling me was wrong. Honestly, I still don’t know exactly how to fix what I was doing wrong, and right now I’d rather not watch the embarrassment of it..(but I will soon). I could feel my body not doing what it was supposed to do though, and these judges are great, so I totally understand. All I kept thinking was what Nick told me a couple weeks ago as I was ironically practicing strict muscle ups . It was something along the lines of…..Make sure your movements are without question and flawless because judging at regionals will be held to the highest standards you’ve ever experienced. So, that kept going through my head.

Needless to say, it was a long 20 minutes. I’ve done so many 20 minute AMRAPS, and I have never wanted them to end. I want as many reps as possible. But this one, in front of a lot of people, I wanted to end ASAP. I told my judge I was sorry for making it so boring for him. I even patted him on the back as I walked off the floor. Who does that?!?! 

I got a picture with him later because I thought he was great. And I still felt bad for him for having to judge me. And because his beard was pretty cool.

But I know one day I will be thankful for that 20 min AMRAP and what it taught me. Good thing I was still able to get at least a round and move on to event 3 tomorrow.

I watched the rest of the day play out and then I hung out with my friends for a little while. I don’t really have any pictures except for this one with my friend, Sharie who I didn’t think was coming until Saturday, but ended up coming for the whole weekend!


 Then I went to the athlete briefing to go over the events and movement standards for the next day. Some of my friends went to the Atlanta Mart to the Lulu Warehouse Sale. I got Linds to pick me up a pair of shorts. We came back to the hotel, and while my friends ate at The Vortex and/or The Varsity, Dan and I walked to Publix to get a salad, some chicken, and some chocolate for me. I’m officially over cauliflower rice. It’s not bad when I eat it fresh off the pan at my house. I eat it everyday. But here….when it’s cold and in a tupperware container, it’s just not as good. Daniel told me that when he gave it to Colin earlier to give to me, he opened up the container and it smelled so bad that some people actually moved seats. So, needless to say, the cauliflower is obviously causing a problem. So, I got a pretty hearty salad from publix and chased it down with some oatmeal and peanut butter (my other “go to”) – all while I dreamed of burgers.

We hung out in the lobby for awhile. Colin’s niece Mylee, who I’m pretty sure isn’t older than 8, massaged my shoulders. She offered. Now I’m just stretching, and drinking cocoon, and hanging out with Dan before going to bed. I live a great life. Despite doing pretty bad today, this has already been one of the best weekends of my life. I’m having fun, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

More to come…

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