Can you even believe that 2016 is almost over?? I’m losing my mind over how fast time is flying by. 2016 was pretty dang great. So, seeing it end is a little bittersweet. 

Well, I want you and I both to have a great 2017. And we all know that January is all about new starts, resolutions, and change – especially ones pertaining to fitness and nutrition – which is freaking awesome!

But you know what? You’re not setting yourself up well for 2017 if you start thinking about goals on January 1st. You have to prepare. As the great John Wooden (And, oh yeah, apparently Benjamin Franklin too) once said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Don’t set yourself up for failure by not preparing. PEOPLE. 

Ok, personal time. 

I can honestly say that 2016 was one of the best years of my life. It’s right up there with 2011, (the year Daniel and I got married and moved to South Carolina). Not to sound dramatic (because my life has always been pretty great, with very few big bumps in the road) but I think I hit a quarter life crisis (if those are even a real thing) at the tail end of 2015. But when 2016 got here, I had NO IDEA about all of the GOOD (actually, GREAT) things that were coming my way this year.

I’ve previously talked about this in other posts, but I went in 2016 wanting to help people get better – to get their health in check (physically and mentally), to figure out nutrition, and just ultimately have a better lifestyle. But I knew that in order to do this, I needed to make some changes as well. So, I did. And the changes I made are changes that are sustainable for the rest of my life – not just quick fixes.

Back to preparing for 2017. Below are 10 (I know, I know. 10 is excessive) things I did in 2016 that helped me set myself up to have a great year. Those closest to me would tell you that I’m not perfect at them. But they’ve been implemented, written down, and reflected upon NUMEROUS times over the past year.  

  • Set yourself up for the rest of your life, not just January. We all want a good, quick fix – am I right? But nothing sustainable just happens overnight. We have to develop habits and figure out what works best for us. So, set yourself up for the rest of your life. I’m not downing Whole 30 or 21 Day Fix, but if your goal is to do it and quit as soon as it’s over, it’s pointless. BUT, if it helps you set yourself up for better eating habits for the rest of your life, then go for it. Because you know what happens? LIFE. That’s what. And when ish happens, are you going to be able to sustain your way of eating and/or exercising? Find out what works best for you, and make changes that will last FO LIFE. 

  • Write down some GOALS. These should be long term (yearly) AND short term (monthly). And don’t just think about them. Write them down. Where you can see them. These can be personal, fitness related, whatever). 

  • Make your life about other people. You were put here for a reason, and it’s to make this world a better place. Or try to at least. I promise, life is better when you keep other people in mind. I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, and this year, I decided to do something with that. In the midst of that, I got better too. 

  • Learn to love food (for the right reasons). This was BIG for me this year! I’ve always had a terrible relationship with food. I’ve gone through times of practically starving myself, to binging, to over exercising in order to burn off what I had just put in me. Now, I look at food to see how it can help fuel my body – to coach, workout, and just have energy for a fun life. 

  • Read and meditate. There’s always more to learn out there. And there’s a lot of free stuff floating around out there in the internets. For me, this is anything and everything from The Bible to random articles I find about health, fitness, nutrition, etc. 

  • Embrace Confidence – And if there’s something you don’t like about yourself, be brave enough to change. This was another BIG ONE for me this past year. I can honestly say that I’ve grown so much (yet still have a ways to go) when it comes to confidence (who I am, what I stand for, what I don’t stand for, and the way I look). I built some muscle this past year (more than other years) and I used to get mortified when someone would draw attention to it (usually fat old men in the grocery store telling me my biceps were bigger than them, or a scrawny little high school boy telling me I got a lot bigger since the last time they saw me, or a dumb girl saying that they want to do crossfit, but they don’t want to look like me. And that’s cool, and all. Everyone has goals, and the way you look is a reflection of that. I’ve learned to not only embrace muscles, but be effin proud of them. BECAUSE THAT’S A LOT OF HARD WORK…not just genetics. And to finish this one up, if there’s something you don’t like about yourself, take steps to change it. For me, certain things I eat or drink literally make my face all puffy and inflamed. Well, it’s dumb for me to complain about it if I purposefully just lived it up the night before by eating/drinking those foods or drinks. 

  • Journal so you can see progress. Write down stuff. Put the work in. Watch it happen. For me, this is anything from what I’m praying for, to something I read, to those goals I mentioned above. 

  • Get that Mental Game in check. I started working on this in 2016. True life, I’m a mental case sometimes…. and that’s not even just about competing. More like all things in life. BUT, I started working on it this year. I’ve tried to read AND implement. And it’s helped. I’ve learned that when it comes to competing, or really just anything in life, if I put the work in, that’s all I can do. Trust your abilities (in whatever it is you do in life). 

  • Unfollow or “Defriend” (if that’s even a word) people on social media. This may sound petty to some, but life is too short to have to look at frustrating people on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever else is out there these days. Don’t let other people get you down. You don’t HAVE to see what they’re up to on Instagram. Instead of thinking negative things about what they are/are’t posting, or even worse – talking crap behind their back, just unfollow them. This also goes for fitness people. If there’s an account you follow with fake, airbrushed people that makes you feel like sh*t about yourself, or the way you look, don’t follow them. 

  • Surround yourself with positive people who help you meet your goals. (And tell them you’re thankful for them). Hang out with cool, positive people. Tell them you’re thankful for them. Hanging around positive,  people will hold you accountable to meet your goals. For me, there are about 5 people that immediately come to mind that I’ve tried to spend as much time with as possible this past year because our goals and what we’re passionate about is the same. I also am a member and coach at a great gym, with really great people (with different goals in mind) that build each other up and love each other like one big fam. I want everyone to have that.

 Just a small handful of people and a representation of people who mean a lot to me and helped make 2016 a great year. 

Just a small handful of people and a representation of people who mean a lot to me and helped make 2016 a great year. 

 One way I worked on my mental game this past year. Thanks Shawn. 

One way I worked on my mental game this past year. Thanks Shawn. 

 Set goals, work hard, crush them (eventually) and smile about it. 

Set goals, work hard, crush them (eventually) and smile about it. 


Hope that helps you get and stay on track before January 1st gets here. You got this. You’re worth it. 

Check back next week, because I’ll be talking more about goals for 2017. 

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my blog and putting up with all my ramblings in 2016. If you did, I just love ya. And even if you didn’t, I still love you too!