Happy Cinco de Mayo! Unfortunately, for the first year in awhile, you won’t find me out late celebrating one of my favorite countries. I’m trying to be good. No margs for me this time around. But I’m making myself a deal. Instead, I’m going to have my own Cinco de Junio. Hold me to it. It’s on a Sunday, but you’re all invited to celebrate with Dan and me by eating tacos and drinking margs.
I did somewhat celebrate Cinco de Mayo by playing nutmeg with some friends and listening to some crazy Mexican tunes this morning, instead of working out. And right now, as I type this sentence, Dan and I are about to down somewhat of a Mexican dish– it’s just not chips and queso. Sad. But in happy news, today was an active recovery day for me. I never thought I’d actually get to this point, but I LOVE RECOVERY DAYS. Like I love them so much. Just some light moving and stretching. There’s no pressure. No competition. Even today, I was going realllllly slow, and Colin was peddling on that assault bike so fast and running so fast, but I let him just have the win. No pressure. And I like that active recovery days are outside. I’m just a much happier, more care free human. Here is what after active recovery looks like:


Moving on. Well, all 7 of the events for Regionals have been announced, and I am SO flippin’ excited about them! Well, I guess all of them except that snatch ladder. Which just so happens to be Event #1. While I may not make the best first impression in Event #1, I’m really excited to compete in all of the other events.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not excited about the events because they’re easy or anything.. they’re actually all pretttyyyyy tough. But I knew that going into this thing.

We’re going through each and every workout this weekend – on the same days and in the same order that I’ll be doing them 2 weekends from now.

Although they’re crazy hard workouts, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I can’t wait to push through that feeling in my hamstrings after I go through three rounds of running on that True Form, and then do a whole lot of GHD’s really fast, and some heavy deadlifts. I can’t wait to see if I can handle legless rope climbs at the very end of the weekend – when my shoulders will most likely be fried. I can’t wait to see if I can actually walk 100 feet on my hands. I’ve never HAD to do that for an event or anything, so we’ll see what happens. I’m working on it. Also, as sad as it may be, I need to tell you that last week, I could barely do a strict handstand pushup. Now, I can. Also, I debated on putting this next piece on here (but it is what it is) – my PR snatch is 135 lb. That just so happens to be the first weight I’m supposed to hit in this crazy heavy snatch ladder. To some of you that may or may not sound impressive. But to me and to these athletes that are going to be there- it’s really not impressive. At all. And I have to snatch that 10 times in 2 minutes before even moving up in weight. But I accept the challenge.

Dave Castro posted something on instagram the other day, and I couldn’t agree any more. He said:

“The regionals programming is programmed for the top athletes to go to the games. It is not programmed for those who can’t. It’s programmed for those who can. I expect a lot of people to be stopped by the rings on day 1. That’s the point. And at the games. Expect events that will stop games athletes. It’s not about making your favorite athlete shine. It’s about testing them and exposing weaknesses in them. #stepuptotheplate.”

Well done, Dave. Weaknesses that I used to not care about have been exposed. But in all reality, I’m loving every second of it. For example, this whole time I thought I was doing strict muscle ups by just simply standing on a box, with my arms not locked out, and halfway pulling myself up and through the rings. Ha, my coaches (and the Event #2 standards) finally had the heart to tell me that I wasn’t in fact doing a true strict muscle up. BUT, now I know I can do a strict muscle up. I did some Tuesday morning. And I’ve been working on them since. I’ve never been more determined to walk on my hands. I’m tellin’ ya– I’m no natural when it comes to making my body do what I want it to. But I’m determined to not be that girl tumbling down the floor in front of thousands of people in 2 weeks. And the good news is, although I’m a late bloomer, things do usually end up clicking for me. And once they click. I’m on it.

Weaknesses exposed make you better – but only if you let them. If you don’t take anything else away from this. Take that. Being uncomfortable leads to growth. It makes you a better human. Embrace it.



Thanks, again, for your love and support – especially for all of the nice things you’ve said. I talked a lot about this here last week.  But most recently, my little 4 year old friend Cat gave me $50 to help pay for expenses to make sure I’m ready. In her comment, she said, “Thank you for teaching me burpees.” I teared up a little. I love ya, Cat, and I can’t wait to watch all you accomplish in life because your parents put you in gymnastics and CrossFit as a small human.


No matter what happens, this experience has already been so great. I’m watching myself get better really fast. I’m watching myself do these skills that I’ve always put off. I’m watching myself not give up. This wouldn’t be possible without getting that miraculous invite to the Atlantic Regional.

I’m having the time of my life, I’m being pushed like I never have before, and I’m counting down the days until I get to compete with these amazing athletes that I look up to. I’m beginning to actually believe that I do deserve to be there. Competition is when the hard work I’ve been putting in combines with the miracle that only God could make happen for me, and ends up with me doing way better than I could have ever even expected out of myself. For real. SO, anything is possible!


These are getting better.




I’m gonna fight for every single one of these. 



The feeling you get after that strict muscle up lockout

And I’ll always love ya, thrusters.