Happy Monday!

This actually has nothing to do with fitness…but if that’s weird to you, I guess you can find a way to make anything about fitness if you want…

But here’s the thing… in a world full of negativity, uncertainty, and hate, what if we just started assuming the best about each other?

First off, what does “assume the best” even mean? We throw that phrase around a lot…or I do. I caught myself saying it to Daniel last Thursday night, and I made myself actually break down what it means. 

To me, assuming the best means choosing to see the good in other people – to release judgement and take them at their word. It’s a choice. And sometimes it’s hard. But this blog is all about trying to make you and me better , so hopefully this reminder will help us become more considerate, less judgmental people this week, and in the future.

So, how about we just start assuming the best about each other? Because news flash:

People aren’t always out to get you. You’re not always right. Assuming the negative will make your life not fun at all. And last, but not least, being a judgmental person will eventually drive other people away from you.

Feelings are fleeting, and being a human makes us all weird anyway, but we can choose to be more positive in what we think and say about each other. 

For me, when I’m negative and assume the worst in other people, it takes away my joy. Life is better when I take people at their word, and look for the best in them. 

So, with that, know I’m just typing away from experience –  not ranting. And maybe you can relate too.

Ok. That’s all. 

Moving on to fitness. We did several hero WODs this pas week  – or variations of hero WODS last week in honor of Veteran’s Day. But the coolest thing we did as a gym was honor the veterans (and those currently serving our country) in our gym – both in class and on social media. So, shoutout to NATE “N8, Nate the Great, even though he is a lover of the Seminoles” Thomason for going the extra mile, getting all that info organized, and getting it out there on social media, because that’s a big freaking deal, and just another reason why CFEC is a great place, and about WAY more than just showing up everyday to work out.

You can see all we did fitness -ish here.  Other than that, I started practicing handstand walks again. I kinda forgot about them for awhile, but I’m still right there where I left off. Let’s see, oh, ring dips are hard. Oh yeah, when I don’t eat like my friend Hannah tells me to eat, I feel like a train hit me when I workout. So, eating good food is important. Listen to people who are smarter than you. And when you mess up, it’s not too late to jump right back in where you left off. 

In other news, Team JAM is headed to Miami in January for Wodapalooza. So, that’s pretty great. First of all, Team JAM stands for: Jackie, Alison, and Marlie. And second of all, I need to learn how to swim. Jackie just got her diver’s cert though, so I’m thankful she will be in the water with me… maybe? Do they let you swim with your teammates? I’m just kidding guys. I’ve survived 3 sprint triathalons, so I can at least hang. But I do need to practice. And I’m really excited about this. It’ll be a lot of fun, and I’m always about competing on a team over competing alone. I won’t let my teammates down. And competitions always help me get better. 

That’s all I’ve got on this Monday. Sorry there wasn’t much fitness involved, but like I said, hopefully the reminder helps you as much as it helped me. Don’t forget to love the people around ya. 

Here’s an at home workout, and you don’t need any equipment for it, and you can totally do it inside by the warm fire in your comfy house since it’s too cold outside:

4 Rounds for Time:

20 mountain climbers

20 hollow rocks

20 burpees