Good morning! Happy FriYAY. You have a lot to be happy about today. No getting frustrated with crazy drivers, bad traffic, or long lines. It’s not worth it. 

Here’s to hoping you can squeeze a workout or two in this Christmas weekend. Hopefully these short little workouts will help 🙂

Today we’re doing “Death By” workouts.

Well, that sounds terrible. They’re not too bad though. You will start each Death By on Minute 1, and each minute, you will increase the amount of reps you do until you can no longer keep up! So, this can be a really short process, or a really long grinder, depending on how good you are at these movements. But you’ll get a great workout as long as you push it. 


Pick 2 out of the 5 below “Death By” Workouts

Death by Burpees

  • (You’ve probably assumed by now that I love burpees. They’re one of the best bodyweight only exercises you can do anywhere).

  • On Minute 1, perform 1 burpee. Add a burpee each minute until you cannot complete the number of burpees in that given minute. 

Death by Split Jumps x’s 2 + Pushups

  • On Minute 1, perform 2 split jumps + 1 pushup. Each minute, increase split jumps by 2 (1 on each leg) and pushups by 1.

  • So minute 2, do 4 split jumps + 2 pushups. On Minute 3, do 6 split jumps + 3 pushups, and so on….

Death by Situps + Russian Twists x’s 2

  • For this, you’ll need some sort of weight. It can be a dumbbell, a book..anything. Just not super heavy, and something that you don’t mind if it gets dropped. 
  • On Minute 1, perform 1 situp + 2 Russian Twists (1 each side). 
  • Minute 2, do 2 situps + 4 Russian Twists, and so on…

Death by 10 meters

  • For this one, you’ll need to set up 2 cones, or some other markers. The markers will need to be 10 meters apart
  • On Minute 1, run 10 meters( 1 length of the markers). Minute 2, run 20 meters (2 lengths of the markers). On Minute 3, run 30 meters (3 lengths of the markers)…and so on, until you cannot complete the distance in that given minute. 

Death by Dips x’s 2

  • For this, all you need is a couch, bench, or chair to do your dips off of. 
  • On Minute 1, perform 2 dips. On Minute 2, perform 4 dips. Each minute, add 2 dips until you cannot complete the number of dips in that given minute.