Happy Monday! But let’s be real. Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Week. Hopefully your week is abbreviated, and hopefully you have some fun things planned with ALL the people you love. And then if you’re like me, Christmas decor and music starts. So, ALL of that makes this Monday even better. 

I wish I had something smart to tell you about working out this week. But truth is, I really don’t have a lot. BUTTTTTTTTTT Have y’all seen this video? It’s been out for like a little over a week now. I somehow just saw it Saturday night while Daniel was watching football, and I was bored because there were no exciting games on. BUT IT’S SO GOOD. It’s only 7 minutes long, and I dare you to try and not cry at the end. 


So, obviously this 7 minute video trumps (haha Donald!) anything I could say to you today. It puts a lot in perspective. Whatever your goals are (big or small), don’t give up. Some faith and a lot of hard work goes a long way. 

“There’s always hope. Keep fighting. It may suck, but as soon as you say you’re done, everything ends and you don’t get to see the impact you have on people. There’s something that God has put in me to share with others. My faith is what has been giving me the strength to keep fighting.” – MeLin McDonald

Now, let’s talk about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time where we gather around a big table with people we love and eat some really great food. But for some reason, that brings a lot of fear– and not just because you know those awkward convos with your family are coming. But for some people, ALL THAT FOOD brings so much anxiety. Because we know we’re going to eat waaayyyyy too much, get that turkey coma, have a food baby we name, and everyone will think we’re pregnant. And then we do the same thing on Friday, because let’s be real, TGiving leftovers are one of the best things about Thanksgiving.

Maybe you’re doing a really great job eating good foods that don’t make your body feel like crap. You’ve made a lot of progress, BUT you JUST KNOW this Thanksgiving day is going to ruin all of it. Well, for starters, life is too short to have that kind of thinking. And second, no, your thanksgiving doesn’t have to go down like that. 

I want all of you to enjoy Thanksgiving for what it is, so here are some quick little tips or whatever to keep in mind this week. 

  • Remember what Thanksgiving is all about: Pilgrims and Indians unite. Yeah, it’s about harvesting and feasting, but it’s also about way more than that. It’s about slowing down, reflecting, being thankful, showing gratitude, and uniting with people we love, despite our differences. 
  • Make it about the people you’re with: This is my #1 tip for you vs. food this holiday season. It’s what I’m constantly relearning. BECAUSE I LOVE SOME GOOD FOOD! I love to eat a lot. I have a huge appetite when I want to. But here’s what helps me: Get togethers like Thanksgiving are special, not because of the food, but because of the people. So, stay focused on the joy that comes from conversing (smart word) with the people you love, instead of focusing on the joy that comes from the pumpkin pie. 
  • Have a game plan: Don’t stress out or anything, but if you’re trying to be good and not overdo it on the eating or drinking, have a game plan on the front end. If you know what food will be there, go ahead and plan out what you’re going to eat, and how much you’re going to eat of it. Stick for more meat/veggies and less starchy foods. BUT you should still find a way to treat yourself too 🙂 Just saying. 
  • Give yourself some grace: If you’re like me, you try to eat pretty clean. BUT come on y’all. Thanksgiving is one time a year. Make good choices, but give yourself some grace. And know that if you did eat more than you wanted to, it’s not the end of the world. Be nice to yourself. 
  • Stay active: Before you start cooking, go move! Several years I’ve done a 5K. Other times, I’ve just gone for a run on my own. If your gym happens to be open, take advantage of that. Start a new tradition. My family was never like this, but I’ve always wanted to play football on thanksgiving. Tackle and everything. That would be a great workout. After you’re finished eating, go for a walk. One time (last Easter) I ate way too much at Earle Street Easter brunch. Like really overdid it. And I walked/tried to jog all around my neighborhood with my food baby, and I felt a lot better by just moving a little. I’m not proud of it, but I just always aspire to be real with y’all.
  • Drink a lot of water: Water is the best thing for your body. Don’t get too consumed with food that you forget to drink water. Water also helps you to feel more full, which will help you to not eat more than your body can take. 
  • And this one is so important, I’m going to say it again: Make Thanksgiving about the people you’re with, not about the food: Remember, PEOPLE > FOOD. 

Hopefully those help. They help me. Life is too short to deprive yourself. But life is also too short to feel miserable from over eating. I hope you enjoy time with your friends and family this Thanksgiving!


Also, here is a Thanksgiving Morning Tabata Workout you can try out:

Tabatas are great because they require A LOT of effort, over a short amount of time. So, there’s no excuse to get that quick workout in, and you’ll burn calories all day long. 

Tabatas are high-intensity interval training workouts, lasting only 4 minutes each. Exercises last 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This lasts 4 total minutes, for 8 total rounds. Below are 4 different Tabata exercises. Each Tabata will last 4 minutes, and each should have 2 minutes of rest in between. 

Tabata 1: air squats (only bodyweight) or jump squats(plyo squats) for you more advanced people. **4 rounds: 20 seconds of hard work, 10 seconds of rest.

rest 2 minutes.

Tabata 2: burpees **4 rounds: 20 seconds of hard work, 10 seconds of rest.

rest 2 minutes.

Tabata 3: v ups **4 rounds: 20 seconds of hard work, 10 seconds of rest.

rest 2 minutes.

Tabata 4: Run in place or Jumping Jacks. **4 rounds: 20 seconds of hard work, 10 seconds of rest.