Happy Friday! And Happy 4th Day of Christmas!

Today you get another workout you can do anywhere – with NO equipment. I wanted to throw running in there, BUT it’s freakin’ cold outside, and no one wants to run when it’s that cold. So, you can do this little, short workout sometime this weekend in your own home, by the fire, or while you bake cookies, or before you go to that Christmas party. 

This workout is a form of interval training, called a TABATA. Tabatas are great because they are short. Like 4 minutes short BUT don’t let the time fool you. You go hard in those 4 minutes, and then.. you’re done. So, they’re great for this time of year. Think maximum benefits in least amount of time. We did one on Monday on the assault bike, and it got me. 

Tabatas are 20 seconds of hard work, followed by 10 seconds of short rest. You go through it 8 times, which equals 4 minutes(since each one is 30 seconds). There is a free app you can get on your phone. I think it’s called Tabata Stopwatch Pro (or something like that)

This workout is 4 back to back Tabatas. Once you’re done with one 4 minute/8 round tabata, you jump straight into that next one. 

All you need is the clock in your phone (or that tabata app I was telling you about) and a chair/couch/bench to do your dips on.

#1(Minues 0-4): Burpees

#2( Minutes 4-8): Suitcase Crunches – from the ground, or from that chair, couch, or bench. 

#3 (Minutes 8-12): Dips -off your chair/couch/bench.

#4 (Minutes 12-16): Lunges (Add a plyo jump in there if you want… aka split jumps)