Happy Sunday!

Holiday season is almost here! So are the chilly nights…which for us = crockpot soups. Today I made one of our favorites. It’s from PaleOMG.com.  We love it because 1) it tastes good 2) it takes like 5 minutes to make and 3) anything on her blog is a win. If you don’t follow her on Instagram or SnapChat, you’re missing out: @paleOMG 

When it gets cold outside, I want alllllll the comfort food. Well, this is comfort food without being terrible for you. 

I would type out the recipe, but I just linked her’s (paleOMG.com) because she’s way cooler than I am. 

The only thing we did to add on to it (and i would recommend you do the same) was add. meat. This time, we cooked fresh farm, pork sausage…and it was great. But we’ve also done ground chicken, ground turkey, and andouille sausage. All great choices. 

PaleOMG’s Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil Soup

 photo from  paleomg.com

photo from paleomg.com


Also, incase you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is this week. I’ll have some tips tomorrow on how to enjoy the holidays, WHILE still eating some of the foods you love. But until then, here is a bonus Thanksgiving recipe for you – for those of you who love cauli like me! Once again, it’s not my recipe, but it’s worth sharing. 

Primal Cauliflower Casserole

We made this recipe last year for Thanksgiving, and we’re making double the amount this year. It’s from bravoforpaleo.com

It’s not fully “paleo,” but it’s tasty, and if you like cauli like I do, you should find a way to incorporate it into your Thanksgiving dinner. If you’ve ever wanted to take me at my word, now would be the time. You’re welcome. 

 photo from  paleomg.com

photo from paleomg.com

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Have a great week!