I feel like I’m eating everything in sight these days. I’m always hungry. I just spent an hour prepping food for the week, and it took everything in me to not eat the food. BUT the good news is, I’m being reaaalllly strict with my diet for the next 4 weeks until regionals is over. Then I’m going to finally treat myself to a big ole’ mighty meaty from Mellow Mushroom. But until then, I’m focused. It’s hard not to be focused when so many people have rallied around me over the past week. Like, I’m in complete awe. I’m humbled. And I’m going to keep working hard for the next 4 weeks. Speaking of working hard, we spent about 3 hours in the gym today, and we ended out our session (I think it was Part D) with 30 wall walks with a pushup at the bottom, for time. Ok, so those of you who said “oh, that sounds easy,” (only because I said that), go do it at the end of your workout, and let me know how it goes. Now my shoulders and my legs are done after three hard days of training. And I’m ready to hit it hard this week.
More on all of this and how people have been generous with their time and money tomorrow! But for now, here is a recipe from Dan. I can’t say I ate any of it. Only because I’m not a fan of chicken wings. I can’t get all the meat off the bone, and it annoys Dan. So, I’d rather just not even attempt anymore.

Dan’s Chicken Wangs


Makes 2.5 Servings (1 serving= 4 wings)
For Zone: Each serving = 4 block P, 0 block C, 1 block F(butter)
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
  • Chicken wings from your local market or grocery store. (These just happened to come from our local, downtown Anderson Ingles, off of Main Street. Nothin’ fancy. But you could always go with some from a local farm, or just choosing a brand that offers organic meat doesn’t hurt. But Ingles was good for Dan today).
  • Salt, pepper – about 1 tbsp of each should do for the entire batch of wings.
  • Grassfed butter (we use Kerrygold). The purpose of the butter is to thicken up the sauce and make it stick to the wings. You don’t need a whole lot though
  • Texas Pete Hot Sauce (Or another hot sauce that doesn’t have a lot of weird ingredients in it. Another thing to be careful of is sodium. So, yeah. Make sure you’re not overdoing that).
  • Cilantro – for garnish,
  • Preheat grill – low temp works.
  • Lightly salt and pepper the wings.
  • Slap those wings on the grill, on low heat.
  • While wings are grilling, combine sauce and butter in a small pot. Bring to a low simmer (just enough to melt the butter). We have a stove thingy on the grill, but you can do this on your stovetop in the kitchen too.
  • When wings are completely cooked through, place in sauce pot. Cover wings with sauce.
  • Turn that grill up to HIGH.
  • Put wings back on the grill – 30 seconds on each side.
  • Remove wings from grill.
  • If you’re sensitive to hot sauces in your nostrils, like me, don’t breathe in too hard with your nose.
Notes: I’m just taking Dan’s word for it. I didn’t try these. Instead I’m eating everything else in sight.
For Zone eaters: Each wing = 1 oz chicken meat, so, keep that in mind. The sauce is nothing, but remember to include your butter as fat. 1/3 tsp= 1 block. This was about 1 block/serving.