Happy Easter! Jesus is alive! That’s comforting to me. Holidays like Easter and Christmas get me feelin’ all the feels. Everything good in my life right now is only because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, so I’m going to celebrate that. Tell someone today you’re thankful for them. I did. I’m also thankful for a good Earle Street Easter Buffet and good friends to partake in it with. Shoutout to to the Leonards for putting up with us for the 4th Easter in a row. We’ve been with different people, eating at different places, with the Leonards for the past 4 Easters.
We didn’t jump on the bandwagon and get an Easter pic. I wish we would have though because Dan looked reeeallllll good in his suit. I did steal this pic from Bob Goff’s Instagram though. I love it.


Sorry, folks. No recipes to share this week. But I do have some helpful food prep info for you in the form of two posts – one tonight, and one tomorrow. Tonight’s post includes two videos that have been helpful to us. Tomorrow, I’ll post about how Daniel and I prep every Sunday night. It’s not included in this post simply because we haven’t done it yet for this week, and it would be better if you could see pictures. It’s easy peasy. We’re not extreme. We’re pretty basic actually. It would be a good start for you, too, if you’re interested in starting to prep your food on the front end. Until then, here is a snap of our food laid out before we prepare it:


The time and work you put into prepping your food on the front end will affect the results you see and how you feel during the week. 

These two videos are great! He cooks the same kinds of food that we cook. They’re both also really short, so you won’t get bored by watching them.

However, I need to say this upfront – Don’t be like him. Wash your hands after handling raw chicken. I don’t want any of you to get a bad gift in the form of salmonella. Although, I get it. I’m sure he washed his hands after handling that meat, but they probably just fast forwarded those parts because it’s not the point of the video. It’s about the food and how to prep it. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest before you watch this first video. Ok, continue. I feel better now.

Also, at about 5 and a half minutes in to the first video, he starts stretching and doing some squats. I don’t recommend that. Not everything has to be about working out. But I appreciate his effort. Just know that I’m giving you permission to not do squats in your kitchen. Just focus on the food for now.

video 1:

video courtesy of CrossFit

The second video is all about weighing and measuring your food, and distributing it into tupperware containers. This video was helpful for Dan and I because we follow this Zone Diet approach. It works, people. But before you get turned off, don’t feel like you have to follow the Zone Diet in order to understand what he’s saying. It’s important to know how to distribute your food when you’re meal prepping, so watch it. But in case you’re curious as to what a “zone block” is, here is a good resource.

video courtesy of CrossFit

He makes it look easy. The videos are short, but meal prepping isn’t a short process. It takes a little bit of time to do, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT’S WORTH IT. More on all of this tomorrow! So, stay tuned.