Yeah, it’s not Friday. Give me a break though. We’re all moved in to our new house! I’d give you a tour, but it’s covered in boxes. Nothing is where it’s supposed to go. It’s kinda stressful, but here I am, on a Sunday morning, just typing away, not doing anything about it. Moving has shown me that we have WAY too much stuff. But we LOVE the house so much. The dogs do too.
We had another fun week in the gym. The CrossFit Games Open is upon us – so we prepped for that a little bit more. If you missed it last week, I said that CFEC is doing an intramural/in house competition for the Open. I believe we hit 100 people!! There are 3 divisions in our gym – Athlete (Rx), Fitness, and Wellness… So even if you’re not signed up officially online, you can compete in the In House Competition and still try really hard, be on a team, and cheer on your friends. We had our first “Friday Night Lights” two nights ago, and man oh man, was it fun. I had severe FOMO though because Dan and I had to miss some of it because we were closing on the house. But it was great! There were people lunging, burpeeing, and doing some sort of pullups EVERYWHERE. There was pizza and beer. I’ll go into more details about that later. But for now, here is what we did this past week! You can access all of our Athlete, Fitness, and Wellness workouts here:


Saturday: BeastMode Games with my friend Jackie. I talked a little about it last week. But we WON! It was a lot of fun, but more importantly, I loved meeting a lot of new people. CrossFit Competitions are great. I love watching people compete – especially people who are doing their first competition. Jackie C&J 195 lb. She could have done more, but we only had 5 minutes between the 2 of us. Let’s see, what else happened? Oh, we did a lot of bar facing burpees (which was great practice for the Open!) I almost threw  up my breakfast doing box jumps. Something about box jumps…I HATE them. I used to love them a long time ago. But since I tore my achilles tendon a year and a half ago, I hate them. I go soooo slow because I refuse to rebound. Nope, won’t do it. Also, my friends Seth and Derek competed and did really well. Proud of them, and always love competing with them.






On the assault bike, you just put your head down, close your eyes, and go. 



 Photo: Buckethead.Media




Don’t forget to smile…and laugh at yourself – especially in the middle of a workout


Good thing we did ALL those bar facing burpees to get ready for the Open.



My new favorite picture. Jackie C&J 195# easy. Photo: BucketHead.Media

Yeah, Kate!


After Derek and Seth (mostly Seth) died.  They did so great on this WOD. D got them through the burpees and Seth pushed through on the thrusters.



Good job, guys. For real. They got 3rd, but it got taken from them. Their attitude was great though. Way to rep CFEC. 

————————————————————————Sunday: I didn’t even go for a walk 🙂 I made myself not do anything at all. Except some yoga (or, my version of yoga) But I barely made time for that. There are a lot of things I need to work on, and mobility is #1 on that list.


Monday:  Athlete/Fitness: Oly
12 minutes
3 TnG Power Snatch – work up to a heavy set

I just worked on technique.


Athlete/Fitness: Conditioning
“Death by OTB Burpees” – minimum of 10 minutes of work
Min 1: 1 OTB Burpee
Min 2: 2 OTB Burpees
Min 3: 3 OTB Burpees
and so on

I got 17 over the bar burpees  in the round of 18. Dang, didn’t quite finish that round, and therefore couldn’t do more over the bar burpees. I was ok with that. It was still 170 over the bar burpees. I wonder how many more times I can say “over the bar burpees” in this post?

Then, later on, I made myself feel pretty terrible by repeating an old open workout from 2014. – 14.4 I think? Don’t quote me on that. But it’s: 14 min AMRAP of 60 cal row, 50 toes to bar, 40 wallballs, 30 power cleans, 20 muscle ups. The goal was: working on muscle ups at the end of the workout.

I had about 4 minutes to do muscle ups, and only did 3. Very frustrating. But, life is about more than just muscle ups. So, I smiled and moved on to trying to figure out those butterfly pullups. I worked on them for maybe 10 min, and called it a day. 



Athlete: Interval
EMOM x 15 – 5 sets
Min 1: 15 Calorie Row
Min 2: 15 Calorie Assault
Min 3: 60 Double Unders

Ooohhh….ok. This was tougher than it looks. I got my reps in the row and double unders, but only hit 15 cal on the assault bike twice. (first and last round). Try it! But make sure you do the bike right after the row. 


