HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! We made it, y’all. I hope you did something to celebrate, despite the cooler South Carolina temps, and a little bit of rain we experienced earlier. How did you celebrate? Dan and I had a pretty eventful day. We were going to drive to Atlanta to go to Ikea, but we remembered we didn’t want to be in the car almost 5 hours on the first day of Spring, so we did other things like…..Enjoyed the great Palm Sunday service at NewSpring, and then we WALKED to get brunch at Earle Street. I think it’s so cool that we live within walking distance now to some swanky downtown Anderson places to dine. And when I say walking distance, we’re almost 1.5 miles away from Earle Street (just to put that into perspective) but I feel way less guilty walking there than driving. Despite the sun hiding it’s pretty face from us, it was *glorious* I got the peaches and cream salad(except peaches aren’t in yet, so it was subbed with strawberries…not complaining) with the best chicken Anderson County has to offer. Dan got some solid meatloaf. We split a side of their three cheese grits (BECAUSE THEY’RE SO FLIPPIN’ GOOD) I could eat ALL the food at Earle Street. We then walked home and drove around Anderson to pick up some essentials for our house – like these cool rugs. We’ve had an all carpet house for the past almost 5 years, so I am loving a house with some pretty hardwood floors, so I can put some neato bohemian hippie rugs on it.
Here’s some pics of rugs:




Also, here is a pic of our new farm table (made by a sweet, older genteman from Lyman, named Chip). I think it fits the deck perfectly, and he gave us a great deal on just a basic outdoor farm table:


I went for a slow jog around downtown to try and loosen up those hamstrings from 16.4. Holy Hamstrings! I did the workout Friday night, woke up Saturday morning feeling fine, but as the day went on, they got tighter and tighter from alllllllll those dreaded deadlifts. I’ve been trying to loosen them up since I am going to redo it tomorrow morning (I think). I need more second round deadlifts! Dan fixed a leak in our basement while I ran. No problem for him. It’s been a great day. We needed it. Together. Tonight I’m cooking us dinner and hoping the rain and cold doesn’t ruin our plans to eat on the deck. For the rest of the First Day of Spring Celebrations, go to my snapchat (AlisonStall).

But moving on to the good stuff – today’s recipe. In honor of the First Day of Spring! Hallelujah. Spring calls for gin. My 3 favorite gin recipes are (in order): the classic gin and tonic, the mojoto, and gin and gingerale. I’m no connoisseur of the alcohol spirits. In fact, my friend, Lia was talking to me about different types of gin the other night, and I’m over here like “what??” Dan and I usually just go for the middle shelf stuff….We’re not high rollers, but it’s better if you don’t skimp by on the cheap stuff. Also, we just take the alcohol home from our hotel room at the Excellence Resport every year, and that usually lasts us for a long time (yes, we are those people). Before last spring, I had a little bit of gin in my short lifetime, but I started to like it about this time last year when my friend Nick made me a gin and tonic. THEN, I began to LOVE gin when Dan and I went to the Excellence Resort last September, and I decided to go with the ligther drinks all week, instead of all those heavy cocktails that make you look false preggo in your bathing suit.

Here’s what I do know. Gin is good. It’s dry. It’s light. It’s made for sipping in the warmer weather months. I love it. Gin is made up of mostly juniper berries, so, in regards to your health, it’s going to be a “better” spirit, in comparison to other spirits like rum, which is made from sugarcane products. Dan and I aren’t the big drinking type, and like I said, I usually only drink on the weekends. However, the First Day of Spring calls for a celebration. But I still care about my health, and your’s as well. So, I wanted to present all of you with a great alternative to the classic Gin and Tonic. That way, you can still have a little gin to sip on, without demolishing your waistline with high fructose corn syrup from all the tonic water. High fructose corn syrup = BAD. Some tonic water companies will try to make you feel better about drinking their tonic, so they’ll take out some of the HFCS, and add in artificial sweeteners, like aspartame. Also, BAD. 

So, without further ado, here is a great way to live a little, enjoy the warmer weather of spring, have a gin and tonic, and not totally ruin your waistline.

“All Natural Gin and Tonic”


Makes 1 serving
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: nada. 
  • mason jar (duh).
  • lime juice squeezer (optional, but prefered – you should probable make the $4 investment and get one anyway).
  • 1 lime
  • 2 tbsp of agave
  • 4 ounces gin (8 tbsp) – We used Boodles because it’s what Dan brought home (he liked the value and the name- and that it’s from England).
  • Ice (a good bit – go ahead and fill that mason jar up)
  • 6 ounces unflavored sparkling water (to give it that sizzle)Instructions: 
  • Cut lime into 4 sections ( I think this is called fourths). Set 1/4 aside (as garnish, which will be used later) Sqeeze the heck out of the remaining 3/4 of that lime into a cup. I LOVE LIME GUTS.
  • Add 2 tbsp agave to that cup of lime juice, along with 2 ounces (4 tbsp) of gin. Mix well!
  • Pour lime juice/agave/gin concoction into mason jar
  • Add ice to mason jar
  • Add remaining 2 ounces (4 tbsp) of gin
  • Add in remaining 1/4 lime (sliced) for garnish
  • Top with 6 ounces of unflavored sparkling water and mix well.
  • Thank Jesus and enjoy the warmer weather, time with friends, and good music.
Notes: Remember this is for sipping. I know, it’s good. But drink responsibly. I think I’m redoing 16.4 tomorrow, so I’ll just be sipping on this for the next hour or so, and that’s all for me! But, enjoy life a little, and try it!

Here are our ingredients 🙂


Check out this lime juice squeezer 🙂


Hope y’all enjoy!