Happy MONNNNNDDAAAAAYYYYY! Hope you’re feeling awesome, kicking butt, and taking names. <—-Is that a saying? I think it is. Anyway, I sure am. Sometimes I wonder if people even read these little blog posts, or if I even make sense (because I just try to type like how I would talk to you, and if you know me, you know I don’t always make sense with my words). But then someone really nice will write me, or email me, or tell me in person that something I said inspired or helped them or whatever, so I guess people do really read these. So, thanks for that. Thanks for reading my thoughts. We’re learning together.

On Saturday I got to watch some of my friends participate in some local competitions. Some did a CrossFit competition, and a few competed in a powerlifting meet. 

So you wanna be inspired or watch something cool? Go watch a CrossFit competition. You don’t even have to compete in it. Just go watch, and it will inspire you. Just ignore the small minority of people acting like they have something to prove (including me) or wearing shirts about jerks and snatches(not including me) and you’re good. But for real. People are giving it ALL THEY GOT by doing crazy stuff to see who can be the best at exercising, or who can lift the most weight. And there are different divisions – so you have your people who may be doing their first competition, and then you have people who have been doing this for years now. And now a days, most partner or team comps have workouts where you have to do the same movement at the same time (synchro) which makes you have to work together, think a little harder, and just try and keep up because you don’t want to hold your team back. Competing alongside a teammate- or even multiple teammates will push you to go harder. For me, I’ll give up on myself WAY before I’ll give up on a teammate. Whether it’s your first competition, or your hundredth, it takes a lot of guts. So more power to all you people who have been doing these competitions lately.

And SHOUTOUT to the people from CFEC who competed on Saturday. Grayson, Shawn, and Mike for doing the Santa Series, and Jerry (aka lil Yerri), Ali (but he prefers Alejandro), and Andrew for doing the Merry Liftmas Powerlifting Meet. So many podium finishes.


I’ve talked some on here before about competing, so I’m not going to get into that too much. BUT I can’t help it, so I’ll say it again… if you’ve been thinking even a little bit about doing a competition or a meet, DO IT. Truth is, you’re never going to be ready. But it will make you better, and I think you’ll surprise yourself by how much fun you have. Anyway, just throwing that out there. 

But this segways into what I wanted to talk about today: Working out/Exercising with friends. 

Working out with friends is way better than working out by yourself. I promise. Even if you’re an introvert. Actually I lied. I can’t promise you anything if you’re an introvert since I’m not. But I think it’s worth a shot. 

So many people find themselves in a workout rut this time of year. Busy schedules, holiday food, and cold weather can mess everything up if we let it. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. Why would you wait until January to get your ish together?

If you’re in a workout rut right now, change it up. Maybe your change up needs to include friends- or at least other people who just may become your friend one day. Whether it’s group fitness classes, training for a race or a meet with friends, jumping in a CrossFit class, or even just braving the cold to walk/run with a friend. DO IT. 

Working out with other people can be scary when you’re not used to it. I was terrified of CrossFit when I started because I was so used to doing my own thing and working out alone. And I can talk to a brick wall. So, I know it’s gotta be tough for the people out there who aren’t much for talking to other people. BUT our best friends are from CFEC (the gym we go to). There’s a bond you form with people doing the same workout, giving your ALL, right next to each other. It makes you not want to quit. It makes you talk to other people. It holds you accountable to actually SHOW UP. It always keeps your workouts different and fun, and ultimately, it makes you a better human. 

I’m so thankful for great people to workout with. I’m pretty average. I can be weak mentally. So, I’m going to admit to you.. when I workout by myself sometimes (in between coaching) it’s HARD to get motivated. And if Colin doesn’t tell me something to do, I literally sit there for 20 minutes trying to figure it out. YEAH, I still do it. BUT sometimes I almost quit. Or I don’t try as hard as I should (just being real). BUT it DOES make me thankful for coaches that program for me (In CrossFit, you just show up and don’t have to worry about what to do, because your smart coach programs it and tells you what to do). Working out alone makes me thankful that most of the time, I get to workout alongside people I love. 

So, just remember that. Find some people to sweat with, and it will make your life better. And don’t forget about those competitions. And as always, let me know if you have questions, or if I can help. 

As always, you can see everything we did this past week at CFEC here. Every year, people in our gym submit workouts, and we take a week to do them, and they’re really fun and creative. Well, it was supposed to be a deload week last week, but all the over ambitious people in our gym came up with crazy hard workouts for us to do, so there’s that. This week we’re starting a new cycle and starting to focus on the OPENNNNNNNNNN. It’ll be here before ya know it. 

Also, be on the lookout for some exciting news I have coming later tonight. My friend, Hannah and I, are launching a new fitness and nutrition program. More details on that later. 

Keep pushing. Keep making good decisions that better your health. Concluding this post with a shoutout to everyone who was ever nice enough to do a competition with me. 

Have a great week! LATER

 See, fitness is way more fun with friends.

See, fitness is way more fun with friends.