I was a little hesitant about writing this post. My life isn’t all that exciting or anything. I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it. But my friend and wise decision maker, Lindsey, told me that I should. Since then, I’ve had several people ask me what I eat on a daily basis. I usually just send people google docs of what Daniel and I ate for the first several weeks after starting Zone. But that’s boring. SO, I thought, why not show you in pictures? And while I’m at it, I could ramble on about what I get to do everyday.
So, here we go. A day in the life of me…on just an average, everyday Tuesday.

(Most of this was just taken from my snapchat, where I try to post videos/pics of food and working out and Dan, and other random things)

5:15 am- That alarm goes off. Good thing I can jump up right away in the morning. Ask Dan. When my alarm goes off, I’m up. Especially this morning, and a lot of other mornings over the past week. I’m not making this up…I’ve been pretty excited about life lately to where I just don’t sleep well. I even cut out the coffee in the afternoon. So, usually when my alarm goes off, I’m up anyway. I start the coffee and get ready to go to the gym– On Tuesday mornings, I get to train someone at 6 am, someone else a little, after 7 am, and then coach 8:30 class at CFEC. I’m kind of a hott mess in the morning. One day I’ll neatly have everything laid out, but for now, this works.


5:35ish – I’m out the door with my bookbag, gym bag, lulu bag full of food, protein shaker, and…oh, yeah..COFFEE! Except this morning I somehow brewed the coffee without putting the actual coffee grounds in the coffee maker. Or maybe it was Dan. 🙂 I dunno. Anyway, I poured my “not coffee,yellowish water”into my thermos and thought “this surely doesn’t smell like coffee.” So, I had to rebrew it. Good thing I always leave enough time for these things to happen in the morning.


5:55ish: Get to gym. My sweet 6 am client was sick, so I ended up coaching a guy through his last day of Foundations at CFEC. He served in the navy, and has lived in some pretty cool places around the world…AND he met his wife in Japan. Pretty cool. Anyway, he is ready to start CrossFit at CFEC.


7:05ish: Finally start eating breakfast. Colin told me I need to eat it first thing in the morning, and I’m working on it. It’s hard for me to eat first thing in the morning. But I did manage a few bites of it on the way to the gym. I prep my breakfasts for Monday- Wednesday on Sunday night. Yeah, I wish I could eat breakfast while it’s still warm, but this will do. I do 3 eggs, 1 small piece of bacon, and I throw some diced sweet taters in there. This morning I got to eat my breakfast with Brooke, Meghan, and Caroline. I miss working out with them at 6am 🙁 I told them I had to take a pic of us because I was telling all of you about my day. They laughed at me. We talked about things like placenta, babies, goat cheese, etc. Nick joined in too because he’s gonna be a dad in a little over a month.


I sure do miss working out with them everyday. Here are some reasons why.


IMG_2001 (1)


How our convos usually look. 

7:15 ish: Sharie walks in the middle of our convo about placenta, babies, and goat cheese. I train Sharie on Tues and Thurs mornings. She wasn’t phased by our convo. She has two boys. She’s birthed her share. Side note: This morning I wore a Crossroads Summer Camp shirt that Sharie gave me. Her husband Clayton and her are getting ready for thousands of students to come to Anderson for camp this summer. So pray for them.

8:20ish: Sharie leaves, 8:30 class is coming in. I checked my phone and saw where Born Primitive reposted a pic that Kevin took yesterday. So, to me, that was pretty cool.

But back to that 8:30 class. I love them so much. Some of them are on vaca this week though, so I’m missing them, and they missed a hard workout today. There’s a couple that comes to 8:30 class whenever they’re not working. Their names are Jeff and Tonya. I love them. I need them to teach me how to do the Runningman one of these days. There’s also a sweet lady named Lupita who comes to 8:30 almost every day. She’s so cute, and so strong! Here she is straight flexin’


Also, starting tomorrow or Thursday, this will be the time when I drink my more muscle protein. I just have to wait for it to come in. Daniel ordered me some goooooood stuff last Wednesday. They say the more muscle will help me get stronger. Hopefully that + the technique work I’ve been doing, and we’ll see a miracle before Regionals.

9:45ish: Time to get warmed up and start working out. But first, we play nutmeg or spikeball. I wish we could play longer, but these days, if we play at all, it’s only for about 15 min. But I’m forever grateful for all of the guys in this pic for letting me workout with them and try to be serious. They help me with my mental game by yelling at me and kicking/hitting balls at me – especially Shawn.


Here we are playing a game of nutmeg before working out. 

Speaking of Shawn, he got me this shirt, and I made it into a crop top. I love crop tops. I wore this shirt to workout in today.I actually feel legit wearing it now that I actually drink protein shakes.


Lately, during this time, Jerry helps me with my fundraising. He is ordering ALL the #ChasingStall shirts, and I’m thankful for him. I know he’s sacrificing a lot of his time to do that. He also designs websites. He’s good. And he’s generous. He pretty much told me my website sucks and BOUGHT the rights to chasingstall.com without me knowing. Thanks for believing in me lil Yerri. So, more on that later. But bigger things are coming. Hello. Anyway, he gives me all the updates every morning. Jerry is a short man, but he squats like a baby. Him and Colin both. But Jerry is this teeny tiny close to hitting 500 lb. So, cheer him on. Jerry also has helped me a lot during this season because he can see when I’m frustrated, and twice during the past week, he’s pulled me aside and asked me why I do what I do, and then he said that everything I do, as well as my effort and attitude, needs to bring honor to God. And while that feels like a blow to the gut, it’s what I need to hear, so thank you, Jerry!