Athlete: Conditioning
15 Deadlifts 225/155
30 Wall Balls 20/14
after the third round, complete
45 CTB Pull ups

I finished in 8:47 



Athlete: Conditioning
12 1 arm DB Snatch – choose your own weight
9 Bench Press – choose your own weight

I went 50 lb on the DB Snatch, 135 lb on the bench press, and just casually moved through this. I did 12 GHD’s instead of 6. I also practiced muscle ups in between sets. 

I worked on muscle ups. My friend/coach Colin showed me a new way to spot on muscle ups. It helped me A LOT. I also played a good bit of nutmeg today. Oh, and we moved A LOT!….Like, we didn’t even eat dinner until 10 pm, and we had no food, so we got Nagoya, and I finished in less than 5 minutes. PR for chicken, veggies, and rice, for sure. 



(Because Nick is smart), we now have our active recovery/rest day on Thursday because of the Open. There is still a workout programmed for people doing their open workout on Saturday or Monday, but since most of our gym is going on Friday, Thursdays are for recovery, light cardio, and mobility. And that is harrrrrdddd for me. The past 2 years in the Open, I would still make up my own workouts on these days – or go for a loooonnnggg run. But I really am learning how smart Nick is. So, if he says rest, I rest. Except I didn’t really rest because we moved boxes most of the day, again. But you get the point. When you have smart coaches, listen to them. Rest. You won’t get fat but not working out 7 days straight, I promise.

I also got to watch my friends practice muscle ups today! Brooke at 6 am (man, the girl can get her hips up there, and she’s getting better and better) And Lia at 5:30, while I was getting ready for bootcamp. Lia almost got one.. like it almost should have just counted. She fought so hard. Anyway, I can’t wait. The Open is great, (because we all know muscle ups are coming) so we work on them, and eventually that hard work pays off.


Friday: 16.1!  Check out this beast: 

20 min AMRAP
25 Ft Overhead Walking Lunge 95/65
8 Bar Facing OTB Burpees
25 Ft Overhead Walking Lunge 95/65
8 CTB Pull ups

When they announced it Thursday night, I was happy/sad (like 78% happy, 22% sad). I LOVE long workouts. I can make myself go. I hate pullups. Especially chest to bar. I love lunges and burpees. Especially bar facing burpees. I’m still not the most efficient, and I still sometimes hit my head on the bar, but they are fun. I hadn’t really slept all week, and it finally caught up to me Friday morning. I was being a girl and almost crying on the way to the gym at 5:30 am because I had a consultation. But I felt waaaay better at 8:30 when I  got to help coach/judge the first heat of people going in our gym. I love it so much, y’all. 3 of the girls in the first heat was my friend, Suzanne, and her two daughters Emma (age 13 I think?) and Mabry (age 16). Mabry comes to our Unloaded (bootcamp) class, and I got to be her judge. All 3 of them did great. Another lady to go at this time was my new friend, Cat. She’s been doing CrossFit at our gym for about a month now, and she is FIRED UP! She comes in with a list of questions everyday because she genuinely wants to get better. It challenges me because I usually don’t know the answer to these questions, and I have to go figure it out. I love her. Cat did great! David Jones also went in that first heat, and got our gym started off with a great score. Anyway, the point of me telling you this is that it totally made my day. I love what I get to be a part of. I had to leave right after though to go help Daniel (the real MVP)  finish moving all of our stuff out and into the new house. My man can move some furniture. I love him.


The Collins girls, Cat, and David – first heat to take on 16.1 at 8:30 at CFEC

So, we came back to the gym that night to watch our friends and help judge the almost 100 people that were expected to show up. The excitement was unreal. Family and friends were in there cheering on their people. Kids were running around everywhere. We had people doing their workouts outside (because you need SO MUCH ROOM to make this workout flow) but I loved it so much. My friends all did so great! And for some that did the Open last year, there was a lot of improvement in pull ups.

I wanted to go as long as their was time and my coaches wouldn’t have to be there until midnight. Well, good thing there was a heat available at 7:30 with no one signed up. So, I said alright, I’ll go then. About 75% of the people had left by then, but my friend and doctor, Mandy Mitchell (MD) wanted to go too, so we went head to head and promised each other we would have a beer together afterwards. It was great. 16.1 was so much fun!

I finished with 168 reps, which I believe is 10 rounds + 25 ft overhead lunge + a few burpees maybe. I dunno. I loved the burpees, pushed through the lunge, and hated the pullups. 

Here are some more pics of the Open (from Friday) I promise to have more pictures in the following weeks, and more Open Talk. My friend, Nicole Bowen is going to help get these pics… right Nicole?

I stole these off of the CFEC Facebook page. Thanks guys.