It’s been a little over a week since regionals. I’m grateful for how the weekend went as a whole. While I wish I could have done better, I had a lot of fun. I carried out what I came to do- smile, meet as many people as possible, and have fun. I wanted people to see that there is something different about me- besides being weird. The whole month long experience of preparing and getting to be a part of the weekend made me a better person, and thankfully I got somewhat better at CrossFit too.


But because people were so generous, I learned a lot more through the whole experience than just about getting better at working out.

About a month ago, I wrote about how people supported me here. You can go back and read it if you want. but in a nutshell—When I accepted the last minute invite to go just a month before the weekend, I knew it was going to cost Daniel and I a little bit of money if I wanted to take it seriously. I hate asking for help, so I wasn’t going to. But my friend, Lindsey stepped up and helped me set up a Go Fund Me account. She also reached out to businesses in Anderson about sponsoring me. And, last but not least, my friends Nate and Jerry designed and ordered shirts and tanks to sell at the gym.

In just one month, I went from having no extra money to help me get prepared, to having what seems like immeasurably more. And this is what pumped me up, kept me smiling, and helped to drive me to do my best at my first CrossFit Games Regionals.

Now that the weekend is over, here are some thank you’s:

  • I’d be foolish to deny that any of this experience was a miracle. I know I keep saying that, but from the moment I found out I was going, to the preparations itself, to even being able to complete that weekend was all because of something bigger that I believe God is doing in my life. Ultimately He is why I get to work out in the first place, so I’m going to give Him glory for that all day, everyday.
  • Daniel –  for loving me and supporting me no matter what – especially over the past 6 months. For believing in me more than I could ever believe in myself 
  • Colin – for believing in me, pushing me, being my coach despite my stubborness and late night texts about what I can do to get better, taking time to program workouts for me (and then usually beating me at the workouts).
  • Lindsey – I’ve already said a lot about Linds, so you probably feel like you know her now. But I’ll say it again- I wouldn’t have had the support I did(and still have) without her.
  • Nick and Cindy – for believing in me and for taking a chance on me and allowing me to coach at CFEC, which I 100% believe has helped me to become a better athlete. And for also cultivating a great community at CFEC.
  • All of the generous people who donated $$ on my Go Fund Me account. I have some generous people in my life.
  • Several generous people at CFEC who randomly gave me cards, said nice things, and in some cases, slipped me some cash just because.
  • Some of my great, close friends who bought me a lululemon gym bag because they didn’t want me to be embarrassed by going to Regionals with my torn up, 3 year old, plastic lulu shopping/gym bag.
  • Kevin Harrington (BucketHead Media) for being nice enough to reach out to me and offer to take pictures. That’s never happened before.
  • Born Primitive –  for sending me cool sports bras, shorts, and crop tops to wear at Regionals. I still wear them almost every day.
  • Nate the Great and Jerry (aka lil Yerri) – for designing a great shirt for people to buy to support me and running with ordering it.
  • Nicole – for designing a banner with businesses who sponsored me to go in our gym.
  • THE GREAT PEOPLE OF CFEC and my friends in Anderson and family for driving to Atlanta to come cheer me on. They even got a shoutout for being so loud and supportive.
  • Sherri Fowler from Advance Massage and Dr. Calhoun from Calhoun Family Chiropractic
  • Also, last but definitely not least.. the following upstate businesses were nice enough to step up and “sponsor” me during this season. This opportunity was posted on the CFEC blog and Facebook I think, and all these kind people stepped up. We are also in the process of getting a banner made to put in the gym with all of the following businesses on it. Thanks so much!


Thank you to everyone for making this experience so great. I’m set up to succeed for this upcoming year. Now that I’ve had my Mellow Mushroom Funky Q AND Mighty Meaty Pizza, some beer, and some Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough, I’ve somewhat already eased back into training. Being humbled, yet getting better one day at a time is fun. 

Thanks everyone!!!!