Speaking of working out this morning, we did: 12 minutes to build to a heavy behind the neck split jerk. I struggled. We then did the 2016 Masters Qualifier Event #4 (55 burpees, 34 Overhead Squats – 95/65#, and 21 ring muscle ups) Dang. Not my day. Burpees were great. Plan was to do OHS unbroken, but I had like 3 left, and my right shoulder gave out. I’ve been trying to nurse it a little more lately. Frustrating. Anyway, muscle ups were terrible after that. My attitude sucked. But sometimes a little 400 meter walk in the sun, along with a 10 min game to spikeball will change your attitude. Oh, and a chocolate protein recovery shake. Don’t worry. I’ll be back at the gym later to train again, and I’ll have a much better day. I had a great day of training Sunday, and a pretty good day yesterday, so we’re all bound to have bad days. But my weaknesses keep getting exposed, and I hate it so much. Oh well. I had a great recovery shake (Progenex Recovery – Belgian Chocolate). I think that’s my new main motivation to workout.


12:15ish: I came home and ate a snack on the way. Here’s what you need to know. I’m pretty basic. I’ve been making these little protein pancakes. I top it with a little bit of peanut butter, and that’s really all I need for a snack.


I came home and did 20 minutes of mobility because I didn’t do it at the gym. I like getting some mobility in on the back deck, but at some point, my neighbors (the ones we haven’t really met yet) come outside and hang on their deck too. And then I feel weird because I’m just out there stretching in my bathing suit, and they probably think thats weird, so I go back inside.


So, you can see that my right leg still hasn’t caught up in size to my left one. 

Then, I ate some lunch. I’m grateful for the days when I don’t even have to think about cooking something for lunch. It’s already made for me. Today was some grilled chicken, mixed with peppers and cauli rice.



If this pic looks weird to you, it’s only because that’s the top of my bathing suit. (disclaimer). I usually use this time to read, be still, pray, and look at instagram and snapchat.

After lunch, I thought, “Man, I would love some fruit, and just a tiny bit of chocolate.” So, I also added a little tiny bowl of some strawberries, blueberries, and about 10 dark chocolate chips- because I wanted them 🙂



1:00ish: Usually around this time, if it’s a pretty day, I sit outside with my computer and program for the people I train (which, by the way y’all, actually does take awhile. Each person I train has specific goals and a program tailored just for them). If I don’t have anything to program, I write for my blog, or I read a little.

2:00ish: make Dan some protein pancakes I was talking about earlier- and when I say Dan, I mean for me too. I cleaned up around the house, put some laundry away. Nothin’ special.


3:00ish: head back to the gym to hang out with a potential new person to train (Thanks to my kind, good friend Kelly Wilson for helping set that up). We talked about her goals, and she starts next Tuesday! So, another prayer answered, y’all! I’ve been praying for 5 clients, and there are my 5.

4:30ish: During this time, Kidfit and Strength and Conditioning are going on at CFEC, so there’s A LOT going on. And it’s pretty great. I love helping out at Kidfit. The kids are fun, but I really like it because I love hanging out with Kelly, Lia, and Nate.  I mean, look at us. That’s a team right there. However, today was my last day of Kidfit for awhile- or at least until after Regionals.

5:45ish: Workout- except I wasn’t feeling it, so after I worked on pistols and did some double unders mixed in there, Colin told me to stop and just roll out, so I did. I’m exhausted. I dunno how these people can maintain working out like that multiple times a day. Oh well. My rest day is Thursday, so I’m looking forward to that. I also hung out with Em for a little while. I love that little nugget. Oh, yeah, I had my second snack for the day too. Another protein pancake (the same kind I mentioned earlier).



7:00ish: I came home and got dinner ready. Dan came home from the gym shortly after that. He told me he was going to grill some chicken. That always makes me excited. Fresh grilled chicken that is. I diced up a lot of sweet potatoes! Well, it was actually only 3, but it felt like a lot. I said, “Dan, what else you wanna eat with your chicken and sweet potatoes?”He said, “cauli rice.” I mean what else would we eat? SOOO, I’m embarrassed to say on here that I had Trader Joe’s Cauli rice TWICE in one day. But for dinner, I cracked 2 eggs on the pan, and scrambled them amongst the cauli goodness. I also mixed some cilantro and goat cheese in. So good. I put my potatoes on a separate plate because I don’t like my food touching.


8:00ish: We ate dinner on the porch, and it was great! Until the bugs got us. Who knew there were so many angry bugs in our backyard?

IMG_2027 (1)

I promise that plate of potatoes isn’t as big as it looks. It’s about 1/2 of a sweet potato diced up. But I’ll confess to you that I went back for just a little bit of seconds after that. 

For the past 30 minutes or so, I’ve just been writing this blog, and Dan has been cleaning the kitchen. He’s a good man, that Dan. I also ate some more fruit. I usually only eat about 1-2 servings of fruit a day.


Putting fruit in these small cups helps make sure I don’t eat ALL the fruit. 

We’re gonna try to go to bed in the next hour- around 10 pm (hopefully). I’M HOPING TONIGHT WILL BE THAT NIGHT I FINALLY GET THAT GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP!! The plan is to get up at 5:15, go workout with my friends at 6 am <3 and then train someone at 7 am. Thanks for reading about my day and looking at pics of my non impressive food. As always, you can follow me on the snap, where I usually try to post pics and videos of non impressive food and workouts – (AlisonStall)