What’s up everyone? Who’s loving this sunshine? Spring is coming. Winter is leaving. We can do this. You wanna know something I’m learning? (actually I’ve always been learning this, but still have a long way to go). It’s really deep, so brace yourselves…. The power of being nice. Told you it was deep. But for real – if you have something nice to say to someone, just say it. Now don’t be fake and just make up stuff to make someone else like you….but just keep in mind, if something nice crosses your mind about someone else, tell them.

Ok, moving on. We’re so close to the CrossFit Games 2016 Open! It really is the most exciting time in CrossFit World. What is the Open, you ask?

The CrossFit Games Open is basically a celebration of fitness. It’s a 5 workout competition, taking place over 5 weeks in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms all over the world. These five workouts are designed to be accessible to everyone (that’s right, you heard me)  no matter how long you’ve been doing CrossFit, or how “good” you think you are. However, these workouts are still incredibly challenging, even for the fittest out there. If you place in the top 20(I think) in your Region, you make it to Regionals (which eventually leads to the famous, CrossFit Games). Only about 5-10% of the Open population has this goal in mind. But for the 90 – 95% of the rest of us, it’s still a great way to measure our results, compete against our friends, and most importantly, surprise ourselves with what we are actually capable to doing. 

video courtesy of CrossFit

Last year at CFEC, we made The Open into an in house competition. We had five teams, with about 15 people on each team(made up of all fitness levels). Tshirts were made, trash was talked (in the most fun way, of course), and family and friends came out to support their athletes. Teams received points for having the Top 3 scores for Males and Females (in Rx and Scaled) and for bringing in people to cheer them on.The energy was so great, that we’re doing it again this year, and I just cannot wait. I personally loved it because having a team to cheer extra hard for makes the Open that much better. With so many people in our gym, it’s hard to know everyone, so it also helped me to meet a few people that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. The Intramural/In House Competition made me love my gym and the people in it just that much more. 

Video Courtesy of CrossFit

CrossFit as a whole pushes you to do things you didn’t think you could do. But The Open takes this up a level. You get to measure and compare yourself online to others around the world. But more importantly, you compete against yourself. I’ve participated in The Open over the past 2 years. In each workout, I would go into it totally unsure of my abilities, but every time, I came out stronger than I thought I would. There’s just something about it. In the past Opens, I would say 80-90% of the movements you do are repeats from the year before. That way, you get to see how much better you got from the previous year. Maybe you couldn’t do a double under, toes to bar, or a handstand pushup last year, but now you can…or even a muscle up!! You get to see your progress, and that’s really great! But my favorite part is getting to connect with and cheer on others in my gym, as we all suffer through the same workout together.

Here is a very short clip from one of my favorite people, Julie Foucher.

Video courtesy of CrossFit

If you’re thinking about doing the Open, but you’re not really sure, you should just do it. At our gym, everyone will do the workouts one way or another. Sign up, pay the $$, show up to do the workouts, have a judge count your reps/score, and if you’re into this part like I am: see how you compare up against your peers in your gym, city, state, region, country, age division, and ultimately the world. It’s all about getting better, having fun, and what better way to do that than alongside your friends? Am I right?

I’m going to end this blog with some random pics I found on Instagram from last year’s Open in our gym:



My friend Brooke stringing together toes to bar in the Open last year. She had been doing Crossfit for about 6 months. She pushed herself so hard, we had to get her a trash can because she thought she was going to barf. My friends, Caroline and Tommy Tate going head to head in the Open last year. They both realized they were pretty strong rowers from doing the Open.


This is my fav picture because it is the RED TEAM -aka el Rojo Hoho –  from last year, doing the workout from Week 1. The Red Team would eventually go on to win the CFEC intramural competition. We received a pretty cool plaque because of it. It is hanging up in the CFEC gym above the turf so all of our members can see it as they spider stretch.


I like this pic a lot too because it shows progress. This is what I wrote on instagram that day: 

This weekend, we did 15.2. It was a repeat workout from last year. While it wasn’t the workout I would have liked to redo, it’s been great to see everyone’s progress from last year!I don’t usually post these things, but bear with me. The picture on the left is from one year ago. I scored 131. The picture on the right is from this weekend. I scored 186. I wanted to post this to show that crossfit works when you’re a part of a great gym with great coaches.
This past year wasn’t the best. I couldn’t walk for a long time, after I had to have my Achilles tendon torn out and replaced. My ankle still hurts most days, & it’s looking like I’ll have a permanent limp.
But in the midst of that, I’ve found that #crossfit works. It helps you get better in more ways than one if you stick with it. It’s been a great weekend watching all my friends get better from last year, or just try something new. I’m thankful for @crossfitelectriccity and for @crossfitgames
#crossfit #crossfitgames
— at CrossFit Electric City.


This is my friend Haley getting a chest to bar pullup during the Open. Before this, Haley could only do maybe 1 or 2 chest to bar pullups, and they were sketchy. But she did them in the Open! and now she can do lots of them!


This is Shawn. His fav part of the Open last year was judging others. He usually wore this ref costume, and sometimes drank PBRs in the process. This shows that we don’t take ourselves too seriously at CFEC.