What’s up? Happy Thursday to you (or by now, maybe it’s Friday by the time you’re reading this). These days just fly by. I’m still currently wearing the same gym clothes I was wearing at 6 am this morning – shorts, shoes, and everything. 

So, the other night, Daniel came home with a bag full of dark chocolate, raspberries, and honey. He surprised me and made these Dark Chocolate Raspberry Scones. He’s the better cook between the two of us. And sometimes (but not all the time) he’s a better baker. We don’t really bake, but when we do, I usually end up messing something up. 

Well, these scones were pretty dang good. I had a couple of them, but then he took the rest to work before I could have any more. Lame. But tonight as I was attempting to post this, I was like, “hey babe, how did you make those scones so I can put them on my blog?” Well, turns out he made them from the PALEOHACKS blog, which I didn’t even know existed until tonight. But it’s a pretty cool site. Check it out. 

Anyway, the recipe is totally not mine. Or his. But it was still so good and easy that I wanted you to know about it.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Scones Recipe

 Turned out pretty good. 

Turned out pretty good. 

 Photo & Recipe Courtesy of  paleohacks.com

Photo & Recipe Courtesy of paleohacks.com