What’s up? I’m pretty stoked because I’m about to walk out the door and be on my way to Charleston with three of my favorite people. Daniel (duh), Kelly, and Jason. It was supposed to be a fishing trip for Dan and Jason, but somehow Kelly and I were able to talk ourselves into going. Apparently we’re staying at some house along the marsh that has a great view of the sunset. I’ll take it. It’s supposed to rain, but I don’t even care.
Alright, well the CrossFit Games Open 2016 is officially over. You’re probably happy for me to shut up about the Open. But it really was great. It does consume a lot of you for awhile. But in the best kind of way…the kind that brings your gym together AND makes you a lot stronger and better in the process. Is anyone else sad that there isn’t an Open Announcement tonight? Ok, I’m not sad about it. Jk, I kinda am.

16.5 didn’t disappoint. I love burpees and thrusters. (Actually, did. I did love burpees and thrusters). 16.5 was a repeat from 2014. AND I CALLED IT! As soon as ole Dave posted that pic of roadkill on insta, I knew it. That many burpees and thrusters — while trying your hardest and throwing it all out there – will almost kill you. What a great way to finish the Open.

16.5 was great for 2 reasons:

  • I think probably 95% of CFEC people who did the same workout in 2014, improved their time! How’s that for getting fitter? I’ll celebrate that.
  • 12321529_1141512785898971_1167267647880103379_n.jpg

  • This workout was tough, but it was capable of bringing together a community if you allowed it to. There was no time cap. We saw our gym rally around each person, in every heat. This meant that no person had to finish this workout alone. If you were still going (even if you were 25 minutes into the workout), you had a gang of people rallying around you, telling you that you could finish. My favorite picture to describe this is here: 

Anyway, we had heats running all day Friday, Saturday morning, and then all day Monday  – for people who had avoided it all weekend for one reason or another, and for people who wanted to redo it. Here were some of my favorite highlights from 16.5, There were more, but this was the best I could do at capturing them.


Mabry Collins has been a part of the CFEC family for longer than I can remember. She does our Unloaded class, which is kinda like a bootcamp. I’m so proud of her for doing the Open this year.


Jamie Davis – one of the greatest geoducks that ever lived. 


Emma Collins – the girl is only 13. Give her 2 years, and she’ll be beating all of us. 


Go Laura! She’s great and has been doing crossfit for less than 6 months. She also just designed her own pair of metcons, and I love them a lot.


Neighbor! Jenna did 16.5 Rx. She knew it would be hard, but she did it anyway. I’m proud to know you, Jenna!


I love competing with this girl. She’s a fighter. One of my favorite moments of the entire Open was drinking one of those #ginandgingers with Lia after 16.5. We don’t look as rough right here, but we both looked pretty terrible right after finishing 16.5. I like to think the gingerale helped my stomach feel better after this one. CHEERS!


I’m sad I didn’t get to see Will finish 16.5 ( I was training someone) but I could hear everyone cheering for him to finish. Dan took this picture of him. Don’t hate me, Will. I’m proud of you. Y’all – he’s 15. Keep working hard!


I get to coach Jessica at our 8:30 class. She HATES burpees. But I’m proud of her for showing up Monday and finishing the Open strong! 


Jeff finishing the Open strong on Monday morning!


My bud, Gray, showing that even 4 year olds can do the Open. He’s a part of our kidfit program, and he can out hustle the best of them!


Jason finishing out the Open 2016 @ CFEC. He came in and did his workout Monday afternoon at 7 pm. He’s been injured, and wasn’t able to do 16.3 or 16.4, He did 16.5 at the Rx weight. It pumped me up so much to see him back out there. 

A couple other highlights was Daniel. I’m so proud of him for doing better after redoing it. He hurt his ankle Friday night and didn’t do as well as he thought he would. So, he redid it Monday night and did 2 minutes better!

Also, there’s a cool guy (13 years old – I think?) in our gym. He’s been there for a long time. His name is Sammy. He grew up doing KidFit, and is now a part of our strength and conditioning program for middle and high schoolers. Most importantly though, he is a Geoduck. Also, his parents are Nate and Allison, and I like them a lot. Sammy did 16.5 on Saturday after most people had left the gym. I caught the end of it after I was finished training someone. I’m so proud of him. Way to go Sammy! There’s a great future ahead for our gym. We’ve got some good ones coming up!

For me, 16.5 was an answered prayer. I still wish I could have done a little better (especially on Monday when I redid the workout) but to be able to finish the Open out with 2 of my favorite movements….I was really happy about that!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.19.13 PM

I really do love burpees – but not after eating a late lunch.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.22.12 PM

I will always love thrusters though.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.26.43 PM

I died.


BUT I’M SO PROUD OF ALL 100+ PEOPLE AT CFEC THAT TOOK PART IN THE OPEN and/or our In House Open Competition. For probably 75% of us, it was the first Open experience.

On top of that, we had right under 30 kids (I think) participate in the Open at a level that was appropriate for them.




Overall, I’d say that the Open was a huge success at CFEC. We learned that we could always do better than we originally thought. People surprised themselves with some new PR’s – including myself. Not only did I get to compete against over 130,000 people from all over the world, I got to compete against myself. Our Friday Night Lights brought our gym together. Being on a team within the gym also brought us together. Shoutout to my team, the GEODUCKS for winning first place in the second annual CFEC In House Comp. I will forever be a Geoduck.

Right now it says I finished up at 30th overall in the southeast. This number is out of 10,076 people, so I’ll take it. This could change over the next few weeks. Monday night was such a teaser for me. I wanted that top 20 so bad. That feeling came out of nowhere. I promise. I think I said it before on here, I was too embarrassed to tell people that my goal was Top 100 in the region. I even checked right at 8 pm(when all the scores had to be submitted) and I was 20!! However, I later learned that coaches/judges have until Wednesday night to validate scores, so that’s why it went up after 8 pm. I’ll post more about this later, as I find out final results. But I think it’ll take at least a couple of weeks. It was, however, really cool getting an email from the CF Games people asking for one of my videos from the Open. They asked for 16.2 – which was by far my LEAST athletic Open Workout. Hope they don’t hold that against me. But the video is clear, and the standards are there – thanks to my friend, LIL YERRI!

But I’m really thankful for all of the support so far. And I’m thankful for coaches and for my 9:30 friends who are going to help me get better! I’m an amateur at all of this, but they say there is still a small chance I could go to Regionals, but it would take a miracle. So, Colin and Nick are telling me to train like I am. The past 3 days have had a lot of handstand walking and pistols in them. And so far, I got my first pistol and I was able to walk on my hands a couple of feet. <——If you know me, you’re laughing and agreeing with me that those 2 things are HUGE. After it’s all said and done, if I don’t make it, it will only help me for next year! Colin has already been training alongside me, so hopefully he’ll surprise himself in the upcoming months too. I’ve dialed down hard over the past 3 days on nutrition. I’ll enjoy myself some this weekend. It’s hard not to when you’re in Chucktown – and relatively close to the beach. Lost Dog Cafe and Poe’s are both calling my name. But I’m going to work really hard from now on. I have some new goals in mind. I’ll probably share those later.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, gets some rest, and gets to do something outside. If you’re in Charleston, you’ll probably see Kelly and me playing volleyball on the beach or crabbing off the dock while Daniel and Jason are fishing. Or we’ll probably just be eating tacos. I dunno.