Happy Cyber Monday!

First of all, the above picture has nothing to do with what I wrote about. But I found it today, and it’s a friendly, non- competitive photograph, and I like it. 

Ok, back to Cyber Monday. Hope you’re buying more than I am. I’ve done pretty good. I try to not spend too much. Just trying to make Dan the Man proud. But in all honestly, it’s really just because I’m not organized yet to start buying Christmas gifts for anyone. I’m a procrastinator – that’s for sure. But good news is, I obviously have a lot of self control! Because y’all, these sales are too good, and I just keep passing them up. 

Did you hit up the gym today? Hopefully you did. And hopefully you walked in feeling confident and ready to crush this week. I did. I promise. I started eating veggies again yesterday. I got (almost) 8 hours of sleep. I read a little bit this morning, and I went to the gym before I was supposed to coach and only did mobility. I didn’t even workout at all. That’s unusual for me on a Monday.

Sidenote: I always try to be real on here, with the expense of me sounding really, just dumb. And that’s ok. Before you read any further, know this is really for anyone who is super competitive, or has goals in mind to get better at whatever they do to stay fit – in a sport, in CrossFit, training for a race, etc. I usually try not to talk too much about that on here(I know, I know. I said try) because  1. I really just want to inspire others to make the best of their life through fitness, nutrition, and setting goals – whatever that looks like for them (not necessarily focused on competition) and 2. I really don’t always see myself as that great at this subject, and therefore, people could probably care less about what I have to say about it. (Just real talk). 

Ok, back to story: I went about my morning all chill-like  because this week is our retest week at CFEC (and I actually really do care about that), and part of today was to find a 1 rep max snatch. If you know me, you know I hate ’em. Least favorite thing. Despite alllllll the help Colin has given me, they’re still struggs. But I knew today was going to be different. I saw it all go down in my head. I was going to lift the most I ever had, and that was going to be the start of my breakthrough with this movement. I’d be at 200 lbs in no time. I’m obviously kidding about the last sentence, BUT, I REALLY thought that today was going to be that breakthrough day- where all that hard work would pay off. Well, it wasn’t. 

And what’s a snatch, you ask? Google it. No, don’t do that. Just kidding. Or just make sure you type in CrossFit or Weightlifting before said snatch in Google.  

The point to my dumb story is… you know what, sometimes we can do our best to prepare – we eat right, we eat enough, we sleep well, we warmup pretty good I guess, and we take time to work on breaking down the movement. And we even take our Force (Thanks Progenex). But then, things don’t always go as pretty as we see it go in our sweet little brains. 

Not every day is pretty. Truth is, this morning was pretty rough. Like as in, I completely forgot how to snatch. Like back to where I was a year ago before Colin helped me a ton this past summer. So, I even tried again this afternoon…for over an hour, and still didn’t see the results I wanted. 

And I got mad. I cried a little. I had a bad attitude. And truth is, when I get mad like that..I’m mostly mad at myself for being mad at myself. Because I’m a dumb girl. 

But in the midst of all that, here’s what I’m learning. 

1. Not every day is going to be a great day. But you have to keep fighting. One day at a time. Because whatever your fitness goals are – whether it’s like me, you just want to be able to snatch more weight(whatever that even means), or whether it’s to run that 5K under 30 minutes before the year is over, it’s coming. But days that don’t 100% go your way are going to come – even when you’ve prepared for them. And when that happens, sometimes it’s ok to cry. Or yell. Unless you’re like me, and you do it more than you think you should…then you should cut it out. But, ultimately, just know it’s because you effing care. And that’s a good thing. Just remember, you can’t have the good without the bad. 

2. The breakthrough is coming. And it’s going to be just that much sweeter once it happens. And sometimes, the way you get back up and keep working at what you suck at is more inspirational to other people than if you would have just walked in the gym and kicked @$$ the first time you tried..or the second..or the millionth (like myself). <—I think I’ve said this before on here. But that is from my friend, Shawn, who is bottom right in the cover photo at the top of this page. And Shawn DOES read my blog, so that was another shoutout to him and a shoutout to super baby Joe for being tough and keeping Shawn out of the gym today by being a reckless almost 1 year old.

3. You have to keep doing everything possible on your end to make it happen. Keep breaking it down. Push through the frustration. And don’t give up. 

4. Be thankful. Thankful you’re even physically and mentally able to workout – Real talk, because each day to be able to actually move is a gift. And I don’t take that for granted. Also, be thankful for the people who help you to get better. I got better this afternoon because Colin puts up with me and helped me before coaching for 3 hours today. 

5. And most importantly, always remember, there’s more to you than a bad day in the gym. You and I are way cooler than working out.There’s a lot more going on in our pretty little world than bad or good workouts. (And I’m aware of that:) But if you have big goals, frustrations do come, and it should be talked about in this little fitness world we live in. 

So, that’s it. If you’re trying to get better at working out, hope you get PR’s this week. If you don’t really care, that’s even cooler. 

Have a great week! Make good choices. Thanksgiving week is over. You get to decide the choices you make when it comes to food and exercise during this holiday season. Remember, the amount of work and discipline you put in will equal the results you see. 🙂